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The Top 25 Facebook Influencers Worldwide

TJ Kiely

Jun 7, 2023

With nearly 3 billion monthly active users around the world, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform. It’s also the place with the most active online audience, with users spending an average of 20 hours per month scrolling, sharing, and posting content. Its size alone makes it a worthwhile place for influencers, and there are plenty of Facebook influencers ready to partner with brands.

But where to start?

We’ve taken one of those first steps for you by rounding up some of the top Facebook influencers in the world. Use these influencers as starting points for your influencer marketing strategy, whether you want to collaborate with top performers or just get inspired by their posts.

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Table of Contents

How We Find the Top Facebook Influencers in the World

Sifting through billions of users to find Facebook influencers isn’t feasible. That’s why Meltwater social influencers takes a data-driven approach to surfacing popular influencers.

We rank influencers based on audience size, engagement rates, reach, niche, past sponsored partnerships, and more. You can filter your search options based on criteria that matter to you, then get a list of relevant influencers who can help you make an impact.

Some questions you might ask to find the best Facebook influencers include:

  • Does the influencer create eye-catching, scroll-stopping content?
  • Do I need a celebrity, or should I work with micro-influencers?
  • What hashtag does the influencer use most?
  • Is the Facebook influencer also active on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or YouTube?
  • Is follower count the most important consideration?
  • Does the influencer have experience in creating campaign content?
  • Is the content relatable?
  • What types of content does the influencer produce (e.g., vlogs, blogs, Facebook Live videos)?

More questions, more complications. The Meltwater influencer marketing suite assesses influencers based on sponsored content, allowing you to get an apples-to-apples comparison to steer your own campaign.

Top 10 Facebook Influencers Overall

Potential influencers number in the millions. To narrow your search, we’ve used our Meltwater data to find the top 10 Facebook influencers based on recognition and activity.

Taylor Swift

  • 36.8K likes per Facebook post
  • 2.9K Facebook comments
  • 0.05% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Taylor Swift influencer social stats as a Facebook influencer

Even when she’s not on world tours or releasing new albums, Taylor Swift’s devoted followers hang on her every word.

In fact, their intense loyalty has earned them a name: Swifties.

On social media, Taylor’s audience tops 447.7 million fans and earns an influencer score of 100 in our book.

Kapil Sharma

  • 126.9K likes per Facebook post
  • 3.1K Facebook comments
  • 0.39% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Kapil Sharma influencer statistics as a facebook influencer

A top-rated influencer in India, Kapil Sharma has garnered nearly 100 million followers across his social media channels.

His content reaches an average of 21.4 million people per post and generates nearly 127,000 likes on Facebook.

James Rodriguez

  • 234K likes per Facebook post
  • 3.9K Facebook comments
  • 0.66% average engagement rate per Facebook post
James Rodriguez influencer statistics.

Colombia sports star James Rodriguez posts content on Facebook to his 112 million fans.

Focused mostly on athletic and soccer-related content, Rodriguez earns an average of 234K likes per post on Facebook.

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Justin Bieber

  • 113.5K likes per Facebook post
  • 4.4K Facebook comments
  • .13% average engagement rate per post
Justin Bieber facebook influencer post.


A name known around the world, Canadian pop star and model Justin Bieber maintains an active social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.

With audiences mostly in the United States and Brazil, the music icon caters to a mostly female audience and receives an average of 4,400 comments on each Facebook post.


  • 36.4K likes per Facebook post
  • 1.2K Facebook comments
  • 0.04% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Badgalriri facebook influencer post.


Better known as Rihanna, “badgalriri” is a social media juggernaut. Her audience tops 370 million across all channels, reaching an average of 184 million people per post. She talks about her music career and important causes to her mostly female audience.

Salman Khan

  • 79.7K likes per Facebook post
  • 3.9K Facebook comments
  • 0.16% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Salman Khan facebook influencer post.


Indian technology influencer Salman Khan is a recognizable name in India and Pakistan. With a mostly male audience, he earns an impressive 79.5K likes per post and reaches 59.2 million people on social media.


  • 61.5K likes per Facebook post
  • 2.3K Facebook comments
  • 0.07% average engagement rate per Facebook post
NJ influencer statistics

Brazilian athlete and content creator Neymar Jr (known simply as NJ) has captured the attention of more than 361.6 million followers with his video game content. His active presence on Facebook and Instagram has made him a favorite social media influencer, reaching more than 59.1 million people per post.

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Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston facebook influencer post.


Since her days on the set of Friends, Jennifer Aniston has been one of Hollywood’s most beloved style icons, making her an easy choice for influencer marketing. She’s among the top beauty influencers on Facebook, thanks in part to having more than 16 million followers on the channel (and another 42.2 million Instagrammers). 


  • 1.5K likes per Facebook post
  • 193K Facebook comments
  • 0.02% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Pewdiepie Facebook influencer post.

One of the OG’s of influencer marketing, Swedish content creator Pewdiepie rose to fame with his first-person gaming videos. In addition to his YouTube channel, Pewdiepie has attracted more than 9 million followers to his Facebook page. He’s also collected a number of brand deals, including an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming, G Fuel energy drink, and Clutch Chairz.

Nikkie Millares

Nikkie Millares Facebook influencer post.


Nikkie Millares is the epitome of influencer marketing, thanks to multiple brand deals that she promotes via creative content. The well-known actress has more than 97K Instagram followers and 764K followers on Facebook.

Top Facebook Influencers Based on Engagement and Reach

Audience size isn’t always the top consideration when choosing influencers. A high engagement rate or widespread reach gives your content a better chance to perform. Check out these top Facebook influencers based on Meltwater data on engagement and rate.

Cristiano Ronaldo

  • 415.7K likes per Facebook post
  • 11.1K Facebook comments
  • 0.26% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook influencer post.


Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo has amassed more than 853.1 million followers on social media, reaching nearly 128 million fans per post. The average Facebook post earns more than 416K likes (and more than 11.4 million likes on her Instagram account). 

Leo Messi

  • 152.2K likes per Facebook post
  • 6.6K Facebook comments
  • 0.14% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Leo Messi Facebook influencer post.


Arguably Spain’s greatest soccer player who ever lived, Leo Messi posts lifestyle and sports-related content to share with his 556.8 million followers. Engagement is high on Facebook and Instagram, earning 152.3K likes and 14.1 million likes, respectively.

Virat Kohli

  • 170.8K likes per Facebook post
  • 3.3K Facebook comments
  • 0.34% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Virat Kohli Facebook influencer post.

Indian cricket player Virat Kohli is considered one of the best players of modern times. He has the social media presence to support his claim to fame, with an audience of 344 million followers and reaching nearly 50 million people per post.

Kajal A Kitchlu

  • 111.5K likes per Facebook post
  • 2.5K Facebook comments
  • 0.5% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Kajal A Kitchlu Facebook influencer post.


Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal Kitchlu shares a variety of content with her 22 million Facebook fans. One of the top beauty influencers in India, Kajal is also the founder of new kid-care products company Kare & Karess.

Mohamed Salah

  • 106.3K likes per Facebook post
  • 4.9K Facebook comments
  • 0.67% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Mohamed Salah Facebook influencer post.


Egyptian soccer player Mohamed Salah has a highly engaged audience on Facebook. With social media posts reaching over 22 million people, the star athlete is a prime choice for athletic brand partnerships.

Narendra Modi

  • 78.3K likes per Facebook post
  • 7.2K Facebook comments
  • 0.18% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Narendra Modi Facebook influencer.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi relies on social media to stay connected to his constituents. He reaches an average of 109.7 million people per post and has earned an influencer score of 99 out of 100 in our database.

Real Madrid C.F.

  • 56.6K likes per Facebook post
  • 2.1K Facebook comments
  • 0.05% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Real Madrid C.F. Facebook brand influencer post.


Facebook influencers aren’t just people; they can also be brands or organizations. Take Real Madrid C.F., for example. Audiences in Spain and the United States follow this sports team on Facebook for the latest insights into the players and the sport. The account has earned nearly 330 million followers with an average reach of 48 million people.

Fast Saga

  • 64.8K likes per Facebook post
  • 1.7K Facebook comments
  • 0.12% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Fast Saga Facebook influencer post.


The Fast and Furious franchise is another prime example of brand influencers. With over 63 million followers, Fast Saga sees an average of 68.2K likes per post on Facebook.

Barack Obama

  • 75.5K likes per Facebook post
  • 4.9K Facebook comments
  • 0.14% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Barack Obama Facebook influencer post.


America’s 44th president, Barack Obama continues to inspire others with his words, his heart, and his actions. He has a sizable social media following totaling 224.8 million, with Facebook posts getting nearly 5,000 comments on average.


  • 53.1K likes per Facebook post
  • 1.4K Facebook comments
  • 0.04% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Shakira Facebook influencer post.


One of the most successful Latin American recording artists, Shakira brings the heat on social media to more than 262.4 million fans. With a mostly female audience, Shakira has partnered with brands like Pandora, Activia, and others.

Robert Downey Jr.

  • 91.5K likes per Facebook post
  • 2.6K Facebook comments
  • 0.23% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Robert Downey Jr. Social media influencer stats.

Hollywood bad boy Robert Downey Jr. shares a different side of himself on social media. With 40 million followers on Facebook alone, the actor shares everything from tech to movies to events and more.

Bruno Mars

  • 37.5K likes per Facebook post
  • 1.4K Facebook comments
  • 0.07% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Bruno Mars Facebook influencer post.


With 130 million social media followers, Bruno Mars is well known for his soul-filled music. His posts typically reach 41.7 million people and earn more than 37K likes on Facebook.

Miranda Cosgrove

  • 94.2K likes per Facebook post
  • 4.8K Facebook comments
  • 0.71% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Miranda Cosgrove Facebook influencer post.

Actress Miranda Cosgrove rose to fame as a child actor and continues to maintain an active social media presence. With an audience topping 30.9 million followers, her Facebook posts receive an average of 94.2K likes.

Top Facebook Micro-Influencers

Facebook influencers with celebrity statuses tend to command higher prices for influencer marketing campaigns. That’s one reason why more brands are turning to micro-influencers and macro-influencers who have smaller followings. Things like retweets, Facebook ads, and general influencer content don’t have to come at a premium.

Check out some of the top micro-influencers on Facebook to give your brand awareness a niche effect.

Chiara Ferragni

  • 188 likes per Facebook post
  • 7 Facebook comments
  • 0.02% average engagement rate per Facebook post
Chiara Ferragni Facebook influencer post.


Italian blogger and businesswoman Chiara Ferragni has collaborated with multiple fashion and beauty brands. She currently has more than 52K followers on Facebook.

Murad Osmann

Murad Osmann Facebook influencer post.


Founder of Hype Production, Russia-based influencer Murad Osmann has been named one of the top travel influencers. With more than 42K followers on Facebook, Murad is most widely known for his “Follow Me to…” photography series.

How to Find Facebook Influencers with Meltwater

The top Facebook influencers profiled here are just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook is global, and if your target audience is too, you’ll want to tap into influencers your entire customer base will recognize. This means venturing beyond your own knowledge of who’s popular so you can connect with audiences on their local levels.

At Meltwater, we amplify your digital marketing team with data-driven influencer insights. We handle your entire influencer marketing campaign, step by step, starting with finding the right influencers for your purposes. 

Target influencers on specific platforms like LinkedIn or by specific features like Facebook Groups. Narrow down your search by keyword, demographic, or other criteria. Reach out to each creator to introduce yourself, then take your collabs forward. All the while, our social listening tools will monitor conversations to see how people are reacting to your influencer content.

Fill out the form below and get a free demo of our Meltwater Suite today!