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Top 15 Instagram Influencers in Hong Kong

Jessica Chan

Nov 2, 2023

The dynamic city of Hong Kong, with its famous skyline, deep history, and crowded streets, has quickly become a digital hub for influencers. As the world gets smaller and smaller with how social media connects us, Hong Kong Instagram influencers have risen to the forefront, capturing the city's spirit and sharing it with a global audience.

A growing number of Instagram influencers in Hong Kong have emerged from its thriving digital era, each bringing a unique flavor to the app. Whether it's fashion, food, travel, or lifestyle, these influencers have tapped into the essence of Hong Kong culture, connecting with local and international audiences. Their impact extends beyond their following, setting trends, and inspiring new generations; with this reach comes a potential for your company to grow its client base and increase engagement via influencer marketing.

In this post, we will go deep into the world of Hong Kong's top Instagram influencers, identifying 15 influential people who have emerged as major personalities in the country's social media scene. As Hong Kong's digital media landscape evolves, so do its influencers, making now an exciting time to reach millions worldwide.

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This article unveils the crème de la crème of Hong Kong's Instagram social media influencer scene:

#1 Gloria Tang Sze-wing G.E.M.鄧紫棋 (@gem0816): 7.3M Followers

The top Instagram influencer in Hong Kong is Gloria Tang Sze-wing G.E.M.鄧紫棋 (@gem0816) with 7.3M followers.

G.E.M., whose name stands for "Get Everybody Moving", has become a household name in the music world, making her the top Instagram influencer in Hong Kong. Her musical career has been nothing short of spectacular since her debut in 2008, stealing the hearts of millions of Hong Kong fans. G.E.M. started writing songs at the age of five, coming from a musical family that included a mother who graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and a grandfather who played the saxophone.

G.E.M. became well-known in Mainland China after winning the singing competition "I Am a Singer." Her versions of popular songs wowed fans on the Chinese mainland, cementing her position as an Asian sensation and eventually a social media superstar. She's a digital trailblazer in addition to her musical ability, as she is the first female Chinese artist to have four music videos to achieve 100 million views on YouTube.

With such achievements, it's little surprise that she's known as the "Taylor Swift of China" as she embodies the spirit of Hong Kong's top Instagram influencers.

#2 Lin Min-Chen 林明禎 (@minchen333): 1.4M Followers

Let's take a look at Lin Min-Chen 林明禎 (@minchen333) with her 1.4M followers.

Lin Min-Chen's path to becoming one of Hong Kong's top social media influencers started with her humble beginnings as a kindergarten teacher. Her part in the 2022 Hong Kong comedy film "Table for Six" catapulted her into the social media spotlight, marking the peak of her spectacular rise as a pop phenomenon; she hasn't looked back since becoming an idol in Hong Kong's Instagram scene.

But it's not simply her acting abilities that have piqued the interest of her fans: Luxury companies take note of her dazzling style, choosing her as one of their social influencers. Lin's Instagram fashion selections are a tribute to her exquisite taste, as she routinely dazzles in premium names such as Bulgari, Fendi, and Christian Louboutin. In other posts, she shines in Swarovski crystals and accessories to round out her designer looks.

Lin Min-Chen stands out as a star of style and substance in Hong Kong's Instagram community as she continues to combine her passion for fashion with her standing as one of social media's luxury brand influencers.

#3 Priscilla Wong 黃翠如 (@wongtsuiyu): 1.2M Followers

Third on our list is Priscilla Wong 黃翠如 (@wongtsuiyu) with 1.2M followers.

Priscilla Wong, an established name in the Hong Kong entertainment industry who was discovered at the age of 17, has emerged as one of the most-followed people on Instagram. She has established herself in the industry through her tenure as an entertainment news anchor for i-Cable and her recent victory for Best Host at the TVB Anniversary Awards. Her acting skills were displayed in successful dramas such as "Reality Check" and "Line Walker: The Prequel"; audiences also adored her rapport with co-star Edwin Siu in "Madam Cutie On Duty".

Together with her genuine fan base, this widespread acclaim has propelled her to the forefront of the beauty and fashion industries in Hong Kong as an influential figure. Due to her substantial following and engagement, numerous brands have approached her about collaborating. Notably, her work has enabled fashion labels such as Love, Bonito reach a larger audience. Priscilla's collaborations have helped her become a popular fashion and beauty influencer on Instagram in Hong Kong, with many brands selecting her as their ambassador.

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#4 Anson Lo • 盧瀚霆 (@ansonlht): 1.3M Followers

Anson Lo • 盧瀚霆 (@ansonlht) is a Hong Kong Instagram influencer with 1.3M followers.

Anson Lo, a member of the famed Hong Kong boy band MIRROR, has forged a special route for himself in the music industry. As the second member of MIRROR to make this list, Anson demonstrates his marketability and magnetism by standing out amidst the group's popularity in Hong Kong. He has continually shown his flexibility as an artist since his solo debut, "A Lifelong Mission," in February 2020. His accomplishments include receiving the Best New Asian Artist Award at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards and creating several hit songs that have struck a chord with fans in Hong Kong and around Asia.

One of his most remarkable accomplishments is his recent music video, which has received over 10 million views in the past month as of writing, demonstrating his steady engagement and reach. Paired with his talent, it helps that he takes very good care of his appearance; with this, he's endorsed beauty and fashion brands such as Shiseido, Bulgari, and Calvin Klein for the Hong Kong audience.

Anson's ability to connect with his fans through his frequent use of Instagram to show his concert outtakes, brand promotions, and dance practices. Anson Lo's influence in the music scene and the social media world is clear, cementing his status as one of the top Hong Kong Instagram influencers.

#5 Eliza Sam 岑麗香 (@heungheungeliza): 1.1M Followers

Eliza Sam 岑麗香 (@heungheungeliza) has 1.1M followers.

Eliza Sam's rise to stardom in Hong Kong results from her abilities as an entertainer and her capacity to establish a rapport with her worldwide audience. She first appeared on the global stage in 2009 as Miss Chinese Vancouver and afterward carried the momentum, winning the title of Miss Chinese International in 2010. These victories demonstrated her beauty and talent as a performer, enabling and inspiring her to enter the competitive Hong Kong entertainment industry.

Eliza made an early impression on the small screen after migrating to Hong Kong as a major supporting actress in the local TV drama shows, Divas in Distress and Sniper Standoff. Her partnerships with major cosmetics companies such as Avene and Guerlain and social media activity have also contributed to her rising popularity on Instagram. Her fans love her many posts that showcase her spending time with her family and bonding with her little daughter.

Her influence in the entertainment industry and on social media platforms remains undeniable, given her long-standing popularity, and that's why she's on our list of the top 15 Instagram influencers in Hong Kong.

#6 Keung To 姜濤 (@keung_show): 1M Followers

Keung To 姜濤 (@keung_show) has 1M followers.

Keung's inclusion on this list alongside fellow MIRROR members Anson Lo and Edan Lui demonstrates the band's lasting impact and popularity in Hong Kong. Furthermore, his popularity extends beyond his musical abilities, and with this all-around talent has come collaborations with high-end brands like Chanel, Cartier, and Emporio Armani. His content is more than just about music and fashion, as he's been open about his personal struggles, such as his weight loss journey and the many pitfalls of fame.

This vulnerability resonates deeply with fans, making his content more than just about music and fashion, inspiring Hong Kongers with his real-life experiences, growth, and self-acceptance. Combined with his musical abilities, Keung To is more than just a celebrity in Hong Kong; he is a role model for many.

Keung To's dedicated fan base and active social media activity have made him Hong Kong's tenth most popular Instagram influencer.

#7 Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 (@myoliemyolie): 998k Followers

Number seven on our list is Hong Kong Instagram influencer Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 (@myoliemyolie) with 998k followers.

Myolie Wu has built a name in the highly competitive Hong Kong entertainment industry due to her exceptional acting ability and down-to-earth personality. Like Ali Lee, she has become a household figure in Hong Kong due to her work with TVB, the country's largest television network. Myolie has been dubbed the "Queen of the Small Screen" for her many acting credits; she has also earned multiple awards and achievements with her work in the network.

Her off-screen status as a devoted mother to three children inspires many of her fans. Her Instagram posts on her family's closeness affect many of her Hong Kong followers.

Myolie Wu makes our list of the top 15 Instagram influencers in Hong Kong because of her dedication to her professional and personal life.

#8 Elva Ni 倪晨曦 (@misselvani): 830k Followers

Next, we have Elva Ni 倪晨曦 (@misselvani) with 830k followers.

Elva Ni, a top Instagram star who goes by the handle @misselvani, is among Hong Kong's social scene's elite. Success in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant launched her into a successful career as a model, actor, and public figure. Elva's cosmetologist expertise is a starting point for her interest in beauty; this skill goes well beyond showbiz, demonstrating her dedication to improving people's health and wellness.

She is committed to fitness and sustainability, as she is a certified yoga teacher and co-founder of the eco-friendly yoga school Be Earth. Given her background in the cosmetics industry, she has struck numerous partnerships with high-end companies like YSL Beauty, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, posing for all these brands through her sponsored content on Instagram.

True to the top social media influencer title, Elva is a must-follow for individuals looking for inspiration in a holistic lifestyle as a role model for health and aesthetics.

#9 Yoobin Kelly 유빈 (@kellykimkim7): 752k Followers

Yoobin Kelly 유빈 (@kellykimkim7) has 752k followers.

In the country's evolving social media landscape, Yoobin Kelly stands out with her unique blend of cultural flair and digital savviness. Kelly, originally from Korea, has flawlessly combined her cultural origins with the dynamic trends of the digital era, propelling her to the top of Hong Kong's social media figures on Instagram.

Her mastery of social media's trendy nature was vital in her rise to the top of Hong Kong's list of influencers. Yoobin can leverage social media to her advantage, from dancing alongside prominent K-pop singers like Fromis 9 to taking on the latest TikTok dance challenges and filters. Her ability to leverage the platform's algorithm has increased her success on TikTok, leading to a spillover of her large fans following her on Instagram.

Followers on Instagram are given a visual feast: fashionable ensembles, high-fashion photoshoots, and peeks into her life that reflect the appeal of a K-pop star. Yoobin's ability to create her brand effectively, promoting herself through participation in trends, has led her to become a digital superstar in Hong Kong and internationally, catching the eye of companies who've tapped her as an influencer for them.

#10 Lou Jacques 林欣 (@jlouofficial): 666k Followers

Number 10 on our list of top Instagram influencers in Hong Kong is Lou Jacques 林欣 (@jlouofficial) with 666k followers.

Lou Jacques's multicultural upbringing—she was born in France but grew up in Hong Kong—is evident in her work on social media. J Lou's content, especially her funny take on clichés, her passion for rice, and her entertaining series on "Tiger Mom" tropes, resonates with individuals familiar with an Asian upbringing. She stands out from other local content makers because of her fluency in many languages, including Cantonese, and her ability to make familiar stereotypes seem fresh and engaging.

J Lou's Instagram page is full of life and color, capturing the essence of who she is through a fun fusion of fashion, travel, and lifestyle posts. Her photos often include examples of her clothing taste, ranging from trendy streetwear to formal evening wear.

She has spoken publicly about her personal difficulties with anxiety and depression outside of her work life to raise awareness of mental health issues. By doing so, she hopes to end the discrimination people with mental illness face. Her work as a top social media influencer in Hong Kong reveals a content creator who loves her art and is committed to making a difference in the world.

#11 LIHKG 討論區 ( 601k Followers

LIHKG 討論區 ( has 601k followers.

LIHKG sticks out in the dynamic world of Hong Kong’s Instagram influencers, where personal brands and individual faces frequently dominate. This page isn't a person, celebrity, or traditional influencer; it's a digital platform comparable to the popular global forum Reddit. This discussion platform, strongly steeped in Hong Kong culture, provides open discourse, varied viewpoints, and a distinct combination of humor and wit through content like memes.

Bringing the spirit of community-driven material from its forum to the visual-centric world of Instagram, LIHKG has tapped into a new audience while keeping its fundamental attributes. The platform's success in Hong Kong is attached to its capacity to convey local views and encourage genuine interactions among those who browse it daily.

LIHKG excels in a digital world crowded with individual perspectives and brands. Although it's hard to call this page an influencer, this entry demonstrates the importance of community and shared narratives in molding Hong Kong's online dialogue.

#12 Girlfriendwestface 十萬個激嬲女友的理由 (@girlfriendwestface): 432k Followers

Girlfriendwestface 十萬個激嬲女友的理由 (@girlfriendwestface) has 432k followers.

Even though this isn't an influencer in the conventional sense, the @girlfriendwestface Instagram page gives us some insight into what gets Hong Kong's digital pulse beating.

The popularity of this page highlights recurring topics on Hong Kong's most popular Instagram accounts. As we've seen a few times on this list, social media accounts that aren't affiliated with a particular company or person center around relatable memes about themes of daily life, such as humor, relationships, and ways of life. The popular Instagram page uses screencaps of Western movie scenes and attaches scenarios and commentary that apply to local Hong Kong audiences.

This pattern shows that given the ups and downs of city life, Hong Kong audiences are drawn to content that reflects their experiences, feelings, and goals. Such relatable content offers a moment of connection and much-needed lightheartedness in a city recognized for its fast-paced lifestyle and diverse culture.

#13 Jen Balisi (@indulgenteats): 372k Followers

With 372k followers, Jen Balisi (@indulgenteats) made it to number 13 on our list of the top Hong Kong Instagram influencers.

Jen Balisi, better known as @indulgenteats on Instagram, stands out in the competitive food blogging world because of her genuine enthusiasm and positive energy for the art. Beginning her adventure in New York, this 32-year-old Filipina-American plunged headfirst into the food world, getting inspired by dining at Michelin-starred restaurants and eventually launching the now-popular food blog Indulgent Eats. Her perseverance paid off in 2017, and she made a living as a food content creator in the culinary and travel segments.

After relocating to Hong Kong, Jen continued as an internet personality and entered the culinary sector by opening a Filipino fusion restaurant, Barkada. Her impact as a social media influencer is seen by her partnerships with international companies, her cookbook of Instagram-worthy recipes, and her work with regional companies like Cookie DPT and Honbo. Her engagement strikes a chord with the audience because she draws on her Filipino heritage and travels worldwide as a source of inspiration for visual eye candy. As the icing on the cake, Jen's content is an appealing mix of nostalgia and modern culinary trends, from her confessions of pizza love to her reminiscences of mom's home-cooked meals, appealing to local and worldwide audiences.

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#14 Samantha Wong (@samishome): 209k Followers

Samantha Wong (@samishome) has 209k followers.

Popular Instagram user and Hong Kong-based content producer Samantha Wong goes under the handle @samishome, where she focuses mostly on topics related to fashion, food, and home life. She has adapted well to the development of Instagram and mobile technologies from her prior career as a prop stylist for advertising campaigns and print magazines. These days, she spends most of her time making flatlays for businesses, supplying them with an endless supply of eye-catching digital material for their social media pages.

One flips through her Instagram page, and it's easy to see her talent on display with her posts filled with explosive color and aesthetic edits. Beyond her work life, Samantha enjoys making red velvet cakes, developing layouts in Adobe InDesign, fantasizing about moving to Los Angeles, and exploring gorgeous walls for potential photo shoots for her sponsored content.

Her success demonstrates how social media can be used to reach and inspire people all around the world. With her talent and skills as a visual designer and content creator, it's no surprise that she is one of Hong Kong's top Instagram influencers.

#15 Jojoeie1702 麻甩女子祖® (@jojoeie1702): 201k Followers

Jojoeie1702 麻甩女子祖® (@jojoeie1702) has 201k followers.

@jojoeie1702 stands out in the competitive world of Hong Kong's top Instagram influencers due to her distinctive style. Her page is a rich source of illustrations that accurately reflect Hong Kong's social climate, depicting scenes and diagrams relatable to users in the country. Her commentary is spot-on, but her honesty and the way she presents her ideas have increased her popularity in Hong Kong.

Her ability to depict the lives of Hong Kong locals in each Instagram post in an easily understandable yet unique artistic manner makes her content extremely accessible to a large audience. While many others focus on personal appearance or lifestyle displays, Jojoeie1702 has carved out a niche for herself in the domain of influencers by making witty observations about the everyday affairs of the typical Hong Konger.

She is one of the top Instagram influencers in Hong Kong due to her ability to reach a large audience by documenting city life.

Find, Vet, and Collaborate with the Top Instagram Influencers in Hong Kong

The top Hong Kong Instagram influencers are digital trendsetters in a city where social media constantly evolves. With their massive followings and undeniable charisma, these digital pioneers have moved beyond mere internet celebrities to become the heart of Hong Kong's digital record. They have risen to positions of tremendous influence via their platforms, inspiring and engaging audiences with their carefully crafted stories and brands.

Their understanding of the digital ebb and flow, coupled with a strong relationship with their followers, positions them at the cutting edge of online influence. These leaders in the Hong Kong social media space are responsible for establishing new norms and forming fruitful, mutually beneficial connections with major brands. These Instagram influencers have left an indelible imprint on Hong Kong's digital age, expanding the possibilities of online communication and establishing new standards of digital quality.

That's why brands have to consider working with influencers.

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