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Insight Brief Report: Hello Hong Kong

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In January 2023, pandemic control measures were successively lifted in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In response, the Hong Kong government launched a major publicity campaign called "Hello Hong Kong." The campaign aims to promote tourism in Hong Kong comprehensively and boost the revitalization of the tourism industry.

The campaign is divided into four parts

  1. “Greeting Guests” Hello Hong Kong
  2. “Inviting Guests” Distinguished Guests Visit Hong Kong
  3. “Going out” to Tell Good Hong Kong Stories
  4. Numerous Business Opportunities at the “Grand Occasion”

Among them, a key promotional project is the "WORLD OF WINNERS - Flight Tickets Giveaway." It involves the distribution of 500,000 free air tickets and 1 million pieces of "Hong Kong Goodies" tourism consumption coupons. These coupons cover transportation, food and drink, scenic spots, and retail establishments. The project encompasses more than 200 large-scale art, cultural, sports, and entertainment activities, as well as exhibitions and incentive tourism (MICE) activities.

Report Content

Based on data from domestic and foreign media, Meltwater has compiled a summary of the event's coverage and media volume across different regions and channels, providing deep insights for "Hello Hong Kong”.

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