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Top 15 Instagram Influencers in Singapore

Sue Howe

Nov 8, 2023

The significance of influencer marketing and in particular Instagram influencers has become clear in the digitalisation of Singapore's busy online landscape, where citizens are profoundly interconnected with technology. Singapore, one of the world's most digitally connected countries, is home to passionate tech users and devoted online content consumers.

The city-state may be modest in size, but according to social media statistics in Singapore, its embrace of technology is extensive; the job of the Instagram influencer is constantly expanding in its technologically advanced environment. Their digital interactions, influenced by the lively hub's unique combination of cultures, connect powerfully with local and global audiences.

Companies are increasingly pursuing relationships with these social influencers who have large followings, recognising the influence of their widespread online engagement. In this article, we highlight Singapore's top 15 Instagram influencers, demonstrating how they’ve mastered Instagram marketing to establish a name for themselves in the influencer world. These people are redefining what it means to be a digital trendsetter in the Lion City, demonstrating that size does not restrict one's ability to impact.

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But who are the top Instagram influencers in Singapore? The below list unveils the crème de la crème of Singapore's Instagram social media influencer scene:

  1. Naomi Neo

  2. Jianhao Tan

  3. Wendy Cheng

  4. Jayley Woo

  5. Rebecca Lim

  6. Jeanette Aw

  7. Joanne Peh

  8. Taufik Batisah

  9. Tosh Rock

  10. Benjamin Kheng

  11. Ya Hui

  12. Ian Fang

  13. Kimberly Chia

  14. Joshua Tan

  15. Noah Yap

Naomi Neo

  • Instagram handle: @naomineo_
  • 875k Instagram Followers

Naomi Neo, a well-known figure in Singapore's social media landscape, began her journey in the digital sphere in early 2010 with blogs and articles about youth-related issues, addressing prevalent societal topics and sharing her perspectives and insights. Throughout her online career, she has cooperated with well-known YouTube channels such as Tosh Rock and LeendaDProductions, expanding her reach across several platforms. Naomi's first fame arose from her writing abilities, with her interactions with other popular online personalities aiding her steady rise as a popular Instagram influencer in Singapore.

Her early entry into the digital realm was well-rewarded, and she has established a career off of sponsored content via her collaborations with megabrands such as Shell, AirAsia, and McLaren. Singaporean Instagram users can see that she lives a wealthy lifestyle, as she often uploads photos of herself in her mansion or with a collection of luxury sports vehicles. Naomi entered the health, beauty, and wellness industries, founding companies Nnpower and Nnchanted as her reputation grew. Naomi expertly harnessed the power of social media by situating herself in multiple digital areas early on, establishing herself on top of Singapore's influencer ecosystem.

Jianhao Tan

As a YouTuber and devoted parent, Jianhao Tan has become well-known in Singapore's social media environment. On Instagram, he has displayed cherished memories with his daughter, Starley, through beach excursions to birthday celebrations. These candid photos illustrate their tight relationship and strike a chord with many of his fans, who see them as father-daughter relationship aspirations; this down-to-earth relatability has made him a point of interest to his many Singaporean followers.

Jianhao has learned to efficiently monetize his influence by developing partnerships with brands, collaborating with other influencers, and even launching his own digital marketing firm, in addition to his established content creation abilities. Titan Digital Media, a company dedicated to promoting and collaborating with young Singaporean influencers and content creators, was created due to his entrepreneurial spirit. On a more personal level, Jianhao's numerous followers have watched as he acquired luxury automobiles as gifts and spent quality time with his family. His ability to connect with viewers and his business acumen cements his position as one of Singapore's top Instagram influencers.

Wendy Cheng

  • Instagram handle: @xiaxue
  • 577k Instagram followers

Wendy Cheng, better known by her pseudonym Xiaxue, is a trailblazer in Singapore's influencer scene. Her Instagram feed is a vibrant depiction of her life, with posts ranging from her fashion and beauty routines to personal milestones to outspoken opinions. Recent stories highlight her relationship with the famous e-commerce site Shopee, giving online audiences a feel of her personality with her participation in their campaign jingles. Wendy, who made her name as a blogger, often infuses her captions and stories with wit and humor, providing a more in-depth look at her experiences and thoughts, making her work modern and engaging.

As mentioned, Xiaxue's rise to popularity began with her blog, where she wrote provoking pieces about her life, fashion, and local issues. This blog gained a substantial daily audience, receiving multiple accolades and opening the path for other media opportunities such as TV show hosting and column writing. Although her honesty and unique voice have sparked national controversies over the years, they have also established her as one of Singapore's most influential online superstars. Whether you agree or disagree with her, Xiaxue has undeniably impacted Singapore's social media influencer scene.

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Jayley Woo

  • Instagram handle: @jiaqiwoo
  • 487k Instagram followers

Through her Instagram feed, Jayley Woo takes her followers on a journey through her career and motherhood experiences. Jayley's life has been filled with both happiness and sadness. Her anguish was obvious after her longtime lover, actor Aloysius Pang, died in 2019. She proved her courage and capacity to rediscover joy by announcing her engagement and subsequent pregnancy on social media platforms, creating an emotional impact that captivated many across Singapore.

Jayley Woo, a well-known Singaporean actress, began her career when she and her twin sister Hayley Woo launched a blog called "Jay On The Hay." This led to her securing a debut acting job in a 2012 episode of "Jump!" where she appeared with fellow Singaporean Instagram influencer Jeanette Aw. She was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2013 Star Awards for her work in this role, and the rest was history.

Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim has been on Channels 5 and 8 due to her remarkable acting abilities. Rebecca's on-screen charisma is palpable, as seen by her roles in highly praised dramas such as "The Pupil," "C.L.I.F.," "You Can Be An Angel," and "A Jungle Survivor." Her influence, though, extends well beyond the little screen. Simply skimming through her Instagram photos reveals her passion for high-end purses, which reflects her endorsements with high-fashion brands Dior, Gucci, and Valentino.

Despite these personal milestones, Rebecca hasn't wavered in her commitment to her work. She has been nominated for many awards, including Best Leading Actress for her role in "Third Rail" at the recent Asia Contents Awards and Global OTT Awards. When compared to the fluctuating majority of notable online influencers, Rebecca Lim stands out for her persistent engagement and acting talents.

Jeanette Aw

It's fitting that another TV personality recognized in the same circle as Ms. Peh, Jeanette Aw, is ranked next on this list of Singapore's top Instagram influencers. Including one of the country's "Seven Princesses" further proves the medium's staying power. Her Instagram account has over 429,000 followers, and she has used it to promote her acting career, foray into baking, and high-profile collaborations with luxury brands like Cartier and Dior.

Once Upon A Time, her patisserie near Singapore's Jalan Basar MRT station directly results from her passion for food and cooking. She deeply respects Japanese culture, which she sees reflected in the shop's unique fusion of Western and traditional Japanese decor. Jeanette's varied career as an actress, businesswoman, and fashion icon has continued to bring her to a position of relevance in Singapore's growing digital community.

Joanne Peh

  • Instagram handle: @joannepeh
  • 369k Instagram followers

Joanne Peh, a Singaporean celebrity, has a large following with a portfolio showing flexibility as an artist. Notably, she is an ambassador for the "Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience" exhibit, where she also offers imaginative artistic activities alongside her husband and fellow actor, Qi Yuwu. Joanne's abilities extend beyond the expressive arts; she organizes workshops for youngsters at @thedimpleloft and delves into difficult and taboo topics in her enlightening podcast series, @whatdoesjoanneknow. The series' appeal across age groups in Singapore demonstrates her breadth and depth as the main reason for her widespread engagement across Singapore's digital media landscape, particularly as an Instagram influencer.

Joanne rose to stardom after commencing her entertainment career in 2002, garnering various honors and being dubbed one of Mediacorp's "Seven Princesses." The fame she achieved due to her roles in significant Singaporean television shows such as "The Little Nyonya" and "The Last Madame" is undeniable. With this experience, she's also dabbled in scriptwriting and directing. She has risen in prominence in Singapore as an influencer in more ways than one, inspiring and engaging her fans with each new venture.

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Taufik Batisah

Taufik Batisah, who won the first season of Singapore Idol in 2004, has been one of Singapore's top celebrities and Instagram influencers. Taufik's interest in the food and beverage industry is evident in his posts, where he continually promotes new menu items and updates his restaurant and business, @chixhotchicken. He also discusses his experiences with his real estate firm, @batisahrealtors, showing his talent and eye in many fields beyond his musical talents. Taufik's massive fan base appreciates that he uses the platform for more than simply business updates; he also offers personal narratives spun in a comedic way with relatable sketches with his wife.

Taufik's achievement after winning Singapore Idol was the beginning of his rise to popularity. With numerous record releases in both English and Malay, he has made significant inroads into the Malay music scenes of Malaysia and Indonesia. He had a tough road to success but made it big in the music business because of his dedication and the influence of greats like Michael Jackson. To add the icing on the cake, Taufik has dabbled in acting over the years and has been recognized with various awards, cementing his position as one of Singapore's top Instagram influencers.

Tosh Rock

  • Instagram handle: @toshrock
  • 315k Instagram followers

Tosh Zhang, better known on Instagram as @toshrock, is not just a social media icon but a star in Singapore's entertainment scene. His Instagram account, which has over 315,000 followers, combines his personal life, music career, and adventures abroad. Tosh's Instagram captions mostly reflect his jetsetting nature, as seen by posts about his experiences performing at events such as the Sundown Festival 2023 and his trips to notable locales such as New York City and Tokyo. He also collaborates with well-known companies, as seen in his roles at Rolls-Royce Singapore and Hydroflux Singapore.

Tosh Rock's rise to popularity in the entertainment industry has been a long yet rewarding ride, as he has shown his talents in many professions, including acting in blockbuster films, composing music, and engaging with fans on social media platforms. His versatility and ability to interact with a wide range of people have secured his position as one of Singapore's top Instagram influencers.

Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng, a Singaporean social media sensation, is a household name in entertainment. Benjamin's rise to one of Singapore's top Instagram influencers is attributed to his musical skills, which he first demonstrated as a member of the well-known Singaporean band The Sam Willows. Aside from his acoustic skill sets, he is also a great actor, having received praise for various roles and co-creating the famous YouTube series "The BenZi Project." He often gives fans teasers and snippets of his music and movies, including his participation in music video shoots, to promote his new materials.

His sincerity as a mental health advocate, having revealed personal experiences at TEDxYouth@Singapore, has earned him hundreds of thousands of admirers in Singapore. His real nature and performance talents have led to countless partnerships with high-end businesses, as seen by his postings on Dior's Winter23 collection and The Macallan's whiskey line. Benjamin is a renowned influencer in Singapore's online world due to his insightful captions and authentic engagement with his followers.

Ya Hui

  • Instagram handle: @yahuiyh
  • 219k Instagram followers

Ya Hui has long been regarded as a role model in Singapore's pop culture scene. Her Instagram celebrates nature and tranquillity, exhibiting her love of parks and natural settings. Nature is more than a recreational activity for her; it is a kind of awareness that keeps her grounded and connected. Her mindfulness journey has not only been a personal one, but it has also led to her involvement in the health, beauty, and wellness industries. Ya Hui's involvement with the Singapore Red Cross, as well as her partnerships with several firms in the cosmetics and supplements industries, demonstrate her dedication to holistic well-being.

Having made it to the final six on Star Search in 2007, she has since been on several other television shows, where her performances have always been well-received by the viewing public, leading to opportunities in many local box office hits. Ya Hui took a risk by leaving Mediacorp after 15 years to seek other creative chances, such as musicals and international ventures. Ya Hui is always forthright and honest, talking about the importance of adaptability while remaining true to one's roots. Her sincerity and professionalism set her apart online, making her an important figure in this list of Singapore's top Instagram influencers.

Ian Fang

Ian Fang has a sizable following on Instagram, often posting photos and updates about his life. His Instagram showcases his flexibility as an influencer with a mix of casual moments, professional photoshoots, and brand sponsorships.

Ian has had an impressive career in show business, as after 12 years of contributing to TV and movie successes at Megacorp, he decided to leave. A new hair wax branded "First Attempt" is his initial step into the commercial sector, and in an interview, Ian said that he came up with the idea for the product since he couldn't find the ideal hair wax in Singapore. Many items were sold in the first two days after the introduction, proving its success.

In conclusion, Ian Fang is an attractive Instagram presence who posts engaging content that promotes himself and his new brand. His transformation from actor to businessman is captivating, and he has become somebody of note in Singapore's Instagram influencer circle.

Kimberly Chia

Kimberly Chia is a popular Singaporean influencer with a growing Instagram presence, frequently sharing glimpses of her life, travels, and accomplishments. Her Instagram page combines chic clothing, significant family moments, and adventures, from snowboarding lessons to beach holidays. Aside from this, Kimberly constantly engages fans with the various activities she attends, such as watching costly movie premieres and enjoying musicals, to illustrate her diverse interests. Also, her fans love her posts about her son Kyzen, which show how much she loves spending time with him.

Kimberly rose to fame early on, beginning modeling at three and winning the Miniature Miss Singapore Universe pageant at ten. Her early roles in dramas from Singapore's major national media network, MediaCorp, cemented her place in the entertainment industry. She has progressed from a child artist to a diverse influencer, employing her platform to engage with her fans and collaborate with businesses, making her one of the top Singaporean Instagram influencers.

Joshua Tan

Joshua Tan, Singapore's cinematic treasure, has created ripples on Instagram and in the film business. Joshua's Instagram page is a detailed portrait of his life's story, from private moments with his wife, Zoen Tay, to glimpses of his path on the big screen.

In a recent interview, he discussed his journey into television production, in which he plans to work with global superstars like Tom Cruise. Joshua is at the helm of three successful enterprises, Hong Productions, Paperplane Productions, and Seed Music, where he works in tandem with established figures like Wang Weiliang and Kenneth Shih. He is dedicated to his work and has spoken enthusiastically about the magic of putting something together from idea to completion. His playful personality is on display in the surprise cameo of fellow actors to his amusing honeymoon stories. Joshua Tan is a versatile personality in the Singaporean Instagram scene, having worked as an actor, producer, and influencer.

Noah Yap

  • Instagram handle: @onlynoah
  • 129k Instagram followers

Noah Yap is an Instagram influencer in Singapore who has carved out a place for himself on Instagram where he smoothly integrates personal experiences with business ambitions. A quick scroll through his Instagram feed shows an extensive collection of moments, ranging from touching occasions with family, such as celebrating his grandmother's birthday, to inside peeks at his acting gigs. Noah's social media posts are generally a mix of comedy and sincerity, whether he's reminiscing about his days at Tao Nan Primary School or revealing funny snippets from his latest Singaporean flicks. His latest appearance in the sitcom "Sunny Side Up" demonstrates his acting abilities, and the hashtag #benNgerry suggests a growing on-screen relationship that fans around Singapore love.

Noah's initial growth in online fame might be linked to his star-making performance in the 2012 local film "Ah Boys to Men." He has since used his platform to communicate with his followers, partner with businesses selling their products online, and further his career in the entertainment sector as one of Singapore's top Instagram influencers.

Conclusion on the Top Instagram Influencers in Singapore

Harnessing the impact of Instagram influencers in the modern digital world can create exciting opportunities if used correctly. Finding the perfect influencer might be the difference between a lackluster campaign and one that causes a major stir in the industry. Singapore's top 15 influencers may create tremendous buzz and conversation when connected with the proper brand.

Companies should choose their influencers carefully, ensuring their beliefs and target market are aligned. In doing so, they spread their message further and create more meaningful relationships with their intended audience. The appropriate influencer collaboration might be the game-changer your company needs in the competitive social media environment.

The power of Singapore's Instagram influencers is growing as the digital world advances, as they can reach massive audiences with their genuine personalities, which is invaluable to companies. The level of involvement is more important than the sheer size of the audience. Within the digital landscape, enterprises that align with prominent influencers are not merely competitors; they emerge as industry leaders.

How To Find the Best Instagram Influencers in Singapore with Meltwater

In today's modern, evolving social media world, the top Singaporean Instagram influencers have a significant following and tremendous impact on expanding the reach of companies. These individuals represent high levels of online interaction as they have distinguished themselves via outstanding skills to produce content that reaches and engages millions. Although the digital landscape is always shifting, these influencers have adapted to today's social media requirements.

The influence of Singapore's most famous Instagram users extends far beyond the amount of followers they have. They naturally impact the global creator economy, specifically with how brands connect with their target audiences, what decisions consumers make, and why trends evolve. Despite the strong competitiveness in digital content creation, these influencers stand out as the country's top social influencers. They are true digital pioneers, demonstrating the power of social media's limitless potential.

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