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3D Illustration of food in an Instagram post as the title image for our blog with the top food influencers in Malaysia

The Top 10 Food Influencers in Malaysia

Sue Howe

Mar 20, 2024

Malaysia's top food influencers are stirring the pot by bringing international attention to the country's distinctive cuisine. Malaysia, with its wide variety of influencers, from amateur cooks who give classic dishes a contemporary spin to travel vloggers who record their culinary adventures to professionals who provide easy gourmet recipes, work together to make local cuisine exciting and approachable for everybody.

In addition to providing meal ideas, they also want to introduce you to Malaysia's lively food markets and tranquil cafés so that you can discover the country's culinary traditions in the comfort of your home. These influential food reviewers connect Malaysia's rich culinary history with the digital world with honest critiques, engaging content, and eye-catching images, encouraging viewers to dig into the variety and complexity of Malaysian cuisine.

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In this piece, we look into Malaysia's top 10 food influencers, praising their enthusiasm, originality, and innovation in the kitchen:

  1. #1 Faezah Binti Sufian (@adikfoods): 2.1M followers

  2. #2 Penang Foodie (@penangfoodie): 1.6M followers

  3. #3 Bosco Wong (@boscomine): 1.1M followers

  4. #4 Arianna Kitchen ( 460.1K followers

  5. #5 Masak with Passion (@masakwithpassion): 427.1K followers

  6. #6 Sfs_Kitchen (@sfs_kitchen): 312.1K followers

  7. #7 Ryan Chew (@squarepad): 68.6K followers

  8. #8 Carol Always Eats (@carol.eats): 62.3K followers

  9. #9 Racheal (@foodilifecious): 52.9K followers

  10. #10 Syengg (@syengg): 11.4K followers

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#1 Faezah Binti Sufian (@adikfoods): 2.1M followers

A vibrant Malaysian culinary influencer, Faezah Binti Sufian draws in her audience with visually appealing content and instructional video demonstrations that are simple to follow. Her videos begin with mouth-watering final dishes filmed in high definition and accompanied by captivating voiceovers that transport viewers on her culinary adventure. For recipes like nasi goreng with a cream cheese twist, savory egg and cheese flatbread, and a variety of roti and sambal dishes that highlight the richness of Malaysian cuisine, go no further than Faezah's platform, where she specializes in Malaysian-fusion comfort food.

She takes her culinary instructions to the next level by using entertaining elements like upbeat music or the frying and boiling ASMR sounds, making it more of an elevated visual experience than simply a teaching. In her detailed captions, there are explanations where she provides exact proportions and recipes so her fans may make the delicious meals she presents. Faezah Binti Sufian embodies the spirit of a Malaysian food influencer with her accessible style, culinary innovation, and genuine passion for local cuisine. She is Malaysia's top food influencer for this reason.

#2 Penang Foodie (@penangfoodie): 1.6M followers

Beyond its reputation as a top Malaysian food influencer, Penang Foodie is a full-fledged travel vlog that shows visitors and residents alike the culinary delights of Penang. A haven for Malaysians searching for picturesque beaches and delectable delicacies, this account will lead you to the top finds in the area. If you're looking for a list of everything you can eat on the island, you can find it on their website!

Penang Foodie uncovers hidden aesthetic cafes, showcases large luxurious cinemas, introduces viewers to a 76-year-old grandma's beloved tom yum stall, and highlights international cuisines, including an authentic African food stall run by a Nigerian, all while navigating the busy markets to find unique treats like Pokémon Oreos. This account is a must-follow Malaysian food guide with its carefully curated content and user-friendliness if you want to immerse yourself in Penang's culture, cuisine, and travels. Penang Foodie, a top Malaysian food influencer, turns the island's restaurants into a lively display, making it an absolute must-visit for foodies looking for the best Malaysian eats.

#3 Bosco Wong (@boscomine): 1.1M followers

Bosco Wong, whose name is often associated with the glitz and glamour of Hong Kong's showbiz scene, has established himself as Malaysia's top distinct and esteemed cuisine influencer. Despite his success as an actor, Bosco's genuine interest was always cooking, and he shared this enthusiasm with his fans on social media. Honest, down-to-earth content of Bosco pursuing his lifelong passion for cooking may be found among bits and pieces of award ceremonies, promotional material for his TV series, and images from model sessions and fashion runways. His charismatic personality and genuine interest in food have won him followers worldwide and established him as a prominent figure in the Malaysian food scene.

In Malaysia, Bosco has invested in many housing units and maintained a restaurant for almost a decade, a testament to his enduring fondness for the nation. He demonstrates his flexibility in the kitchen with easy-to-understand and simple home videos in which he shows his fans how to make various foods, including broths, in the Western way. With his existing charisma from his acting chops and natural talent in the kitchen, Bosco Wong has become one of the leading food influencers in Malaysia.

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#4 Arianna Kitchen ( 460.1K followers

A star and one of Malaysia's top food influencers, Arianna Kitchen, is a dessert lover, with her content circling her extraordinary skill in making mouth-watering sweets. Arianna Kitchen has leveraged her online fame to launch a clothing line, where she also models for her brand. From chocolate and cheese roti to puddings and cupcakes and, of course, the irresistible buko jelly, her videos are a lovely journey through culinary paradise. Although she sometimes prepares savory traditional Malaysian dishes, her natural talent is evident in the realm of desserts, where she excels at preparing irresistible sweets that charm her audience.

Her flexibility as an all-around talent has been shown via this unique combination of fashion and cuisine, reinforcing her standing as more than just a culinary influencer in Malaysia.

#5 Masak with Passion (@masakwithpassion): 427.1K followers

One of Malaysia's most famous foodie accounts, Masak with Passion, is run by Datin Isma, who has the charisma and knowledge of a celebrity chef. Her affectionate nature toward food discovery and her innate talent with a camera makes her a standout among Malaysian foodies. Cooking is an art form for Datin Isma, and she often shows herself enjoying her food while passionately explaining the textures and tastes that make it so special.

On her website, Datin Isma offers a variety of delectable foods, highlighted by her trademark colek buah, mango sauce, and the decadent kek batik, in addition to an intriguing selection of skincare items and clothing. Her platform is a complete guide to cooking, with easy-to-follow recipes and video lessons that show you how to make great meals at home. Masak with Passion is Datin Isma's way of sharing her cooking journey with her fans. It lets them into a world where food isn't just energy but a passion to be shared and enjoyed, making her even more of a top Malaysian food personality.

#6 Sfs_Kitchen (@sfs_kitchen): 312.1K followers

By emphasizing the essence of home cooking, sfs_kitchen stands out among Malaysia's top food influencers. This account is a sanctuary for novice and intermediate home chefs searching for simple-to-follow recipes that produce wholesome and delicious meals. Sfs_kitchen's approach to content development is honest and casual, which adds to its charm: Rather than depending on expensive macro lenses or complex editing processes, their Instagram account offers straightforward instructions that any amateur chef can understand and follow. Simplified yet authentic, the recipes are visually pleasing and full of the comforting warmth of home-cooked meals that the entire family would enjoy.

Sfs_kitchen caters to a specific need in the recipe community by regularly sharing meals made for their children, aged five and three, thus satisfying their ever-expanding taste buds. By highlighting family-friendly recipes, the account stresses its dedication to serving the average Malaysian food enthusiast, establishing itself as a vital resource for humble home cooks. Sfs Kitchen symbolizes the perfect version of a top Malaysian food review influencer, a go-to for parents looking for ideas for healthy, kid-friendly meals.

#7 Ryan Chew (@squarepad): 68.6K followers

The essence of a contemporary Malaysian food influencer is Ryan Chew, better known by his Instagram username, squarepad. When it comes to food photography, he has turned content creation into an art form. As a freelance photographer, he brings his eclectic portfolio—which includes images of food, restaurants, and cafe interiors—to vivid life. One of Ryan's favorite ways to spend their free time is to try different establishments.

You can instantly see Ryan's distinctive vision at work in his website portfolio and Instagram feed. His expertise is displayed in the stunning photographs, which he had expertly color-graded to his standards. From the enchanting atmosphere of cafés and customers' delight to the complex beauty of cuisine and architecture, his photos are stunning works of art. The way Ryan photographs food transforms it from something you eat into something you admire and think about.

Ryan Chew is one of Malaysia's top food influencers because of his creative flair and precise curation, constantly showing that food is more than simply something to eat: it's a visual feast.

#8 Carol Always Eats (@carol.eats): 62.3K followers

She has established herself as a leading food photographer in Malaysia. Using her reliable Sony A7C, she beautifully captures the beauty of food in all its forms, from the refined atmosphere of an afternoon tea to the casual charm of a street vendor's quick bites, from the artistic vibe of trendy cafés to the comforting love of home-cooked meals.

Instead of just documenting the dish, her meticulous planning and styling elevate each image to the level of art, as if the ingredients and food were models for a high-end photoshoot. This careful arrangement and presentation enhances the visual attractiveness of her themes, creating an irresistible impression of deliciousness in the meal. Her exceptional talent for transforming mundane meals into visually appealing treats is on display in each post, providing followers with a visual feast where every dish is seen and experienced. With her talent and food handling skills, Carol Always Eats has established herself as a top Malaysian food influencer.

#9 Racheal (@foodilifecious): 52.9K followers

As a marketing machine for food and drink firms, Foodilifecious is changing the game for Malaysian food influencers. In addition to the usual influencer fare, they provide various services like social media management, group blogger reviews, and F&B marketing and training to increase brand awareness and engagement. With more than a decade of experience, Foodilifecious has established itself as a crucial hub for promoting a community of bloggers and influencers and exchanging evaluations of Malaysia's food scene, from quiet, quaint cafes to busy and bustling hawker centres.

Foodilifecious provides a comprehensive review system throughout its online platforms, including its website and social media accounts. This system includes reviews of everything from the newest restaurants to the most must-have kitchen products. Standing out among Malaysia's top food influencers, Foodilifecious presents the finest Malaysian cuisine and helps companies and fellow influencers shine via their comprehensive promotional strategy.

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#10 Syengg (@syengg): 11.4K followers

As a smaller but significant food personality in Malaysia, she uses the newest social media trends to her advantage to give her audience fresh material. It's fun to see how her account mixes fun food trips with sweet moments with her boyfriend, showing how much they love food.

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From her explorations of local Malaysian foods to her dives into the culinary scenes of places like Korea, Syengg's enthusiasm for meals shines through in every piece of content. Not only do her "must-try" Instagram Reels talk about the top food, but they also let you see culture and excitement through her eyes. Syengg is one of the top food influencers in Malaysia to keep an eye on with her knack for establishing rapport with fans via common interests and experiences.

Conclusion On The Top Food Influencers in Malaysia

Ultimately, the top food influencers in Malaysia are now playing a crucial role in connecting the country's storied culinary heritage with the modern digital world, going beyond just serving as inspiration for Malaysian cuisine. They've been able to show the variety and richness of Malaysian food to people worldwide through their wide range of content, including everything from home-cooked meals to the newest restaurants and treasures in the country. They have improved Malaysian food culture with honest reviews, fascinating finds, and beautiful images and promote food travel in the country.

Making Malaysian cuisine more accessible and appealing to everyone - locals or foreign food enthusiasts - these influencers have created a one-of-a-kind venue that celebrates food in all its forms. Doing so has allowed them to substantially impact the Malaysian food community online, drawing attention to the amazing variety of Malaysian cuisine and inspiring others to try new things. Every dish has become a discovery and every meal an experience thanks to these top Malaysian food influencers, whose originality, enthusiasm, and influence have enhanced our feeds and expanded our love for local culinary history.

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