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Top Australian (Instagram) Influencers [2024]

Sarah Mitchell, Typeset

Dec 27, 2023

One of the most effective ways to gain credibility for your brand is through social media influencers.

A single endorsement from a trusted third party – someone who has influence with your target audience – can accomplish what may take you weeks or months to accomplish with traditional marketing methods.

Finding the right social media influencer for your brand isn’t as easy as it might seem. Australian influencers are achieving big things for brands who have aligned themselves with the right people.

Tip: We also have a global list of the top Instagram influencers, as well as local lists of the top Instagram influencers in Singapore, the Top Indonesian Instagram Influencers, the Top South African Instagram Influencers, the Top Instagram Influencers in Malaysia, and the best Instagram Influencers in Hong Kong for you if you'd like to broaden your influencer marketing strategy.

Let’s look at the top Aussie influencers to see examples of what can be achieved.

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How to determine top Australian influencers

We’ve pulled information from the Meltwater social influencer marketing platform to demonstrate how you can assess whether it’s the right personality for your influencer marketing. Knowing how to use an influencer marketing hub like this can help you avoid getting caught in a fake followers trap.

So how do you decide which creatives to approach? There are so many questions you can ask:

  • Is the highest paid person the way to go?
  • Do you focus on follower count?
  • Will the most followed person deliver the best return on your investment?
  • Should Instagram followers be considered more important than fans of a popular YouTube channel? 
  • Is an Australian YouTuber as effective as the international vlogger stars?
  • Does a blogger need an Instagram account to be influential?

It doesn't take long to get confused about the best strategy to take.

Our best tip is to assess these influential creators on their sponsored posts, to see who is driving ROI through brand partnerships. We’re looking at engagement rates to do that. In other words, if an Aussie influencer has been paid for a sponsored post, we want to see who is attracting the most notice and, potentially, driving the most business for their sponsors.

Tip: Consider briefing your influencer with the right timing as well to reach the biggest possible audience. These are the best times to post on Instagram in Australia.

Top 10 Australian influencers based on engagement rate for sponsored content

List of the top Australian Influencers based on engagement rate for sponsored posts

    • Engagement rate: 18.3%
    • Followers: 335.3K
    • Posts: 6
    • Top Category: Fashion
    • Brands: PayPal, Magnum Ice Cream
  2. Nalopia

    • Engagement rate: 10.65%
    • Followers: 2.8M
    • Posts: 22
    • Top Category: Xbox
    • Brands: ASUS, ASUS Australia & New Zealand
  3. aj clementine

    • Engagement rate: 8.31%
    • Followers: 2.3M
    • Posts: 3
    • Top Category: Business
    • Brands: SWAROVSKI, T2 Tea, SKAGEN
  4. leah halton

    • Engagement rate: 8.23%
    • Followers: 1.9M
    • Posts: 4
    • Top Category: Lifestyle
    • Brands: Nasty Gal, Samsung Australia
  5. L I V 

    • Engagement rate: 7.89%
    • Followers: 378.6K
    • Posts: 9
    • Top Category: Lifestyle
    • Brands: Nasty Gal, Official IG Converse Australia, Gymshark
  6. mishti rahman

    • Engagement rate: 7.54%
    • Followers: 593K
    • Posts: 8
    • Top Category: Business
    • Brands: Afterpay, Dior Beauty Lovers
  7. Chloe Ting

    • Engagement rate: 7.15%
    • Followers: 4.1M
    • Posts: 7
    • Top Category: Lifestyle
    • Brands: ALPHA-H, Sitting Pretty
  8. 𝐉 𝐀 𝐊 𝐄 𝐁 𝐅 𝐈 𝐒 𝐇 𝐄 𝐑

    • Engagement rate: 6.89%
    • Followers: 433.6K
    • Posts: 11
    • Top Category: Australian
    • Brands: Disaronno
  9. Joshua Paine

    • Engagement rate: 6.37%
    • Followers: 684K
    • Posts: 32
    • Top Category: Business
    • Brands: Universal Store, L’Oreal
  10. Harry 🧿

    • Engagement rate: 5.48%
    • Followers: 9.2M
    • Posts: 18
    • Top Category: Business
    • Brands: boohooMAN

These content creators are working across all social media channels including Instagram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Let’s look at the most popular platforms and see how the Australian IG influencers stack up.

Tip: Take a look at the top Australian TikTok influencers and check out the best Australian YouTubers.

Top 10 Australian Instagram Influencers

There’s no doubt the Australian Instagrammer can be valuable to your marketing initiative.

Looking at this same list again, we’ve ranked them exclusively for their Instagram influencer Australia credentials. This shows why it’s critical for marketing teams to do their homework. Even the most effective Aussie influencer won’t have the same pull on every social channel. You can’t rely on the size of the network or the number of posts to drive engagement rates. 

The Instagram influencers Australia list shakes out like this for engagement rate:

  1. Instagram Stats: Nalopia

    • Instagram Handle: @nalopia
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 23.28%
    • Instagram Followers: 127K
    • Instagram Posts: 85
    • Instagram Likes: 28.8K
    • Instagram Comments: 584
  2. Instagram Stats: aj clementine

    • Instagram Handle: @ajclementine
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 18.79%
    • Instagram Followers: 428K
    • Instagram Posts: 526
    • Instagram Likes: 80.1K
    • Instagram Comments: 405
  3. Instagram Stats: Joshua Paine

    • Instagram Handle: @joshuapaine
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 18.1%
    • Instagram Followers: 104K
    • Instagram Posts: 300
    • Instagram Likes: 18.9K
    • Instagram Comments: 77
  4. Instagram Stats: leah halton

    • Instagram Handle: @leahhalton
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 15.21%
    • Instagram Followers: 593K
    • Instagram Posts: 395
    • Instagram Likes: 90.1K
    • Instagram Comments: 170
  5. Instagram Stats: 𝐉 𝐀 𝐊 𝐄 𝐁 𝐅 𝐈 𝐒 𝐇 𝐄 𝐑

    • Instagram Handle: @jakebfisher
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 15.21%
    • Instagram Followers: 11.8K
    • Instagram Posts: 60
    • Instagram Likes: 920K
    • Instagram Comments: 26
  6. Instagram Stats: mishti rahman

    • Instagram Handle: @mishtimakeup
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 5.76%
    • Instagram Followers: 530K
    • Instagram Posts: 234
    • Instagram Likes: 30.5K
    • Instagram Comments: 92
  7. Instagram Stats: L I V 

    • Instagram Handle: @oliviamescia
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 3.13%
    • Instagram Followers: 271K
    • Instagram Posts: 517
    • Instagram Likes: 8.5K
    • Instagram Comments: 33
  8. Instagram Stats: Harry 🧿

    • Instagram Handle: @harryjowsey
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 3.12%
    • Instagram Followers: 4.3M
    • Instagram Posts: 460
    • Instagram Likes: 134.5K
    • Instagram Comments: 1K
  9. Instagram Stats: LEVI NEUFELD

    • Instagram Handle: @leviticus
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 2.93%
    • Instagram Followers: 124K
    • Instagram Posts: 859
    • Instagram Likes: 3.6K
    • Instagram Comments: 53
  10. Instagram Stats: Chloe Ting

    • Instagram Handle: @chloe_t
    • Instagram Engagement rate: 0.48%
    • Instagram Followers: 3.1M
    • Instagram Posts: 443
    • Instagram Likes: 14.8K
    • Instagram Comments: 141

Top 10 Australian Influencers in 2024

If you look at these two lists side by side, you can quickly begin to see influencer marketing differs from platform to platform. If an influencer drives engagement on one platform, that doesn’t mean they’ll have the same reach everywhere else. That’s why it helps to have a trusted source of information to help you determine the right social influencer strategy for each channel.

RankingTop Influencers AustraliaTop Instagram Influencers Australia
2Nalopiaaj clementine
3aj clementineJoshua Paine
4leah haltonleah halton
5L I V 𝐉 𝐀 𝐊 𝐄 𝐁 𝐅 𝐈 𝐒 𝐇 𝐄 𝐑
6mishti rahmanmishti rahman
7Chloe TingL I V 
8𝐉 𝐀 𝐊 𝐄 𝐁 𝐅 𝐈 𝐒 𝐇 𝐄 𝐑Harry 🧿
10Harry 🧿chloe ting

Top 10 Micro Influencers in Australia

For many industries, working with micro influencers provides a good return on investment. Not everyone can afford to work with celebrities like Chris Hemsworth or even Australian YouTuber stars like Troye Silvan. While the top creators have huge networks, micro influencers often have rusted-on fans that hang on their every recommendation.

According to Meltwater's The Rise of the Creator Economy: A New Opportunity for Brands in Asia Pacific, micro influencers are a lucrative alternative. Creators who have 5k-30k followers, are a good choice for two reasons. Rates for their posts are considerably lower, charging on average just $200 per Instagram post. Smaller, focused audiences make for high engagement and the best ROI.

Another advantage for a marketer who wants to stick to a tight budget is you can zero in on your local market. Behind-the-scenes posts from a Melbourne fitness influencer won't deliver the same kind of value to a Sydney gym owner as a local hero. You may not be able to engage Kayla Itsines or Calum Von Moger but you can work with the people in your community who have built loyal followings.

  1. Kuthakiana

    • Instagram Handle: @kuthakiana
    • Engagement rate: 20.55%
    • Followers: 2K
    • Posts: 29
    • Likes: 342
    • Comments: 63
    • Top Category: Fashion
  2. Tim Bowrey

    • Instagram Handle: @timbowrey26
    • Engagement rate: 14.67%
    • Followers: 13.4K
    • Posts: 1,148
    • Likes: 2K
    • Comments: 17
    • Top Category: Pilots
  3. Erin Scott

    • Instagram Handle: @erin_scott22
    • Engagement rate: 11.14%
    • Followers: 3.8K
    • Posts: 477
    • Likes: 408
    • Comments: 12
    • Top Category: Fashion

    • Instagram Handle: @hanabellabeauty
    • Engagement rate: 10.86%
    • Followers: 28.2K
    • Posts: 258
    • Likes: 356
    • Comments: 50
    • Top Category: Beauty
  5. Geethanjali

    • Instagram Handle: @touchofgs
    • Engagement rate: 10.22%
    • Followers: 4.2K
    • Posts: 269
    • Likes: 409
    • Comments: 15
    • Top Category: Lifestyle
  6. Melbourne Monochrome

    • Instagram Handle: @melbourne.monochrome
    • Engagement rate: 9.14%
    • Followers: 4.6K
    • Posts: 162
    • Likes: 411
    • Comments: 12
    • Top Category: Travel
  7. ELISE

    • Instagram Handle: @veggie_leese
    • Engagement rate: 8.92%
    • Followers: 4.7K
    • Posts: 294
    • Likes: 402
    • Comments: 20
    • Top Category: Food
  8. catzin :~~~p

    • Instagram Handle: @catherinezin
    • Engagement rate: 8.56%
    • Followers: 4.9K
    • Posts: 34
    • Likes: 409
    • Comments: 14
    • Top Category: Business
  9. Caroline Stubbs

    • Instagram Handle: @caroline_stubbs
    • Engagement rate: 6.86%
    • Followers: 6.1K
    • Posts: 528
    • Likes: 415
    • Comments: 4
    • Top Category: Business
  10. Natalie Zelez

    • Instagram Handle: @cnataliezelez
    • Engagement rate: 6.6%
    • Followers: 6.3K
    • Posts: 260
    • Likes: 374
    • Comments: 39
    • Top Category: Lifestyle

Working with content creators can supercharge your marketing and expose your company to large networks of people who discover you on social channels. Sponsoring content and social postings with people who have influence with your target audience is a good way to attract and engage consumers who might not know about you or don’t respond to industry advertising.

Developing partnerships with the right social influencers can continue to deliver returns for your marketing initiatives for years to come.

Looking for the right hashtags? Then our List of the Most Trending Hashtags in Australia will help you.

Finding Australian influencers to work with your brand

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