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3D illustration of an Instagram post with the Indonesian flag inside showcasing our list of the top Indonesian Instagram influencers

10 Top Indonesian Instagram Influencers

Sue Howe

Oct 16, 2023

The relevance of influencer marketing is evident in today's digital era, particularly in lively digital markets like Indonesia’s. With its diversified culture and quickly rising internet user population, Indonesia offers many opportunities for those wishing to benefit their businesses with an expanded engagement for their company. Instagram, in particular, has emerged as the medium of choice for brand promotions and partnerships in this digital landscape where influencers have the reach they have.

These Indonesian Instagram influencers are trendsetters and strong voices that reach millions of people, offering local and multinational companies unprecedented visibility to their respective clients. This article is the go-to resource for any marketer, public relations expert, or communications professional interested in learning more about the Indonesian digital landscape and identifying the most popular Instagram accounts in the country. Discover the influencers creating Indonesia's digital narrative and discover how to use their content for the success of your company.

This article unveils the crème de la crème of Indonesia's Instagram social media influencer scene:

  1. Ayu Tingting

  2. Joko Widodo

  3. Prilly Latuconsina

  4. Gisella Anastasia

  5. Atta Halilintar

  6. Raditya Dika

  7. Rich Brian

  8. Lyodra Ginting

  9. Niki

  10. Natalia Guerrero

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Ayu Tingting

Ayu Tingting's rise as one of Indonesia's top Instagram influencers is built in her outstanding musical ability, notably in the fusion of Indonesian dangdut music. Ayu is no stranger to being in the spotlight, as she was exposed to the entertainment industry as a model at five. However, her particular voice and distinct manner distinguished her, and her skill was found as early as the age of 14 when she began as a wedding singer.

Her breakout single, "Alamat Palsu," became an immediate phenomenon, connecting with millions and firmly establishing her as an Indonesian musical artist. This was not a one-hit wonder; Ayu regularly generated successes that cemented her place in the music business. But it's not simply her music that has helped her gain such a large fanbase.

Ayu's real connection with her audience, notably through shared moments with her daughter Bilqis and their involvement in viral TikTok challenges and trendy YouTube material, gives her portfolio as a famous social media influencer in Indonesia a personal touch. Ayu Tingting's content features a mix of musical skill and authenticity, distinguishing her in the competitive field of top Indonesian Instagram influencers and attracting followers who value her artistry.

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Joko Widodo

Joko Widodo, commonly called Jokowi, is not just the President of Indonesia but also a significant figure on social media, particularly Instagram. There are several reasons why Jokowi also doubles as one of Indonesia's top Instagram influencers and the second most-followed world leader on the platform.

First, his leadership style is characterized by a more approachable, human aspect of government through his frequent interaction with the public. Many individuals, particularly the younger generation, who value authenticity and approachability in leaders, respond favorably to this personal touch. Second is the transparency with which he goes about his government work, marking updates on the milestones within the country.

Furthermore, Jokowi's Instagram posts aren't restricted to merely political news. He frequently gives readers an insight into his life, the culture of Indonesia, and interactions with everyday Indonesians. His ability to mix the personal with the political, coupled with his genuine participation in the country's population, has made him a popular figure and social media influencer on Instagram, attracting supporters from many walks of life.

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Prilly Latuconsina

Prilly Latuconsina is not just a name but a brand among the top Indonesian Instagram influencers. Her versatility as a performer has been on full display as she has deftly switched between her roles as an amazing actress and a soulful singer. Not only has she become a household name thanks to her TV and film performances, but she has also received several significant accolades for her performances.

With her captivating achievements, Prilly has become a leading figure in Indonesian entertainment, ultimately making her a force to reckon with among Indonesia's top Instagram influencers. It's hardly surprising that her fame on Instagram reflects her success in the entertainment industry. Her Instagram account records her progress and reflects the admiration and support she has received along the way. Her Instagram provides a look into the life of one of Indonesia's biggest performers, with everything from her various endorsements, song snippets, interactions with fellow personalities, and photos from award shows.

Prilly Latuconsina's multifaceted talents, combined with her accolades in the film industry, make her one of the top Instagram influencers, garnering a fanbase who support her work and can relate to her genuine personality.

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Gisella Anastasia

Gisella Anastasia is a well-known figure among Indonesia's top social media influencers. With a following of 38.9 million, her Instagram profile is a vibrant look into her humble life, containing snippets of her heartwarming relationship with her daughter. Her relatability is essential to her digital relevance, as her social media profiles focus on honest motherhood experiences and act as a visual diary of her style and accomplishments.

She and her daughter's excellent relationship radiates through her content as they participate in viral TikTok trends and challenges, captivating viewers with their synchronized dances and the contagious energy of a beautiful family dynamic. Gisel's feed reflects life's numerous events, from the joys and trials of parenting to candid moments that expose her feelings. This sincerity resonates with her readers, who see themselves reflected in her posts. Furthermore, Gisel's profile is a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast's dream. Her impeccable sense of style, trip diaries, and lifestyle insights completely depict the most recent trends and ideas.

Gisella Anastasia stands out as a model of honesty, competence, and foresight, earning her a position in our Top 10 Indonesian Instagram Influencers list.

Atta Halilintar

Thanks to his high participation, genuineness, and originality, Atta Halilintar is among the top five Indonesian Instagram influencers. Atta is a dynamic creator who regularly shares diverse videos on his channels, from social vlogs to the latest music videos. Even though he came from the famous Gen Halilintar family (a family of 13 who capture their lives and offer curated content to the public), his unique style won him millions of viewers.

As a producer, his ability to blend pop culture and current affairs, as seen by his strategic partnerships with figures like President Joko Widodo, has made him a fan favorite among Instagram's most influential users. Atta's impact extends beyond his online presence because of his business endeavors, such as the AHHA Hijab brand, acting as an all-around name in influencer marketing. He resonates deeply with the younger demographic by embracing popular slang, iconic language, and eccentric fashion.

His accomplishments, such as reaching 10 million followers on YouTube before anybody else in Southeast Asia, strengthen his standing as a top social media influencer in Indonesia. Atta Halilintar's story provides essential insights into the impact of real content and strategic evolution for those mapping the digital environment of Indonesia, in particular on Instagram.

Raditya Dika

Raditya Dika is well-known among the top Indonesian Instagram influencers due to his numerous talents as an author, actor, film director, YouTuber, and speaker. Raditya's first claim to fame was his ability to do stand-up comedy on Indonesian television. His literary masterpieces, such as "Cinta Brontosaurus" and "Manusia Setengah Salmon," became national best-sellers and were made into films, with Raditya playing the lead.

Raditya Dika has expanded his online influence by participating in key events that have gained nationwide engagement. In June 2023, he was a noteworthy guest at the "Pertamina Energizing Your Action" event, which was established to motivate the younger generation toward environmental sustainability. His involvement at such events demonstrates his devotion to important issues and shows his influence beyond entertainment.

Raditya's sincere interactions with his fans and family and his insightful views on the several podcasts he's been on have earned him a big following on Instagram. His ability to merge comedy, intelligence, and sincerity distinguishes him in the digital sphere of top Indonesian Instagram influencers, attracting followers who value his unique blend of entertainment and genuine involvement.

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Rich Brian

Believe it or not, did you know that before Rich Brian became a renowned musical superstar - almost topping Billboard music charts worldwide - he blew up on YouTube in a 30-second clip of him microwaving bread? Such is the nature of Indonesia's top social media influencer, Rich Brian, who has transformed from a comedy act to a musical mastermind. Way back in the day, before he started to take his music career seriously, he would do parody and short-form videos such as those mentioned above.

When social media has typecasted you and looked at you through a certain lens, breaking out and doing what you're passionate about becomes hard. Rich Brian was able to capitalize on the audience that he gained through his many funny videos, reinventing himself into a hip-hop artist and force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His music still dominates the charts, with one of his more recent singles being one of the feature songs on Marvel's "Shang Chi".

The world has taken note, and with each hit he has released, he's gained more and more fans to further boost his influence on social media platforms, making him Indonesia's top Instagram influencer.

Lyodra Ginting

Lyodra Ginting is a rising star in the digital landscape of Indonesian social media influencers. Born in 2003, she's a prodigy who has created huge waves in the Indonesian entertainment business, notably in music, as someone whose relatability makes her an idol for younger social media users. Lyodra Ginting isn't simply a musical superstar; she's also become a fashion icon among Indonesia's top Instagram influencers.

Lyodra's musical path has been nothing short of amazing, as she has won international singing contests all around the world. Her style, a harmonic combination of current trends and traditional Indonesian features, complements her vocal abilities, making her a trailblazer for the youth. Lyodra's Instagram page features a variety of styles, from gorgeous gowns to sophisticated casual wear, each expressing her unique sense of style, whether she's gracing the red carpet, attending events, promoting the numerous businesses that have selected her as an influencer, or simply sharing her daily looks.

Lyodra's fashion-forward attitude distinguishes her, giving her hold as an ambassador in music and fashion. Lyodra Ginting is distinguished among the top Indonesian Instagram influencers for her unrivaled musical talent and flair.


Like Rich Brian, Niki is a recording artist performing under the record label 88Rising. The difference is that Niki's popularity and following have skyrocketed solely from her performances as a singer and songwriter. What sets her apart is her authentic storytelling through her songs, often drawing from personal experiences, making her relatable to a vast audience.

She was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and quickly rose to fame by showcasing her musical talents on various platforms. She is a bridge between cultures thanks to her Indonesian heritage and widespread popularity. Her music reflects this distinction by including elements from both Western and Eastern traditions, and with over 2 million Instagram followers, she has risen to prominence not just in Indonesia but worldwide thanks to her honest nature, talent, and ability to connect with her audience.

For brands and collaborators, Niki represents the modern face of Indonesia – young, global, and unapologetically authentic. For this reason, it's easy to see why she's one of Indonesia's most popular social media influencers - and its second most famous Instagram influencer overall.

Natalia Guerrero

Rounding out our list of the 10 Top Indonesian Instagram Influencers is Natalia Guerrero, an 8-year-old starlet who has captured the hearts of millions with her infectious energy and impressive dance skills. Born into the spotlight, Natalia has been exposed to social media and millions of viewers to the immense popularity of her siblings, fellow social media influencers Renz and Niana Guerrero. Their dynamic challenges, slice-of-life vlogs, and catchy dance videos over the various social media platforms have gained an enormous following, and fans worldwide have enjoyed seeing the three grow up together and continue to produce content.

While she benefits from her siblings' broader reach, her distinct charm and talent at her age set her apart. The Guerrero siblings' chemistry is evident, each bringing their unique character to the table, increasing their combined engagement. Natalia Guerrero is one of the top social media stars to watch. Her natural dancing skill, paired with the impact of Renz and Niana, establishes her as a prospective influencer, exciting audiences with every move and post on her rapidly growing Instagram following.

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In today's modern, evolving social media world, the top Indonesian Instagram influencers have a significant following and tremendous impact on expanding the reach of companies. These individuals represent high levels of online interaction as they have distinguished themselves via outstanding skills to produce content that reaches and engages millions. Although the digital landscape is always shifting, these influencers have adapted to today's social media requirements.

The influence of Indonesia's most famous Instagram users extends far beyond the amount of followers they have. They naturally impact the global creator economy, specifically with how brands connect with their target audiences, what decisions consumers make, and why trends evolve. Despite the strong competitiveness in digital content creation, these influencers stand out as the country's top social influencers. They are true digital pioneers, demonstrating the power of social media's limitless potential.

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