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Image of various food items in instagram photo frames on a blue background. Food influencers global list blog post

40+ Global Food Influencers to Inspire You

Samantha Scott

Feb 28, 2024

The wide and wonderful world of food influencers is full of entertaining content creators, practical tips for busy parents and professionals, vegan food that actually looks and tastes good, recipes that make being healthy delicious rather than a chore, satisfying mouth-watering close up shots of cake and cookie decorating, thrilling supercuts of meals cooked in the great outdoors, and more!

If you’re looking for a food influencer to inspire your audience, look no further than this list of global food influencers covering an impressive range of niches within the food world on social media.

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Jump to the list of food influencers you're the most interested in:

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What is a Food Influencer?

A food influencer is a content creator who posts recipes, how-tos, diet tips, gardening tips, and more, on social media. They often work with kitchen appliance brands or meal prep companies. Sometimes food influencers are professional chefs or work in the food industry in some capacity, but are also commonly self-taught food enthusiasts.

Many food influencers are also food bloggers, and in fact their blog may have come before their social media presence. Food blogs are incredibly popular as they answer various questions, provide recipes and tips, and have active comment sections that often provide ingredient substitutions, whether for dietary restrictions or taste, and suggestions for cooking the recipe in different climates, or with different equipment.

So, unlike other types of modern influencers, like Instagram influencers, Facebook influencers, fashion influencers, beauty influencers, or sports and fitness influencers, which are typically social first, blog second, food influencers may use their social media platform to drive traffic to their food blog, which is where they actually make money as an influencer.

There are also more local food influencers, like the top food influencers in Malaysia.

Food Influencer Audience Demographics

82% of Food influencers’ Followers are Female.

Food influencer follower gender.

A majority of Food Influencer’s followers are Millenials, 48% are between 25-34 years old.

Food influencer follower age breakdown

A majority of Food Influencers, 43%, are based in the US, and 36% are from California.

Food influencer follower country and state breakdown

While followers’ main interest is Food content, they also enjoy content focused on Travel, and from Bloggers.

Food influencer follower interest breakdown.

What #hashtags are Food Influencers Using?

#hashtags are the bread and butter of influencer marketing. Know which hashtags are trending so you can ensure your influencer content gets maximum exposure.

What #hashtags are Food Influencers Using?

#hashtags are the bread and butter of influencer marketing. Know which hashtags are trending so you can ensure your influencer content gets maximum exposure.

  • #noodlepull
  • #noodlelift
  • #beautifulcusines
  • #noodleworship
  • #cuisinesworld
  • #ahealthynut
  • #liftingnoodles
  • #satisfeed
  • #foodietribe
  • #starvingfoodseeker
  • #hungrytwins
  • #healthycuisines
  • #noodleporn
  • #topfoodnews
  • #cheesepull
  • #nationalnoodleday
  • #dessertbae
  • #sweetcuisines
  • #hungrybetches
  • #myopenkitchen

What Are the Primary Channels for Food Influencers?

As mentioned above, many food influencers have accompanying blogs where they share recipes, tips, and cultivate community through engaged comment sections and email lists.

Other popular social media channels include TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Why Partner With a Food Influencer?

Food & beverage brands, appliance brands, grocery stores, food products, farms, food delivery services and apps, gardening companies, and similar organizations may want to partner with a food influencer.

They can spread the word about a particular product, demonstrate kitchen appliances or accessories, highlight companies dedicated to sustainable farming practices, or share recommendations for dietary supplements.

How Are the Top Food Influencers Ranked?

Using Meltwater Influencer Marketing, we identified food influencers in a number of different categories including vegan food influencers, baking influencers, and by follower size, looking at food influencers with followings of 1M or more, as well as micro food influencers.

While follower counts are important, they can be misleading if it’s the only metric you look at. The below lists are ranked by True Reach rather than follower number. True Reach does a better job at indicating the actual potential influence when it comes to the engagement and interaction of their online community.

10 Food Influencers With the Biggest Followings

This list of 10 food influencers have followings of 1 million or more across all channels.

  1. Men With the Pot
  2. Joshua Weissman
  3. Betel Tunc
  4. Jalal
  5. My Nguyen
  6. Yumna | FeelGoodFoodie
  7. Over The Fire Cooking by Derek Wolf
  8. Hailee Catalano | cafehailee
  9. Hajar Larbah | moribyan
  10. Meghna’s Food Magic | meghnasfoodmagic

Men With the Pot

  • Total followers: 15.2M
  • True reach: 7.7M
  • Average engagement: 696.3K

With a presence of 12.6 million on TikTok, its safe to say Men With the Pot has taken the food world by storm.

Their videos use quick cuts, beautiful close-up shots, thrilling acrobatics such as tossing an onion in the air to land on a knife before chopping, and rustic open-fire cooking.

Their TikTok videos are endlessly enjoyable and the comment section is also fun to scroll through, as they've build a huge community of viewers who love their content. They average 2.9K comments per post!

Joshua Weissman

  • Total followers: 8.7M
  • True reach: 3.5M
  • Average engagement: 477.9K

Joshua Weissman is a popular food influencer and chef known for his YouTube channel. He gained fame by recreating fast-food recipes and sharing homemade versions of popular dishes.

Joshua's videos are informative, showcasing cooking techniques and explaining the science behind them. He has also authored a cookbook called "The Slim Palate." With his engaging storytelling and dedication to his craft, Joshua has built a significant following in the culinary community.

Betel Tunc

  • Total followers: 8.2M
  • True reach: 3.1M
  • Average engagement: 717.3K

Making a wide range of dishes inspired by different cuisines, both savory and sweet, Betel Tunc is known for her calm and pleasing aesthetic. She shares the full recipe in her descriptions, and the comment section is always engaging.


  • Total followers: 3.3M
  • True reach: 3M
  • Average engagement: 261.2K

Hailing from the UK, Jalal has built a platform sharing healthy, high-protein recipes. This is a perfect example of a crossover with food and fitness influencers, who often incorporate food tips into their content.

My Nguyen

  • Total followers: 7.8M, mostly on TikTok
  • YouTube subscribers: 1.8M
  • True reach: 2M
  • Average engagement: 185.4K

My Nguyen is a popular food influencer known for her Instagram account "My Healthy Dish."

She shares nutritious and visually appealing recipes that promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Her recipes focus on using fresh ingredients and making wholesome meals enjoyable.

My Nguyen's content inspires her followers to embrace healthy eating in a delicious and accessible way.

Yumna | FeelGoodFoodie

  • Total followers: 7.3M
  • True reach: 1.3M
  • Average engagement: 98.2K

FeelGoodFoodie is a popular food influencer known for her Instagram account and blog.

She shares simple and healthy recipes, emphasizing the use of whole ingredients. Her content includes a variety of dietary options and helpful tips for meal prep and kitchen hacks.

FeelGoodFoodie inspires her followers to adopt a healthier lifestyle through delicious and nourishing meals.

Over The Fire Cooking by Derek Wolf

  • Total followers: 5.8M, mostly on Facebook and Instagram
  • YouTube subscribers: 1.2M
  • True reach: 949.6K
  • Average engagement: 59.4K

Over The Fire Cooking is a brand created by Derek Wolf, a popular food influencer known for his expertise in cooking over an open flame.

Through his platform, he shares recipes, tips, and techniques for outdoor grilling, smoking, and campfire cooking.

Derek's content emphasizes the primal experience of cooking over fire and inspires others to enjoy delicious meals in a natural and rustic setting.

Hailee Catalano | cafehailee

  • Total followers: 2M, 1.8M on TikTok
  • True reach: 942K
  • Average engagement: 100.2K

With her calming and welcoming voice-over cooking videos on TikTok, Hailee Catalano has cultivated a wonderful fanbase by sharing delicious recipes that take a little effort but are still accessible to make and use healthy, fresh, in-season ingredients.

Fans in her comment section keep asking about her cookbook, which is coming soon!

Hajar Larbah | moribyan

  • Total followers: 1.3M followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 596.2K
  • Average engagement: 94K

Hayar Larbah studied nutrition and is a big foodie at heart.

She shares all sorts of feel-good recipes on her social media channels and on her food blog.

Meghna’s Food Magic | meghnasfoodmagic

  • Total followers: 4.9M
  • True reach: 459.1K
  • Average engagement: 25.2K

Meghna's Food Magic is a popular food influencer known for her Instagram account and YouTube channel.

She shares a variety of delicious and visually appealing recipes, catering to different dietary preferences. Meghna's content provides cooking tips and inspiration for home cooks and food enthusiasts.

Top 5 Micro Food Influencers to Watch

Working with a micro-influencer is always a great option for your influencer marketing strategy. They often have better and more valuable engagement from their followers, and recommend products or services they actually use in their kitchen every day. 

Typically micro-influencers have anywhere between 5-30K followers.

  1. Isabellel’s Plate
  2. Julia
  3. Queen Sashay
  4. Meags Eggs
  5. Franceen Gold

Isabellel’s Plate

  • Total followers: 18.1K followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 9.5K
  • Average engagement: 1.5K

Isabelle is a food blogger from Connecticut in the USA. She shares mouth watering imagery of classic fare from the east coast of the United States, as well as some more off-beat, modern, and fusion highlights.


  • Total followers: 20.5K Instagram followers
  • True reach: 4.6K
  • Average engagement: 397

Hailing from Germany, Julia shares beautiful images of a mix of sweet and savory dishes on her 20K strong Instagram account. Her account is largely still photography, but she does include occasional video recipes.

Queen Sashay

  • Total followers: 24.7K
  • True reach: 4.1K
  • Average engagement: 526.7K

Queen Sashay, or @threelittlehalves on Instagram is known for her beautifully staged food photography and award winning food blog. Her photos utilize bright pops of color and dark backgrounds, letting the food truly shine.

Meags Eggs

  • Total followers: 8.9K on Instagram
  • True reach: 3.9K
  • Average engagement: 385

Who doesn't love eggs!? Ok, well, maybe some people, but if you do then you'll also love Meags Eggs Instagram account where she shares all kinds of egg-centric recipes. She doesn't post as often as she used to, but the videos and recipes are still there for her followers to enjoy and use!

Franceen Gold

  • Total followers: 10K followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 2.4K
  • Average engagement: 364

Franceen Gold Dt.P is a professional dietitian from Canada. She shares healthy eating tips and suggested foods for specific dietary needs or goals, such as improved metabolism.

7 Top Food Influencers with Less Than a Million Followers

These food influencers may not have reached a million yet, but it’s safe to say they’re on their way!

Follow them for fun food journeys, healthy tips, hacks, unique niches, and humor!

  1. Kei Yamazaki
  2. Jenni Häyrinen
  3. Alexandre De Oliveira
  4. Indulgent Eats
  5. ツレヅレハナコ
  6. Saara
  7. Les recettes de Juliette

Kei Yamazaki

  • Total followers: 515.5K
  • True reach: 124.1K
  • Average engagement: 7.7K

Hailing from Japan, Kei's posts are fun and colorful, utilizing a consistent style of toppings on toast! Posts are mostly all in Japanese, but using Instagram's Translate feature, other language speakers will be able to read her captions which describe the ingredients of her delicious looking breakfasts.

Jenni Häyrinen

  • Total followers: 175.6K
  • True reach: 70.5K
  • 57.8K subscribers on her blog
  • Average engagement: 1.7K

Jenni Häyrinen is a food artist from Finland. Her Instagram features a variety of lifestyle posts as well as her homey and delicious food imagery! Most posts are written in both Finnish and English.

Are you looking for more influencers in Finland? These are the top Finnish influencers out there.

Alexandre De Oliveira

  • Total followers: 155.2K
  • True reach: 54.6K
  • Average engagement: 5.4K

A personal chef in France, Alexandre posts engaging and fun food videos on his Instagram page, giving fans an inside look at the life of a personal chef! His engagement rate is extremely strong, making him a valuable influencer for food brands to partner with: 3.1% on normal posts, and 2.1% on sponsored content.

Indulgent Eats

  • Total followers: 366.7K
  • True reach: 40.1K
  • Average engagement: 2.8K

Indulgent Eats combines travel with food, with a focus on Hong Kong cuisine. Her engaging videos and photos give rich descriptions of the meals, restaurant experiences, and travels along the way. She's also a cookbook author and you can even design similar trips that she's taken, to experience the food for yourself!


  • Total followers: 68.7K followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 31.4K
  • Average engagement: 2.2K

Sharing homey and delicious looking meals, ツレヅレハナコ is one to follow if you're craving great travel content with a focus on the food.


  • Total followers: 187.3K
  • True reach: 20.2K
  • Blog subscribers: 124.8K
  • Average engagement: 1.5K

Saara is a food blogger from Finland, sharing a mix of beautiful travel photography and beautiful food photos! Her inspirational food photography is rustic yet sophisticated, typically following seasonality and using local ingredients.

Les recettes de Juliette

  • Total followers: 141.2K
  • True reach: 5.1K
  • 76.3K Blog subscribers 
  • Average engagement: 903.4K

French food influencer, Juliette, shares mostly plant-based vegetarian meals and recipes on her blog and Instagram page. Interspersed with beautiful coastal photography, she's one to follow if you're inspired to travel and eat!

11 Top Vegan Food Influencers

Vegan and plant-based diets have soared in popularity in recent years, partially due to social media influencers who dispel myths and stereotypes about eating vegan, provide recipes and tips, and share their personal stories about choosing a vegan lifestyle.

These top vegan food influencers sure know how to entice the eyes and the tastebuds!

  1. Danielle Brown
  2. Jeeca
  3. Nisha Vora
  4. Kristi Roeder
  5. Michaela Vais
  6. Mary Christine Papadimos
  7. Gina Marie
  8. Laura Wright
  9. Nadine & Jorg
  10. Jess
  11. Marieke

Danielle Brown

  • Total followers: 7.9M
  • True reach: 1.5M
  • Instagram following: 3.8 million Instagram followers
  • TikTok following: 2.9 million on TikTok
  • Average engagement: 111.3K

With a following of 8 million strong, Danielle Brown is a major force in the vegan influencer world. She is also a cookbook author, sharing easy ways to incorporate vegan dishes and drinks into your everyday!


  • Total followers: 926.8K followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 263.3K
  • Average engagement: 18.6K

Jeeca specializes in "vegan Asian" cuisine, creating recipes based on her favorite dishes from traveling and growing up. Her feed is full of beautiful and colorful photos and videos that would make even the most skeptical want to try these vegan meals!

Nisha Vora

Nisha Vora vegan food influencer Instagram post
  • Total followers: 926K
  • True reach: 203.5K
  • Instagram following: 770.9K followers
  • Blog subscribers: 96.9K
  • Average engagement: 26.4K

Nisha Vora is a vegan food influencer, blogger, and YouTuber based in the United States. She boasts 1M subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she shares shopping tips, cooking tutorials and more.

Kristi Roeder

  • Total followers: 212.7K followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 173.3K
  • Average engagement: 7.7K

Austin based food influencer, Kristi Roeder, posts positively scrumptious looking vegan meals on her Instagram page, under the delightful handle "avocado_skillet". She posts a lot of recipes through the lens of speaking to both beginner cooks and those just beginning their vegan journey, so she's a perfect follow if you feel unsure about making tasty plant-based dishes.

Michaela Vais

  • Total followers: 1.5M
  • True reach: 144.7K
  • Instagram following: 1.3 million followers on Instagram
  • Pinterest following: 176.8K Pinterest followers
  • YouTube: 36.2K subscribers 
  • Average engagement: 6.8K 

Michaela Vais hails from Germany, and has a huge following on Instagram and YouTube. She posts simple and delicious recipes that focus on fresh ingredients and are easy to make. Some involve making commonly store-bought items such as vegan mozzarella cheese!

Mary Christine Papadimos

  • Total followers: 281.1K 
  • True reach: 53.7K
  • Instagram following: 280 thousand followers on Instagram
  • Average engagement: 4.1K

US based vegan food influencer, Mary Christine Papadimos creates delicious and easy vegan recipes for her followers to enjoy. Her Instagram is full of a mix of sweet and savory dishes, and she regularly tags grocery stores that carry the vegan ingredients she uses.

Gina Marie

  • Total followers: 128.5K on Instagram
  • True reach: 45.4K
  • Average engagement: 4.6K

Vegan recipe developer from Germany, Gina Marie's profile is like a ray of sunshine as she shares fun and happy lifestyle content as well as her delicious looking vegan recipes. Come for the food, stay for the positive attitude! She also has a very high engagement rate, with 3.7% on organic content and 3.8% on her sponsored content!

Laura Wright

  • Total followers: 591.3K
  • True reach: 40.9K
  • Instagram following: 297.2K
  • Blog following: 134.4K
  • Pinterest followers: 116.1k
  • Average engagement: 2.1K

Active Canadian food blogger, Laura Wright, has a broad presence across social media, including Pinterest and YouTube. Her Instagram feed is polished but accessible, and a nice combination of photos and videos. Her recipes are perfect for any size from couples to crowds, and are sure to please.

Nadine & Jorg

  • Total followers: 286.7K
  • True reach: 32K
  • Instagram following: 197.9K
  • Pinterest following: 49K
  • Average engagement: 2.6K

Nadine & Jorg are from Germany and run a food blog and post recipes to their Instagram. They post a wide variety of cuisine styles, all using vegan ingredients. They often collaborate with brands and products like these veggie wraps.


  • Total followers: 321K followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 14.4K
  • Average engagement: 732 engagements per post

Jess Hoffman is a food influencer specializing in "wholesome, healthy, simple recipes". A lot of her recipes are for puddings that utilize hearty ingredients and super-foods like chia seeds. Simple, easy to make, and powerful!


  • Total followers: 13.7K
  • True reach: 2.3K
  • Average engagement: 121

Marieke is a food micro-influencer from Germany who posts sweet and savory dishes with a vegan twist. Her beautiful food photography is also a feast for the eyes!

9 Baking & Dessert Food Influencers

Ahhh dessert 😋. This list of baking influencers with their feeds full of scrumptious treats took a while to complete. Because I had to keep stopping to save every dessert recipe I wanted to try. 🍰

  1. Chelsey White
  2. B. Dylan Hollis
  3. Claire Saffitz
  4. Kim-Joy
  5. Dr. Rahul Mandal
  6. Amber Spiegel
  7. Jade
  8. Manuela Kjeilen
  9. Megu

Chelsey White

  • Total followers: 4.2M
  • True reach: 896.3K
  • Average engagement: 68.8K

Baking blogger Chelsey White posts absolutely amazing looking cakes and cookies on her Instagram and TikTok accounts, reaching 3.5 million followers combined. She's partnered with some brands who definitely think outside the box with their influencer marketing strategy, such as this collaboration with the makeup company Maybelline.

Her cakes cover all the bases, from whimsical to classical, and her content is full of the joy she gets from making them!

B. Dylan Hollis

  • Total followers: 10M followers on TikTok
  • True reach: 548K
  • Average engagement: 96.8K

B. Dylan Hollis burst onto the scene during the pandemic with his hilarious baking ventures using historical recipes from the early 20th century, all the way up to the 70s. He's built an impressive following of 10 million with very few brand deals, just through his hilarious commentary, expressive reactions, and his very adventurous "try anything" spirit.

He recently published a cookbook so fans of his videos can attempt some of the more tasty recipes themselves, or if they want a similar unhinged experience, they can dive into some of the whackier ones as well.

Claire Saffitz

  • Total followers: 987.5K
  • 1M YouTube subscribers
  • True reach: 261.9K
  • Average engagement: 18.7K

Claire Saffitz is a baker from the United States who focus's mainly on sweet dishes, with a few savory bakes thrown in as well. She regularly invites her Patreon subscribers to submit recipes, and posts them on her feed as well.


  • Total followers: 432.8K, mostly on Instagram with 37.1K on TikTok
  • True reach: 161.7K
  • Average engagement: 22.7K

Any baking fan will know the name Kim-Joy from the wildly popular show The Great British Bake Off. She was a fan favorite on the shows ninth series, loved for her whimsical bakes that seemed straight out of a fairytale.

Since leaving the show, Kim-Joy has garnered 300+ Instagram followers. She regularly shares her whimsical bakes, with a focus on cats, which is also the subject of her new cookbook "Bake Me a Cat", as well as open and honest life and mental health awareness posts.

Dr. Rahul Mandal

  • Total followers: 411.6K followers, mostly on Instagram
  • True reach: 151.1K
  • Average engagement: 24.6K

Another Great British Bake Off alum, (and winner of the ninth series!) Dr. Rahul immediately had the love of the fans who watched his confidence grow episode by episode. His bakes were beautifully executed and obviously tasted delicious!

He has an impressively high engagement rate on his Instagram page, with 6.3% engagement on sponsored posts, and 6.1% on his organic posts.

Amber Spiegel

  • Total followers: 1M followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 126.2K
  • Average engagement: 6.3K 

Cookie decorator Amber Spiegel shares satisfying cookie-decorating videos on her bright and engaging Instagram page. She uses the traditional icing approach, as well as cooking painting for hyper realistic and artistic cookies.


  • Total followers: 436.7K, mostly on Instagram
  • True reach: 110.2K
  • Average engagement: 10.8K

Australian food blogger, Jade, posts mostly healthy bakes on her Instagram, utilizing "whole foods for all dietary needs." Her bakes may be on the healthier side, but boy do they still look scrumptious!

Manuela Kjeilen

  • Total followers: 1.2M
  • True reach: 62K
  • Average engagement: 2.7K

Manuela Kjeilen is a blogger from Norway. She runs a baking app where her followers can access recipes, tips, and a baking community! Her Instagram is full of delightful baking videos that showcases lovely cakes and other types of bakes.


  • Total followers: 47.2K followers on Instagram
  • True reach: 3.6K
  • Average engagement: 1.4K

Japanese baking influencer Megu shares beautifully staged food photos, each seeming to tell a different story. She has a high engagement rate on Instagram for her organic posts: 2.9%.

Which Food Influencer is the Right Fit for Your Brand?

When choosing a food influencer to work with, it’s important to make sure their niche will appeal to your audience. If your target customer is interested in cooking on a budget, for example, make sure you don’t partner with what might be considered an “aspirational” influencer — who has fancy equipment at their disposal.

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Fake influencers are a very real concern for brands today, which is why it’s always important to check their influencer marketing stats, and make sure their following is authentic.

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