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3D illustration of a TikTok logo and the Australian flag for our blog listing the top Australian TikTokers

The 20 Best Australian TikTokers

Sarah Mitchell, Typeset

Dec 9, 2022

There’s no doubt TikTok is on fire right now. Brands who align themselves with TikTok influencers can drive interest to their business and tap into an audience they may not have access to otherwise. If you're ready to branch out from Instagram, TikTok has a lot to offer marketers.

You don’t have to understand how TikTok became so successful as a social media platform. You don’t even have to produce your own TikTok videos to leverage the success of a TikTok influencer for your brand. Instead, partner with top TikTok creators and leverage their audiences to drive interest in your brand.

Essential TikTok statistics assists in building a business case for using TikTok as part of your overall strategy. It can supplement your Instagram influencer activities or stand alone as a new way to go to market.

A single endorsement from an Australian TikTok star can be all you need to supercharge your marketing efforts. But, knowing who would be a good fit for your brand isn’t always easy to figure out. Evaluating the best Australian TikTokers can show what results can be achieved when you collaborate with the right talent.

Selecting Australian TikTok Influencers

Not every business is going to benefit from working with Hannah Balanay or Rory Eliza. The Rybka Twins could be a perfect match for what you’re trying to achieve, or they could be a complete mismatch. Being able to analyse performance beyond the most popular Australian TikTok influencers is a critical step.

So how do you decide which TikTok accounts are going to be best for your brand? This list has tips to help you get started.

  • Look beyond the most-followed TikTokers in Australia. It’s important to align your brand with TikTok accounts that have skills to complement your company offering.
  • Look for TikTokers who have high levels of engagement for their videos. You’ll want to make sure they have true reach for their posts.
  • Keep in mind an Instagram influencer might not be as effective on TikTok. Even a YouTuber or vlogger can struggle. Being popular on one social media channel doesn’t automatically make you an influencer on another.
  • Take time to review the content of TikTok influencers before deciding who to work with. Videos that appeal to a Gen Z audience might not be interesting to Gen X or Baby Boomers.
  • Make sure the video content for each TikTok influencer is safe for work, to avoid embarrassment.  
  • Determine what kind of videos your audience wants to see from TikTok influencers. Australia has a lot of great talent producing comedy, fashion, how-tos, business advice, and recipes. The choices are limitless.
  • Many Aussie TikTokers have influence in other markets. This can be especially useful if you’re doing business outside of Australia – or want to expand internationally.

Our advice is to find out who is successfully driving influencer marketing ROI on TikTok through brand partnerships. Before you pay a TikTok influencer for a sponsored post, you’ll want to know who is attracting the most notice with content and, potentially, driving the most business for their sponsors.

Tip: Learn how to find the right influencers to partner with your brand, check out the best Australian YouTubers, and take a look at the top Australian (Instagram) influencers.

20 Top TikTok Influencers in Australia

This is our list of 20 Australian content creators on TikTok with the most influence:

#1 Sarah Magusara (@sarahmagusara)

@sarahmagusara Australian TikToker profile

Sarah Magusara TikTok Stats

  • 422 Following
  • 17.8 M Followers
  • 1.2 B Likes

#2 How Ridiculous (@howridiculous)

@howridiculous Australian TikToker profile

How Ridiculous TikTok Stats

  • 0 Following
  • 14.6 M Followers
  • 303.5 M Likes

#3 Mocha Pom (@mochapom)

@mochapom Australian TikToker profile

Mocha Pom TikTok Stats

  • 70 Following
  • 14.1 M Followers
  • 235.6 M Likes

#4 Joshdub (@joshdub)

@joshdub Australian TikToker profile

Joshdub TikTok Stats

  • 188 Following
  • 10.9 M Followers
  • 187.3 M Likes

#5 Adam Milardovic (@adammilardovic)

@adammilardovicc Australian TikToker profile

Adam Milardovic TikTok Stats

  • 143 Following
  • 9 M Followers
  • 234.8 M Likes

#6 Brodie Pawson (@brodiepawson)

@brodiepawson Australian TikToker profile

Brodie Pawson TikTok Stats

  • 179 Following
  • 8.4 M Followers
  • 103.5 M Likes

#7 Jordy Wilson (@outdoorkindaguy)

@outdoorkindaguy Australian TikToker profile

Jordy Wilson TikTok Stats

  • 24 Following
  • 8 M Followers
  • 107.5 M Likes

#8 Nick and Carrie (@nickandcarrie)

@nickandcarrie Australian TikToker profile

Nick and Carrie TikTok Stats

  • 94 Following
  • 7.6 M Followers
  • 283.3 M Likes

#9 TOM  (@tom)

@tom Australian TikToker profile

TOM TikTok Stats

  • 174 Following
  • 7.2 M Followers
  • 259.5 M Likes

#10 Andrew | Thicc86 (@thicc86)

@thicc86 Australian TikToker profile

Andrew | Thicc86 TikTok Stats

  • 9 Following
  • 6.2 M Followers
  • 78 M Likes

#11 The Chainz Family (@thechainzfamily)

@thechainzfamily Australian TikToker profile

The Chainz Family TikTok Stats

  • 2984 Following
  • 5.9 M Followers
  • 100.1 M Likes

#12 Matt Wright (@mattwrightau)

@mattwrightau Australian TikToker profile

Matt Wright TikTok Stats

  • 57 Following
  • 5.5 M Followers
  • 55.5 M Likes

#13 fash (@fash)

@fash Australian TikToker profile

fash TikTok Stats

  • 323 Following
  • 5.5 M Followers
  • 212.4 M Likes

#14 Samuel Weidenhofer (@itssozer)

@itssozer Australian TikToker profile

Samuel Weidenhofer TikTok Stats

  • 542 Following
  • 5.4 M Followers
  • 111.3 M Likes

#15 Harry Jowsey (@harryjowsey)

@harryjowsey Australian TikToker profile

Harry Jowsey TikTok Stats

  • 550 Following
  • 4.8 M Followers
  • 189.3 M Likes

#16 HowToBasic (@howtobasic)

@howtobasic Australian TikToker profile

HowToBasic TikTok Stats

  • 4 Following
  • 4.7 M Followers
  • 46.1 M Likes

#17 Lyanna Kea (@lyanna_kea)

@lyanna_kea Australian TikToker profile

Lyanna Kea TikTok Stats

  • 268 Following
  • 4.8 M Followers
  • 112.3 M Likes

#18 Robert Irwin (@robertirwin)

@robertirwin Australian TikToker profile

Robert Irwin TikTok Stats

  • 0 Following
  • 4.6 M Followers
  • 30.7 M Likes

#19 Andy The Sk (@andythesk)

@andythesk Australian TikToker profile

Andy The Sk TikTok Stats

  • 217 Following
  • 4.6 M Followers
  • 97.9 M Likes

#20 Sasha Morpeth (@sashamorpeth)

@sashamorpeth Australian TikToker profile

Sasha Morpeth TikTok Stats

  • 449 Following
  • 3.9 M Followers
  • 200.5 M Likes