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Top 11 Finnish Influencers on Instagram & YouTube: Find Influencers in Finland

Noora Suni

Mar 22, 2024

Finland, a nation known for its innovation and embracing of technology, has seen a surge of influencers who have carved out their unique niches and amassed dedicated followings. From fashion and lifestyle to gaming and entertainment, these Finnish influencers have become cultural icons, inspiring and connecting with people across the country and beyond.

However, discovering relevant social media influencers in Finland might be difficult due to the sheer number of them! How do you locate Finnish influencers who represent your brand?

In this article, we explore the top 11 Finnish influencers, delving into their remarkable journeys, their impact, and what sets them apart in the crowded influencer marketing space:

  1. Jare Henrik Tiihonen


  3. Lakko

  4. Veronica Verho

  5. Maiju Voutilainen


  7. Jooel Vatanen

  8. Pinja Sanaksenaho

  9. Herbalisti

  10. Roni Back

  11. SANNI

We used our Meltwater Influencer Marketing Suite to compile the following list of top influencers in Finland.

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Jare Henrik Tiihonen

Screenshot of jaretiihonen's Instagram profile
  • IG Handle: @jaretiihonen
  • True Reach: 650,199
  • Influence score: 98/100
  • Engagement: 36.6K/Post

Cheek, whose real name is Jare Henrik Tiihonen, was one of the most successful and influential Finnish rappers of the 2000s and 2010s. Born in 1981 in Helsinki, he rose to fame with his debut album "Avanto" in 2005, which went triple platinum in Finland. Cheek's music combined hip-hop with elements of pop and rock, and his lyrics often touched on personal themes and social issues.

Throughout his career, he released seven studio albums, with several of them reaching multi-platinum status in Finland. Cheek was also known for his energetic live performances and his unique sense of style. In 2019, he announced his retirement from music, marking the end of an era for Finnish hip-hop.


  • IG Handle: @mmiisas
  • True Reach: 164,394
  • Influence score: 96/100
  • Engagement: 15.1K/Post

Miisa Grekov, who goes by the online moniker Mmiisas, has carved out a prominent space for herself in Finland's influencer landscape. With a massive following across various social media platforms, including over 300,000 followers on Instagram alone, Mmiisas has become a household name in the country. Her content primarily revolves around fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, showcasing her style and providing tips and inspiration to her audience.

Beyond just sharing visually appealing content, Mmiisas has also been vocal about body positivity and self-acceptance, using her platform to promote a healthier dialogue around these issues. Her authenticity and relatability have endeared her to fans, making her a sought-after partner for brands looking to tap into the influential world of content creation.

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  • IG Handle: @officiallakko
  • True Reach: 136,618
  • Influence score: 96/100
  • Engagement: 12.7K/Post

Lakko, whose real name is Joona Laine, is one of Finland's biggest YouTube stars, known for his gaming videos and comedic commentary. With a channel description that simply reads "Öööh... kanavan kuvaus... Mä en osaa kuvailla tätä kanavaa, joten katoppa läjä mun videoita. Selviää, minkälainen kanava on kyseessä." (translated: "Uh... channel description... I can't describe this channel, so just watch a bunch of my videos. You'll figure out what kind of channel it is."), Lakko lets his content speak for itself.

His humorous and laid-back approach to gaming, coupled with his relatable personality, has won him a dedicated following of over 1.3 million subscribers. Lakko's videos cover a wide range of popular games, from Minecraft to Among Us, and his ability to find humor in even the most mundane gaming moments has made him a hit with viewers of all ages.

Veronica Verho

Finnish influencer Veronica Verho is a well-known media personality in Finland, having made her mark across various platforms. She first gained recognition as the host of her TV program, "The Verho Show in the evening," which aired on NRJ. Verho's charismatic and engaging presence on screen quickly won her a dedicated following. In addition to her television work, she has also been a successful radio presenter, lending her voice to popular shows.

However, Verho's influence extends beyond traditional media, as she has also carved out a space for herself in the world of online content creation through her video blogging efforts. Her ability to connect with audiences and deliver entertaining and relatable content has earned her numerous awards and accolades, cementing her status as one of Finland's most versatile and accomplished media personalities.

Maiju Voutilainen

  • IG Handle: @maijuvouti
  • True Reach: 37,332
  • Influence score: 94/100
  • Engagement: 3.3K/Post

Maiju Voutilainen is a popular Finnish YouTuber who has amassed a significant following on her self-titled channel. Known for her engaging personality and relatable content, Voutilainen's videos cover a wide range of topics, from lifestyle and fashion to comedy sketches and personal stories. What sets her apart is her ability to connect with her audience on a genuine level, often tackling subjects that resonate with young viewers.

Voutilainen's content is characterized by a refreshing honesty and a willingness to be vulnerable, which has endeared her to fans who appreciate her authenticity. Beyond her YouTube presence, she has also leveraged her influence to collaborate with various brands and organizations, using her platform to raise awareness about issues she is passionate about. With her growing popularity, Voutilainen has solidified her position as one of Finland's most prominent and influential online creators.


  • IG Handle: @sundbergmikael
  • True Reach: 441,071
  • Influence score: 94/100
  • Engagement: 16.6K/Post

MIKIROTTA is a YouTube star from Finland famous for his self-titled channel. With a massive following, MIKIROTTA has captivated audiences with his personal vlogs, challenges, and travel videos. His content offers a candid glimpse into his life, with a mix of humorous anecdotes and thought-provoking testimonials.

MIKIROTTA's reliability and authenticity have been key factors in his success, resonating with viewers who appreciate his down-to-earth approach.

Born and raised in Espoo, Finland, he launched his YouTube channel in April 2012, and over the years, he has documented his journey, taking his subscribers along for the ride. Whether he's attempting quirky challenges or exploring new destinations, MIKIROTTA's charismatic personality and engaging storytelling style have cemented his status as one of Finland's most influential and beloved YouTube creators.

Jooel Vatanen

  • IG Handle: @ptvatanen
  • True Reach: 271,597
  • Influence score: 92/100
  • Engagement: 20.9K/Post

Jooel Vatanen is a Finnish influencer, fitness entrepreneur and coach who has made a name for himself in the world of strength training and muscle building. As the founder of @ptvgym, a popular gym and training facility, Vatanen has built a community of dedicated fitness enthusiasts who are committed to pushing their limits and achieving their physical goals.

In addition to his role as a gym owner, Vatanen is also a highly respected coach at @ptvmuscle, where he shares his expertise and passion for muscle development. With a deep understanding of exercise science and a keen eye for proper form and technique, Vatanen has helped countless individuals transform their bodies and cultivate a healthier lifestyle. His no-nonsense approach and unwavering dedication to his craft have earned him a loyal following, as well as recognition within the Finnish fitness industry as a true authority in his field.

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Pinja Sanaksenaho

  • IG Handle: @pinkkupinsku
  • True Reach: 240,674
  • Influence score: 95/100
  • Engagement: 17.9K/Post

Pinja Sanaksenaho is a multi-talented Finnish influencer and content creator who has made her mark across various platforms. With a massive following on Instagram and YouTube, she shares relatable insights into her life, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice, captivating audiences with her bubbly personality and keen eye for trends. However, Sanaksenaho's talents extend beyond just visual content creation. She is also the host of the popular podcast @kaheliofficial, where she engages in candid conversations and explores intriguing topics with her guests.

Her ability to seamlessly transition between different mediums has solidified her status as a versatile influencer. Beyond her online endeavors, Sanaksenaho has leveraged her influence to collaborate with various brands, lending her authentic voice and creative vision to marketing campaigns. With her ever-growing fanbase and diverse content offerings, she continues to cement her position as a prominent figure in Finland's digital landscape.


  • IG Handle: @herbalisti
  • True Reach: 269,234
  • Influence score: 94/100
  • Engagement: 29.1K/Post

Juuso Henri Karikuusi is a Finnish multi-hyphenate who has built a formidable presence across various media platforms. As the Chief Executive Officer of Herbalisti and a renowned Finnish YouTuber, social media influencer, and media personality, Karikuusi has amassed an impressive following, with over 425,000 subscribers on YouTube and 273,000 followers on Instagram.

His journey in content creation began in 2013 when he launched his current YouTube channel, "Herbalisti," and since then, he has consistently produced engaging videos every week. Karikuusi's talents extend beyond the digital realm, as he has also made a name for himself in television. In 2016, he co-hosted the popular live talk show "Lakon & Herban Boksi" with his colleague Lakko, further solidifying his status as a versatile entertainer.

Roni Back

  • IG Handle: @ronibackyt
  • True Reach: 405,653
  • Influence score: 95/100
  • Engagement: 36.9K/Post

Roni Johan Kristoffer Bäck is a multi-talented Finnish entertainer and entrepreneur. Born on October 23, 1993, in Orimattila, Bäck initially pursued a career as a trumpet player, even earning a bachelor's degree in economics. However, his true passion lies in content creation and media. In 2012, he launched his YouTube channel "RoniTheGamer," which he later rebranded to "Roni Back" in 2016.

Through his company BackMedia Oy, of which he is the CEO, Bäck has built a formidable online presence, amassing over 663,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel as of February 2024. Beyond his digital endeavors, Bäck has diversified his portfolio, appearing on reality shows like "Fort Boyard Suomi" and "Big Brother Vip," and even hosting the program "Hauskat kotivideot by Roni Back." With a published book titled "Matkani somen huipuille," Bäck offers insights into his journey as a content creator, solidifying his status as a multifaceted talent in the Finnish entertainment industry.


  • IG Handle: @sannivirallinen
  • True Reach: 164,206
  • Influence score: 95/100
  • Engagement: 12.8K/Post

Sanni Mari Elina Kurkisuo, known as Sanni, is a multi-talented Finnish artist who has left her mark across various creative fields. From a young age, she showcased her talents, winning the Napero-Finlandia prize for a writing competition in 2001 and later graduating from the prestigious Sibelius-lukio Arts School in 2012. That same year, she made her acting debut in the Finnish film "Miss Farkku-Suomi."

Music, however, has been her true passion, which she has pursued since the age of 13, being part of several bands and even collaborating with artist Aste on the single "Pumppaa." In 2013, Sanni released her debut solo album "Sotke mut," which peaked at number three on the Finnish charts. Her subsequent albums, including "Lelu" in 2015 and her self-titled effort "SANNI" in 2016, further cemented her status as a rising star in the Finnish music scene. Additionally, her participation in the fourth season of the reality show "Vain elämää" showcased her versatility as a performer.

How to Work with the Top Influencers in Finland

The influencer landscape in Finland is dynamic and ever-changing, with new voices and perspectives emerging every day. The individuals featured in this list represent just a glimpse into the vibrant and diverse community of influencers in the country. What sets these top 11 influencers apart is their authenticity, creativity, and ability to connect with their audiences on a genuine level.

As the digital world continues to evolve, these Finnish influencers will undoubtedly continue to shape trends, inspire change, and leave an indelible mark on the cultural fabric of Finland and beyond. Their influence transcends mere online presence, as they have become cultural icons, shaping the way we think, consume, and engage with the world around us.

If you want to locate relevant Finnish influencers for your brand, you can either search manually on Instagram using keywords, hashtags, and similar accounts - or utilize influencer marketing platforms, which will help you identify relevant influencers in just a few minutes.

If you go with the second option, we highly recommend Meltwater's influencer marketing suite. It enables marketing and communications teams to negotiate the intricacies of today's content landscape. Our suite provides powerful features for managing influencer campaigns, as well as comprehensive research and reporting capabilities to help you assess the efficacy of your influencer marketing strategy and make any adjustments: