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Best Press Release Distribution Companies in Australia

Sarah Mitchell, Typeset

May 24, 2022

Writing a press release is only half the battle. Success with press release distribution in Australia relies on your knowledge of the media landscape. If you don’t have your own contacts, a media database for Australia is a good place to begin your research for how to get the best media coverage.

If you want to maximise your next Australian press release, your communications team can come out on top of the PR cycle by using a press release distribution service. Here’s all you need to know about finding a press release service in Australia.

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Press release distribution Australia

If don't have a PR agency, learning the basics of public relations helps you beat the competition when it comes to getting attention for your brand. Knowing the best places to distribute your release is essential.

Here’s a short list of the top Australian press release companies every marketing team should know:

Meltwater Australia

Meltwater Australia’s press release distribution service includes:

  • PR newswire integration to over 100 services for local, national and global audiences and a strong presence in Asia-Pacific
  • Pitching to Australian social media influencers
  • Hyper-targeted PR outreach
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Fixed-price packages.

Meltwater Australia Clients

Notable clients for Meltwater Australia include:

  • Qantas
  • Newscorp
  • Afterpay
  • Merivale
  • Western Sydney University
  • Diageo.

General Information about Meltwater Australia

  • Year founded: 2001
  • Offices: Sydney, NSW and Melbourne, VIC
  • Meltwater Australia website:
Meltwater won seven awards from G2. Here two badges displaying the awards for Best Marketing Products and Best Software are featured in the center of the image with text above that reads, "2022 Best Software Awards".


AAP Medianet

Medianet provides PR tools, including:

  • Profiles and contacts
  • Targeted connections
  • Ability to connect with newsrooms.

AAP Medianet Clients

Notable clients include:

  • RMIT University
  • Monash University
  • Dieticians Australia.

 General Information about AAP Medianet


NewsMaker is a self-service, digital media release website that lets you:

  • Send press releases to a database
  • Build lists
  • Manage your newsroom.

NewsMaker does not reveal the names of their clients.

General Information about NewsMaker



OzMedia operates as a media centre to send your content via:

  • Fax
  • Telephone
  • SMS
  • Press release.

OzMedia does not reveal the names of their clients

General Information about OzMedia


Get The Word Out

Get The Word Out is a small distribution service that allows you to upload a press release and send it to a small group of journalists.

Get The Word Out Clients

Notable clients:

  • We Bar None
  • Osmium Institute
  • Point Pod
  • AlphaSport.

General Information about Get The Word Out



PRWire is a PR wire service providing free distribution of your press releases. It’s part of the Influencing network.

PRWire does not reveal the names of their clients.

This image depicts a keyboard with pink keys and a pink search bar hovering above. The image is being used to describe the process a customer begins with when researching products, and this blog on How to Write SEO Optimized Content can help get your content seen by your customers during this research.

Media contacts Australia

If your marketing team doesn’t have direct connections with journalists in Australia, don’t worry. Social media has made it much easier for marketing, corporate affairs and advertising teams to develop their own distribution networks. How do you do that? Nearly every reporter in print, television, and radio is active on social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. They are always on the lookout for good stories and are especially receptive to people who know how to pitch a good story.

You can also find Australian media outlets on social media. Start making contacts by following press accounts on social platforms like Twitter. It's often easier to make digital connections with key players by finding them online. Make sure the account has a blue tick showing it’s been authenticated by Twitter and it's not being run as a digital spoof.

Looking for Australian media contacts? Check out Meltwater's media database.

List of the top verified Australian newspaper accounts

Media lists Australia

Another way to decide where you want to pitch a story is to make your own media lists. The Australian media landscape is constantly evolving, but the global pandemic put everything on fast forward. It’s important to know how to stay on top of Australia's media trends

Where do I send a media release?

Make sure your list contains journalists who cover your beat. If you’re working in the healthcare industry, find those who cover health. If you work in manufacturing, find the people writing industrial stories. The more relevant your pitch is to the person receiving it, the greater the likelihood you’ll be successful in getting your story featured (Try personalised PR). 

Keep in mind the biggest names in Australian journalism get so many pitches they can’t possibly read them all. Finding a young reporter and developing a relationship with them can return PR dividends to your marketing team for years to come.

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Media database Australia

If you want to influence the Australian media then consider meeting the media powerbrokers in person. It’s not as hard as you might imagine. Perth-based Media Stable connects brands directly to media and holds Meet the Media events around Australia. They pull on a large database of over 600 Australian journalists in print, radio, and television. By attending the event, you get to hear firsthand what stories they like and how to pitch to them.


How to get Australian media contacts

Attendees to Meet the Media have a chance to meet the senior producers, editors, chiefs of staff, presenters and writers who are the gatekeepers of their mediums in your city. You’ll leave the event with your own Australian media contacts list and new ideas for creating stories, to include in your next press release.

Meet the Media events are regularly held in the following places to help you build media contacts: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

Press release services Australia

There are a few things to consider before you choose a press release service.

What press release distribution services provide the best value?

  1. Not all press release services are the same. Some are nothing more than online portals that rely on you to make decisions about what Australian news outlets are mostly likely to distribute your news.
  2. Make sure the service you use maintains the most current Australian media contacts list. Journalists change jobs frequently and outdated contact details mean your release is dead in the water. Companies like  partner with journalists to develop online profiles. This assures they are only getting quality pitches while helping brands ensure their press releases are going to journalists who have been fully vetted. It’s a win-win situation and a great way to build your distribution network.
  3. A highly targeted list of Australian journalists is going to be more valuable than a scattergun approach. When it comes to achieving your PR goals, the narrower you can make your list, the better.
  4. Choose a company with offices in Australia. They will have local knowledge of the media landscape and will be able to offer support to ensure your news lands where you want it.


Press release distribution services Australia

Australian journalists are inundated with hundreds of press releases every day. To cut through, you’ll need a good pitch and help finding the right person to tell your story. To find the best press release distribution service in Australia, look for those companies who have a local presence and have made a commitment to both journalists and brands to produce great results.

What is the best way to distribute press releases in Australia?

Get in touch with Meltwater Australia by filling out the form below to learn more about how the Meltwater press release distribution product can get your important stories in front of the Australian journalists who want to hear them and will share them with their audiences.