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The Top 30 Instagram Influencers in Malaysia

Sue Howe

Feb 20, 2024

In a world driven by the power of social media, these dynamic individuals have captivated audiences, garnered massive followings, and left a mark on Malaysia's digital landscape. These are Malaysia's top 30 Instagram influencers: Influencers who have redefined the art of engaging content, established their brands, and earned themselves a spot on our list. 

Learn more about the captivating stories, inspiring journeys, and creative genius that have made these individuals true trendsetters in Malaysian social media. Whether you're a fan, an aspiring influencer, or simply seeking inspiration, this comprehensive guide will showcase the movers and shakers who continue to shape the ever-evolving world of Instagram in Malaysia. 

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This article unveils the crème de la crème of Malaysia's Instagram social media influencer scene:

  1. #1 Neelofa (@neelofa): 8.7M followers

  2. #2 Zizan Razak (@zizanrazak869): 7.8M followers

  3. #3 Mirah Filzah (@mfmirafilzah): 7.3M followers

  4. #4 Ebit Lew (@ebitlew): 6.6M followers

  5. #5 Scha Alyahya (@schaalyahya): 6.6M followers

  6. #6 Hanis Zalikha (@haniszalikha): 6.1M followers

  7. #7 송지효(Song Ji Hyo) (@my_songjihyo): 4.1M followers

  8. #8 Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman (@khairulaming): 3.7M followers

  9. #9 Syahmi Sazli (@syahmisazli): 2.5M followers

  10. #10 Syafiq Kyle (@syafiqkylez): 2.4M followers

  11. #11 MUGEN RAO (@themugenrao): 2.3M followers

  12. #12 Alieff Irfan (@irfxn__): 2.1M followers

  13. #13 Dr Mahathir Mohamad (@chedetofficial): 1.5M followers

  14. #14 Meerqeen (@meerqeen): 1.4M followers

  15. #15 Asyraf Rozami (@asyrafrozami): 1.2M followers

  16. #16 Nasz Kenyang (@naszkenyang): 962K followers

  17. #17 Ben Amir (@benamirr): 907K followers

  18. #18 Akhyar Rashid (@akhyarrashid): 839K followers

  19. #19 Bella Khann (@bellakhan): 824K followers

  20. #20 Ajiq Haris (@ajqhrs): 696K followers

  21. #21 Aqeef Anaqi Bin Amar (@aqeefanaqi): 661K followers

  22. #22 Azim (@azimothmann): 379K followers

  23. #23 Luqman Hakim Shamsudin (@luqmansham_10): 272.2K followers

  24. #24 Mohamad Sofian (@sofyank96): 83.3K followers

  25. #25 Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei (@leechongweiofficial): 42.2K followers

  26. #26 Hairul Azreen Idris (@hairulazreen): 40.5K followers

  27. #27 Janna Nick (@jannanick): 37.1K followers

  28. #28 Aeril Zafrel (@aeril_zafrel): 31.1K followers

  29. #29 Syafiq Kyle (@syafiqkylez): 31.K followers

  30. #30 Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin (@ctdk): 17K followers

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#1 Neelofa (@neelofa): 8.7M followers

With more than 8.7 million Instagram followers, Neelofa is the most popular Malaysian social media influencer. Neelofa is well-known as a TV host in her home country of Malaysia. She has been the host of many types of TV shows, with her charismatic hosting style making her a favorite among viewers.

She was able to launch and publicize her numerous entrepreneurial endeavors thanks to the popularity she amassed throughout her career in entertainment. She has successfully started and runs several companies, including a hijab fashion line, a cosmetics line, and a lifestyle business with a halal emphasis. She has gained renown in the industry thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit, influence, and extensive network. She ranks first on our list of the top Instagram social media influencers in Malaysia because of her ability to successfully use the platform to promote herself and her brands.

#2 Zizan Razak (@zizanrazak869): 7.8M followers

Zizan Razak began his career as a comedian, appearing on several television shows and competing in comedy competitions. He gained fame thanks to his unique humor, wit, and improv. He has hosted comedy shows, game shows, award ceremonies, and talk shows, earning him a reputation as a versatile and entertaining host who has captured the hearts of many Malaysians.

Outside of show business, Zizan is well-known for his philanthropic efforts. He has used his prominence to advocate for social justice causes, attend charity events, and help those less fortunate. Zizan Razak is the second most followed person in Malaysia on Instagram, thanks to the loyal and devoted fan base he has steadily captured throughout his career. With his strong Malaysian fanbase contributing to his high social media engagement on Instagram, he can promote his works and various endorsement deals on the platform.

#3 Mirah Filzah (@mfmirafilzah): 7.3M followers

Talent, dedication, and hard work can make someone a household name in Malaysia's constantly shifting entertainment industry. One such exceptional individual who has caught the public's eye since she started acting eight years ago is Mira Filzah. With her infectious smile and charisma, acting chops, and thriving social media following, Mira has carved out a career that has captivated audiences across Malaysia. 

She became a famous influence, engaging with her 7.3 million followers by opening up about her personal life and showering her impeccable style. She advertises all of her endorsements with other upscale brands in addition to her own stylish and bold take on the hijab —the religious Islamic and cultural symbol for muslim women that involves covering their hair, neck, and sometimes shoulders—but also her endorsement deals with other high-end brands.

#4 Ebit Lew (@ebitlew): 6.6M followers

Ebit Lew's widespread acclaim stems from his status as an inspirational role model, as well as his humanitarian efforts, his accessibility, his religious advocacy, his prolific social media activity, and his active online presence.

His tireless work to improve the lives of others and inspire hope in others has won him widespread acclaim in Malaysia. The trust and authenticity he inspires in his followers come from his ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

#5 Scha Alyahya (@schaalyahya): 6.6M followers

Scha Alyahya is a model, actor, and product ambassador who rose to stardom after winning a beauty contest and receiving an offer for a starring role in a movie. She has become one of Malaysia's most in-demand Instagram influencers and is frequently seen sitting in the first row at domestic and international fashion shows. Scha currently acts in films and television shows and helps manage her husband's retail company and brand.

She keeps her Instagram followers up-to-date on her professional and personal endeavors, including the latest with her many sponsorship deals, travels, and outfits. Scha Alyahya has risen to prominence in Malaysia's entertainment industry due to her skill, charisma, and commanding persona. She's endorsed several top luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Gucci, to name a few - a testament to her staying power as one of Malaysia's most influential social media figures.

#6 Hanis Zalikha (@haniszalikha): 6.1M followers

With 6.1 million followers, Hanis Zalikha, a Malaysian celebrity, and housewife, is the sixth top Malaysian Instagram influencer. Her genuine approach to content creation has created a dedicated fan base that follows her every move and looks forward to her articles, updates, and suggestions. 

Hanis uses social media to present her Malaysian lifestyle business, Cakenis, to the world, updating her fans with professional-grade marketing posters, details on new items, and captivating narratives highlighting the company's unique character. As a skilled content developer, she knows how to pick out aesthetically appealing and interesting content that keeps her audience interested and engaged while raising anticipation for her brand's products.

#7 송지효(Song Ji Hyo) (@my_songjihyo): 4.1M followers

송지효 (Song Ji Hyo) is a South Korean actress and television personality. Song Ji Hyo gained widespread recognition and popularity for her role in the South Korean variety show "Running Man," where she is one of the regular cast members. Her quick wit, charm, and athletic abilities made her a beloved figure on the show.

In addition to her work on "Running Man," Song Ji Hyo has appeared in numerous television dramas and films. Song Ji Hyo has also ventured into the entertainment industry as a model and spokesperson for various brands. She continues to be a prominent and respected figure in the South Korean entertainment scene and is also well-known across borders. She has a huge following in Malaysia which makes her a great influencer in Malaysia as well.

#8 Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman (@khairulaming): 3.7M followers

With over 3.7 million followers on Instagram, Malaysia's celebrity chef, Khairul Amin Kamarulzaman, is Malaysia’s  7th most popular Instagram social media influencer. He's so popular he has even gotten world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsey to make a video reaction to his content! 

Malaysians have a strong passion for food and identify as serious foodies.  They explore new restaurants, foodie fads, and hidden culinary gems. Food content creators in Malaysia help to satisfy this hunger for gastronomic adventure by providing recommendations, critiques, and insights into the country's thriving food scene. Khairul is a great chef who creates content in the form of food guides that are easy to follow, making him Malaysia's top food content creator in Malaysia.

#9 Syahmi Sazli (@syahmisazli): 2.5M followers

There has been a dramatic increase in digital consumption as more people in Malaysia head online to search for news, information, and community. The creators of online videos have benefited from this trend by making videos that are both engaging and easy to understand. Syahmi is a video creator who arrived on the scene at the right time; he directs and produces short films for a Malaysian audience. 

Syahmi rose to prominence with his film "Mael Totey: The Movie," a comedy film directed, written, and produced by him that was released in 2020. The film is an adaptation of his short YouTube drama series, which he directed and produced. As described as a blend of spontaneous humor and scripted comedy, with dramatic dialogues in the Kelantan dialect that add a natural and relaxed feel to the film.

Syahmi Sazli, considered a YouTube celebrity at the time for creating content in a similar style, made his first debut in mainstream cinema with the film. The combination of the success story of a YouTuber making the transition to the big screen was both inspiring and captivating, especially with the content being authentic and relatable. Syahmi's large Instagram following demonstrates his ability to connect with audiences and provide appealing and relevant content across multiple media formats, establishing him as one of Malaysia's top Instagram influencers.

#10 Syafiq Kyle (@syafiqkylez): 2.4M followers

In Malaysia, actors are frequently admired by a sizeable fan base for their style, charisma, and artistic prowess. They are regarded as engaging because of their fashion sense, red-carpet appearances, and brand endorsements. Due to how they present themselves to large audiences, some actors occasionally have a stronger connection with the fanbases.

Syafiq Kyle is one of these incredibly beloved actors, and with 2.4 million followers, he is one of Malaysia's most popular social media influencers. On the movie posters for the films he's in, you can see him holding assault rifles from his roles in these films. When he isn't promoting his latest flicks or brands. In addition to his physical attractiveness, it is easy to comprehend why Malaysians adore him due to his overall positive image.

#11 MUGEN RAO (@themugenrao): 2.3M followers

Mugen Rao is a Malaysian-Indian singer, actor, and songwriter. He gained significant recognition and popularity after winning the third season of the reality television show "Bigg Boss Tamil" in 2019. Prior to his appearance on the show, Mugen Rao was already known for his music and acting in Malaysia.

Mugen Rao is a talented musician and has released several songs and music videos. His music often blends various genres, including hip-hop and R&B, and his work has been well-received by fans. His victory on "Bigg Boss Tamil" further boosted his profile in the entertainment industry.

No wonder, this talent is part of our lists of top Malaysian Instagram influencers!

#12 Alieff Irfan (@irfxn__): 2.1M followers

Malaysia’s top 10 Instagram social media influencers all have more than 2 million followers, starting with Alieff Irfan’s car enthusiast concept. He has become renowned because of his specialized content about all kinds of automobiles, which attracts a large and enthusiastic following despite its niche nature.

Alieff's automotive content is extremely popular with social media users in the country due to its eye-catching design and detail of his content. His growing fan base in Malaysia is enthusiastic about his latest high-quality photos, videos, and immersive experiences, which feature stunning vehicles, fun road trips with friends, and thrilling driving moments like drifting with robust engines.

#13 Dr Mahathir Mohamad (@chedetofficial): 1.5M followers

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is a prominent Malaysian politician and statesman. Born on July 10, 1925, he is widely regarded as one of Malaysia's most influential figures in modern history. Mahathir served as the fourth and seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia, with his first term spanning from 1981 to 2003 and his second term from 2018 to 2020.

Due to his political involvement, he has a high number of Instagram followers which makes him one of the top Instagram influencers in Malaysia.

#14 Meerqeen (@meerqeen): 1.4M followers

As mentioned on this list of the top Malaysian Instagram influencers, an engaged social media following can make actors appealing to brands and advertisers. Actors with a large social media following have more opportunities to collaborate with brands, promote products, and participate in influencer marketing campaigns, which can boost the actor's profile and social status.

Merqeen, another actor, uses his social media following to announce new projects, promote products and services his fans might be interested in, and build anticipation. The brands that hire him to promote their products benefit from the integrated campaigns in which he disseminates trailers, exclusive content, and behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

#15 Asyraf Rozami (@asyrafrozami): 1.2M followers

The first to pass 1 million followers on our list of the top Malaysian Instagram influencers, Asyraf Rozami is a content creator who creates short films for Malaysian audiences. Due to the limited time commitment, short films offer a streamlined narrative experience, packing more plot points and character development into a shorter running time. 

Though it's simple to find and watch short movies on social media nowadays, Asyraf's talent for creating relatable and well-directed narratives appeals to a wide audience in Malaysia. Thanks to the expansion of online mediums, he has slowly created vlog-style content on Instagram after making his name on Youtube.

#16 Nasz Kenyang (@naszkenyang): 962K followers

In the social commentary and parody space, Nasz Kenyang captures the attention of many Malaysians. Nasz is one of Malaysia’s top Instagram influencers; audiences can actively participate in conversations about current events, social issues, and cultural trends through content like his. 

Social commentary allows people to have meaningful conversations with others who share their interests and perspectives. Users sharing, liking, and retweeting thought-provoking or significant themes can quickly spread across platforms and reach a large following.

#17 Ben Amir (@benamirr): 907K followers

Social media provides actors such as Ben Amir with a venue to build and promote their personal brands. It's a chance to show off who they are outside their on-screen personas. By developing a strong social media presence, actors can stand out and connect with fans and industry heavyweights.

Doubling as both an actor and a fitness enthusiast, as mentioned in his Instagram bio, he captures multiple markets interested in his work in popular media and the gym.

#18 Akhyar Rashid (@akhyarrashid): 839K followers

Akhyar, just like Luqman Hashim, is a Malaysian footballer on this list. He has been playing the sport in Malaysia, domestically and nationally, as one of the country’s premier icons in football. Aside from posting shots of himself during his games, he has sponsored posts as one of Nike’s cover athletes in Malaysia, given his popularity as a Malaysian Instagram influencer for football.

#19 Bella Khann (@bellakhan): 824K followers

The works of content creators like Bella Khann are often carefully curated and styled to appeal to a specific aesthetic or theme. This can include creating aesthetically pleasing images, arranging products, or presenting experiences engagingly and compellingly. They can connect with their listeners more personally and share their experiences through engaging narratives. 

The following is an example of influencer marketing: The target audience is supposed to feel an emotional connection to the partner brands and be inspired to take action by reading and sharing their content. This is a theme of many of the top Malaysian Instagram influencers, as they are used as platforms for brands to promote themselves to a wider, potentially untapped audience.

#20 Ajiq Haris (@ajqhrs): 696K followers

Ajiq Haris' Instagram is full of bizarre posts, most of which are clips from the cartoon Family Guy. He uses local and cultural references to make the traditional American cartoon Family Guy more accessible to a Malaysian audience. 

Dubbing the show allows him to parody it and turn it into a meme, establishing his account as one of Malaysia's most popular comedy pages on Instagram and one of the top Instagram social media influencers in Malaysia.

#21 Aqeef Anaqi Bin Amar (@aqeefanaqi): 661K followers

Content with a familial focus evokes strong emotions and hits closer to home. Its love, joy, nostalgia, and community themes will resonate with a wide audience. When people see families portrayed in media on social networks, they often see themselves or members of their own families.

Feeling connected to others and at home in a larger group is fostered. @aqeefanaqi taps into how family-centered content is popular in Malaysia, which places value on family ties and the importance of maintaining close-knit relationships. He posts content about the daily milestones his child and family achieve, whether trips to the hospital or slow days at a park playing with his friends, making the content enjoyable for any Malaysian social media user.

#22 Azim (@azimothmann): 379K followers

Another on the list of influencers in Malaysia is Azim, who is your typical modern-day social media influencer. He is an entrepreneur, entertainer, and musician who promotes various brands through his social media platforms. Brands know the power of selecting the correct face to promote their products, as using the right tools to identify relevant social influencers for your brand, such as Azim for the Malaysian market, is key to making it big in 2023.

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#23 Luqman Hakim Shamsudin (@luqmansham_10): 272.2K followers

To start off our list of Malaysia's top Instagram influencers, we have footballer Luqman Hakim.

It should come as no surprise that Luqman Hakim has a following from both domestic and international supporters, given that football is one of, if not the most popular sport in the nation.

He is one of the few Malaysian football players to have emerged from the country's grassroots program, blossomed, and developed into a promising prospect playing the game for an Icelandic football club. His wide-ranging influence makes him an obvious addition to those who aspire to become successful in football.

#24 Mohamad Sofian (@sofyank96): 83.3K followers

Since entering the digital sphere, Mohamad Sofian has inspired Malaysian social media influencers - especially those in the video effects niche. His unique blend of pop culture parodies, accessible comedy, and unrivaled VFX talents has captured Malaysian hearts and attracted comparisons to worldwide TikTok sensation Zach King.

This resemblance isn't simply in appearance; Sofian's talent piqued the interest of Zach King, leading to his entry into the latter's contest to find the next VFX sensation. Sofian's entry, which had him miraculously transform an apple and mirror into a cake, earned him victory in the competition and as the heir-apparent to King's video wizardry.

Sofian's growth from a digital hobbyist to a renowned social media content creator globally has led him to additional projects, including work for Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Mohamad Sofian's impact is evident in Malaysia's dynamic environment of social media influencers, demonstrating the potential of digital platforms in driving local talents to worldwide success.

#25 Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei (@leechongweiofficial): 42.2K followers

Mr. Wira Datuk Lee Chong Wei was a household name in the world of Badminton due to his on-court ability and ensuing Olympic victory. He is now a renowned social media influencer in Malaysia.

Lee's social media activity provides fans with an intimate look into his life as a sports hero with his incredible achievements and as a family man. His climb to popularity has inspired his compatriots, particularly considering his history of tough competition with legend Lin Dan and their eventual induction into the Badminton World Federation Hall. This narrative and his genuine connections have gained him many fans for his career highlights as one of Malaysia's top sporting athletes ever.

With his social media success, he wants to inspire others as he continues to engage his audience by revealing his training techniques, life stories, and views from the professional badminton circuit. Because of his honesty and skill, he has become one of Malaysia's most well-known social media stars. His humility and dedication to his work are as striking to his followers as his numerous awards.

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#26 Hairul Azreen Idris (@hairulazreen): 40.5K followers

Hairul Azreen Idris, a well-known Malaysian social media influencer, has effortlessly translated his cinematic talent into short-form video's digital sphere. Hairul Azreen Idris' one-of-a-kind mix of skill and genuineness has earned him a huge following across numerous social media platforms since he began his career in the entertainment world.

He has an eye for contemporary trends, as seen by his direction of the film series "Ada Hantu," which gives a unique twist on the horror genre that connects seamlessly with the modern digital era. This video incorporates YouTube themes; his special technique and authentic attitude have made him a social media content creator in Malaysia.

In addition, his most recent directorial attempt demonstrates his adaptability and in-depth understanding of the digital world. Hairul's ability to intertwine his life as an actor with trending content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram showcases his adaptability and relevance as an influencer in the ever-evolving world of social media.

#27 Janna Nick (@jannanick): 37.1K followers

Janna Nick, a multitalented celebrity in Malaysia's cinema, television, and music industries, has emerged as an influential figure in Malaysia's online social media community.

She initially rose to prominence in the entertainment sector through roles in television productions. However, her breakthrough roles in the films Syurga Nur and Kau Aku Kita propelled her to stardom. The success of her songs Mungkin Saja and Akan Bercinta shows that she is a talented actress and musician.

Her content resonates deeply with her audience, not just because of her artistic talents but also due to her authenticity. Janna bravely came out in 2021 about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, raising awareness about mental health issues and inspiring many. Her fans value her writing's genuineness and are encouraged by her professional accomplishments. She remains one of Malaysia's most prominent social media influencers because she creates content that inspires, entertains, and resonates with her audience.

#28 Aeril Zafrel (@aeril_zafrel): 31.1K followers

Aeril Zafrel's name is well-known in Malaysian media and internet forums. Aeril, famed for his filmmaking abilities, has effectively transferred his appeal to Instagram as @aerilzafrel8. His content, which includes takes on viral videos and memes, is popular among his committed followers. Aeril's honest demeanor and creative approach to content creation have propelled him to prominence, in addition to his established reputation in the Malaysian film industry.

Aeril's social media comedy commentaries are renowned, and his various memes and reactions have been highlighted on multiple social media platforms. Malaysia's top social media influencers share his inherent ability to tap into the platform's algorithm. By mixing his acting skills with the dynamics of social media, Aeril has set a new bar for Malaysian celebrities when it comes to capitalizing on the digital world.

One of Malaysia's most successful social media personalities, Aeril Zafrel, demonstrates how established celebrities may flourish in the ever-#changing world of social media stars.

#29 Syafiq Kyle (@syafiqkylez): 31.K followers

Syafiq Kyle, a key figure in Malaysia's entertainment industry, has successfully translated his on-screen appeal into the digital world, establishing himself as a leader in Malaysia's online community. Syafiq has a large fan base due to his captivating performances in various film and television roles. Movie posters featuring him often have him clutching firearms in his hands as he stars in Malaysia's top action flicks. His reputation explains why he is so popular in Malaysia, but his nice looks don't hurt either.

But it's not just his acting abilities that have garnered him popularity. In the public eye, his work and personal lives are intimately linked, and recent buzz surrounding his personal life has piqued the interest of fans and followers. Syafiq blends posts on his acting career with more personal ones, providing fans with a complete image of who he is in and out of character. He has become one of Malaysia's most influential social media stars due to his serious approach to content creation and obvious talent.

#30 Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin (@ctdk): 17K followers

Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin is a beacon of sophistication and artistry in the realm of social media influencers in Malaysia. With a legacy that spans decades in music, Siti Nurhaliza has adeptly embraced the digital age, emerging as a top social media content creator in Malaysia. Her Instagram, a treasure trove for millions, showcases her illustrious career, intimate moments, and notable endorsements, solidifying her stature as a leading social media influencer in Malaysia.

Her melodious voice, paired with an authentic Malaysian essence, sets her apart. As a Malaysia social media influencer, Siti masterfully weaves personal narratives with insights into current happenings, offering followers a window into the life of one of Malaysia's most celebrated icons for years. For brands and admirers alike, Siti Nurhaliza stands as a testament to genuine talent and influence in the Malaysian digital landscape, making her a pivotal social media influencer in Malaysia.

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Conclusion On The Top Instagram Influencers in Malaysia

Instagram has become one of Malaysia's most popular social networking sites, with many marketers and businesses using its diverse user base to strengthen their brands. According to the list above, most of Malaysia's top Instagram influencers are celebrities, including actresses, models, and TV personalities. Given the continual increase of Malaysian social media users and influencers who can promote your business, there has never been a better moment than today to take advantage of Instagram digital marketing.

You may use this data to create a well-informed campaign focusing on the beauty, leisure, travel, and entertainment sectors and targeting the particular demographics of your platform. The benefits of the creator economy are clear, and Malaysian businesses can realize how advantageous it is to work closely with artists, for example, by creating a social commerce revenue stream.

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