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Illustration of the TikTok logo with the Malaysian flag and likes around it as the title image of our blog with the best TikTok influencers in Malaysia

The 10 Top TikTok Influencers in Malaysia

Sue Howe

Mar 1, 2024

In the ever-evolving realm of social media, TikTok has risen as a dominant platform, captivating audiences worldwide. The top TikTok influencers in Malaysia are trendsetters and catalysts of creativity, engaging millions of followers with their daily content. With each viral dance challenge and insightful life hack, these influencers are revolutionizing Malaysia's digital landscape.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of the top 10 Malaysian TikTok influencers, exploring their unique content styles, significant impact on the digital community, and journey to becoming household names on TikTok. Understanding the influence of these TikTok personalities provides invaluable insights into Malaysia's dynamic social media marketing landscape.

Whether you're a social media marketer seeking insights into successful TikTok strategies, or a business owner wanting to discover more influencer marketing opportunities by cooperating with influential creators, this list offers a wealth of information that could guide you in selecting the right influencers for your brand.

Without further ado, let's head right into the list:

  1. Mohamad Sofian (@sofyank96) - 3.2M Followers || 39.1M Likes

  2. Alieff Irfan (@irfxn__) - 3.1M Followers || 31.4M Likes

  3. Aeril Zafrel (@aerilzafrel8) - 2.2M Followers || 30.3M Likes

  4. Meerqeen (@meerqeen) - 1.4M Followers || 20.4M Likes

  5. Elizabeth Tan (@elizabethtsm) - 1.1M Follower || 9.2M Likes

  6. DJ Jenna Chew (@jenna_chew) - 1M Followers || 4.8M Likes

  7. Neelofa (@neelofa) - 645.2K Followers || 5.9M Likes

  8. Alif Satar (@itsalifsatar) - 621.8K Followers || 6M Likes

  9. Mira Filzah (@therealmfmirafilzah) - 485.9K Followers || 3.4M Likes

  10. Hael Husaini (@haelhusaini) - 409.3K Followers || 5.1M Likes

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Mohamad Sofian (@sofyank96) - 3.2M Followers || 39.1M Likes

When discussing Malaysia's top TikTok social media influencers, Mohamad Sofian, widely recognized as "sofyank96", undoubtedly stands at the top. Bursting onto the TikTok scene in 2019, Sofian's unique blend of pop culture parodies and relatable comedy has made him a household name in Malaysia's digital realm. His expertise in visual effects, reminiscent of global TikTok icon Zach King, has played a pivotal role in his exponential growth.

The comparisons don’t end there: Mohamed’s popularity on social media has led him to link up with Zack himself! This collaboration, where King magically transformed a coffee into a piece of cake, amassed over 13.2 million views on TikTok. Such partnerships and consistently delivering visually captivating content have solidified his position as a leading TikTok influencer. With over 3.2 million followers and counting, Mohamad Sofian's journey from a fan to a celebrated content creator inspires many aspiring TikTokers. His success story underscores the power of passion, creativity, and the magic of digital platforms in catapulting talent to global fame.

With a follower count exceeding 3.2 million, Mohamad Sofian's transition from an ardent fan to a celebrated TikTok influencer is inspirational. His success story points to the limitless opportunities TikTok offers to those with passion and creativity. As you delve into the world of Malaysia's top TikTok influencers, Mohamad Sofian's name shines brightly, setting the gold standard for content creation in the region.

Alieff Irfan (@irfxn__) - 3.1M Followers || 31.4M Likes

Alieff Irfan has seamlessly transitioned from YouTube stardom to TikTok dominance. Launching his YouTube channel in August 2016, Alieff quickly became renowned for his short films and parodies. His expertise didn't stop there; he ventured into TikTok, amassing a following of over 3.1 million followers.

On TikTok, Alieff Irfan masterfully merges his life as an investor with trending content, giving fans a front-row seat to his love for sports cars, gaming, and cutting-edge technology. For readers diving deep into Malaysia's TikTok influencer landscape, Alieff Irfan exemplifies how the platform can skyrocket content creators, intertwining entertainment with valuable insights into modern-day investments.

Aeril Zafrel (@aerilzafrel8) - 2.2M Followers || 30.3M Likes

Known for his cinematic skill, Aeril Zafrel has adeptly channeled his on-screen magnetism to TikTok, capturing a diverse audience under the handle @aerilzafrel8. His content, a blend of behind-the-scenes looks and trending challenges, resonates deeply with his loyal fanbase and new TikTok enthusiasts. While his esteemed stature in the Malaysian film industry serves as a foundation, Aeril's genuine personality and one-of-a-kind approach to content have skyrocketed his TikTok fame.

He masterfully taps into what works for the platform's algorithm - the hallmark of Malaysia's top verified social media content creators - crafting content that aligns with current trends and offers a unique window into the world of Malaysian cinema. By merging his acting talents with the nuances of TikTok, he's setting a gold standard for Malaysian celebrities navigating the digital space. As one of the top 10 TikTok influencers in Malaysia, Aeril Zafrel exemplifies how traditional media stars can flourish in the ever-evolving world of social media.

Meerqeen (@meerqeen) - 1.4M Followers || 20.4M Likes

In the vibrant realm of Malaysian TikTok influencers, Meerqeen stands out as a rising star. Not only has he made a mark in the Malaysian entertainment industry with his acting chops, but he's also carved a significant niche on TikTok. With his Tiktok statistics boasting an impressive following of over 1.4 million and accumulating more than 20.5 million likes, Meerqeen's content blends entertainment and emotion, encapsulating both local and international audiences.

His TikTok profile, @meerqeen, serves as a beacon for those seeking a fusion of Malaysian pop culture and innovative content into a unique package. Not just Malaysia has noticed, as Meerqeen's influence has crossed borders, with a global fanbase eagerly consuming his content. This international appeal shows his creations' versatility and universal appeal. Whether he's showcasing his acting chops or sharing snippets of life through TikTok, Meerqeen's impact on the digital landscape in Malaysia is undeniable, making him a key figure in the ever-evolving world of social media influencers in the region.

Elizabeth Tan (@elizabethtsm) - 1.1M Follower || 9.2M Likes

Elizabeth Tan, a celebrated Malaysian actress, has successfully harnessed the power of TikTok to further communicate with her audience and expand her influence. Like many of the popular social media influencers on our list, she often participates in popular TikTok trends, influencing her popularity on the platform. Social influencers like Elizabeth use these techniques to create highly shareable and engaging content. Find out the right one for your brand through our all-in-one solution.

Moreover, her established acting career has undoubtedly contributed to her TikTok success. Her existing fan base and engaging and strategic content have helped her become a TikTok sensation. Tan's TikTok approach is ultimately a unique content creation style, and her ability to connect and continually communicate with her audience sets her apart in Malaysia’s TikTok landscape.

DJ Jenna Chew (@jenna_chew) - 1M Followers || 4.8M Likes

DJ Jenna Chew, a prominent figure in Malaysia's TikTok scene, has carved out a unique niche - and look - for herself with engaging and creative content. Her rise to fame on TikTok shows her ability to tap into the latest trends and create content that resonates with a wide audience.

Jenna's TikTok content combines music, dance, and lifestyle, showcasing her multifaceted talents on the app with fashionable outfits that catch your eye. She is known for her DJ mixes, where she blends popular songs into notable remixes, a skill that has garnered her a significant following. She utilizes her look and talent into a package that attracts a specific demographic - a popular influencer marketing strategy that can attract brand endorsement deals.

Neelofa (@neelofa) - 645.2K Followers || 5.9M Likes

Neelofa, a superstar in Malaysia's entertainment and entrepreneurial sectors, has carved out a significant digital footprint on TikTok, solidifying her status as one of Malaysia's top TikTok influencers. Neelofa is known for her acting talent, entrepreneurial ventures, and trend-setting fashion sense, with her TikTok content being a compelling blend of lifestyle, fashion, and observations, reflecting her multifaceted persona.

What sets Neelofa apart on TikTok is her ability to blend her interests and professional life into engaging content seamlessly. Her TikTok strategy is not just about promoting her brand or sharing her life; it's about creating a narrative that intertwines her entrepreneurial journey and lifestyle. Neelofa frequently provides a window into her entrepreneurial journey with Naelofar Hijab, her successful hijab brand. This unique blend of business and lifestyle content has resonated with her followers, making her a beloved figure on TikTok - and a role model for those who want to set up their Tiktok accounts for business.

Alif Satar (@itsalifsatar) - 621.8K Followers || 6M Likes

Alif Satar has established himself as one of Tiktok's top influencers in Malaysia with his musical talent and charismatic presence. His TikTok content is a unique blend of music and humor, winning him fans all over the country. Alif Satar frequently showcases his musical prowess on TikTok, posting clips of his performances and exclusive footage from his shows. This engaging and interactive approach to content creation has won him a substantial following, making him a fan-favorite among TikTok users in Malaysia.

Alif Satar's TikTok strategy is a harmonious blend of talent display, authenticity, and audience engagement. His ability to connect with his audience through various content, ranging from musical performances to many of his life anecdotes, sets him apart in the TikTok arena.

Mira Filzah (@therealmfmirafilzah) - 485.9K Followers || 3.4M Likes

In Malaysia's dynamic social media industry, success is often the result of talent, commitment, and strategic social media engagement. Mira Filzah, renowned for her engaging and diverse TikTok content, is a shining example. 

Mira Filzah is recognized for actively participating in Malaysia's social media trends, particularly TikTok challenges. This interactive approach to content creation has fostered a strong sense of community among her followers, significantly increasing her TikTok engagement rates. Beyond challenges, Mira Filzah shares snippets of her life at home and dance trends to showcase her charming personality. This touch has endeared her to her audience, solidifying her position as a top TikTok influencer in Malaysia.

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Hael Husaini (@haelhusaini) - 409.3K Followers || 5.1M Likes

Starting our list of the top 10 Malaysian Tiktok influencers is Hael Husaini, a standout figure in the Malaysian TikTok and pop culture scene. Hael Husaini's content blends music, lifestyle, and community engagement. He is known for participating in various TikTok campaigns, such as the #RancakRaya campaign, where he showcased live performances of Raya songs, engaging his audience with his musical talent. Capitalizing on trends and occasions is a strategy that Tiktok influencers use to stay relevant and market themselves and their brands.

His content is not just entertaining but also interactive, allowing his followers to relate with him much more intimately. His style and appearance, curated by expert stylists, have also played a significant role in his TikTok journey. This transformation has allowed him to collaborate with international brands, further amplifying his influence on the platform. 

Hael Husaini's content is a testament to his versatility as a Malaysian TikTok influencer. He manages to engage his audience with his unique style and charisma. All-in-all, his influence on TikTok is undeniable, giving him a spot on our list of top TikTok influencers in Malaysia.


As we wrap up our exploration of Malaysia's TikTok landscape, it's evident that the nation is brimming with digital talent. The top 10 TikTok social media influencers in Malaysia - from Mohamad Sofian's visual wizardry, to Neelofa and Mira Filzah's business acumen, and even Alieff Irfan and Meerqeen's box-office star-power - have not only set the benchmark for content creation but have also showcased Malaysia's rich cultural tapestry to a global audience. Their combined reach, creativity, and influence underscore the transformative power of TikTok in shaping digital narratives and trends. 

These influencers are the go-to names for brands, marketers, and enthusiasts looking to tap into the pulse of Malaysia's digital heartbeat. As TikTok continues its global dominance, one can only anticipate the heights these Malaysian influencers will reach next. Stay tuned to this space for more insights into the dynamic world of TikTok in Malaysia.