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10 Best Brand Tracking Software & Tools

TJ Kiely

Oct 16, 2023

Measuring the success of your branding efforts can feel like a guessing game. That's why brand tracking and brand monitoring are so important. More and more companies are implementing brand tracking software, also known as brand monitoring tools, that trades guesses and hunches for trusted data and insights.

Brand tracking software gives you concrete insights into how your brand is performing. Compare your brand to competitors as well as your own brand, past and present. These powerful tools track customer perceptions, monitor sentiments, and analyze the impact of your marketing campaigns all in one place. You can then connect these insights to other details like revenue and profits to create a full picture of your brand’s health.

Here are the best brand tracking software and tools you can use to take control of your branding strategy and unlock valuable insights that will drive growth and success:

Brand Tracking Software G2 Rating Features Pricing
Meltwater Radarly ★★★★☆
4 Stars
  • AI-powered data
  • Combines data with context to give actionable insights
  • Connects the dots between complex conversations
Custom pricing
Ahrefs ★★★★☆
4.5 Stars
  • Easy to use
  • SERP analyzer
  • Competitive website analysis
Plans start at $99 per month
Awario ★★★★☆
4.0 Stars
  • Multi-language support
  • Daily or weekly email summaries
  • Lead generation features
Plans start at $29 per month
Free trial available
Attest ★★★★☆
4.5 Stars
  • Audience of 125 Million consumers
  • Direct feedback from audience
  • Expert survey assistance
Plans start at $0.50 per response
First survey is free
Brandwatch ★★★★☆
4.4 Stars
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Share of voice benchmarks
Custom Pricing
SEMrush ★★★★☆
4.5 Stars
Plans start at $129.95 per month
Google Trends ★★★★☆
4.5 Stars
  • Popular trends and search terms
  • Geographical insights
  • View trends over time
YouGov ★★★★☆
4.7 Stars
  • 24 Million community members
  • Survey-based feedback
  • Daily brand performance tracking
Varies based on service
Qualtrics ★★★★☆
4.4 Stars
  • Comprehensive customer experience management
  • Combines customer and employee data
  • Visual brand signals
Custom Pricing
Quantilope ★★★★☆
4.3 Stars
  • Insights about non-buyers
  • Measures mental ability and related brand health metrics
  • Easy, automated reporting
Custom Pricing

You can jump into each of the tools mentioned above:

  1. Meltwater Radarly

  2. Ahrefs

  3. Awario

  4. Attest

  5. Brandwatch 

  6. SEMrush

  7. Google Trends

  8. YouGov

  9. Qualtrics

  10. Quantilope

Meltwater Radarly

Meltwater Radarky Brand Tracking Tool Dashboard

Radarly is Meltwater’s consumer intelligence engine that takes social listening to new heights. This AI-powered consumer insights platform puts social media data centerstage to uncover what people are saying about topics, keywords, and brands that interest you. It combines traditional consumer insights and market research methodologies with advanced AI technologies to connect the dots between conversations that are otherwise too complex or time-consuming for human evaluators.

Going beyond traditional social listening and monitoring, transforms brand mentions and engagements into actionable insights. It also analyzes what people are saying to reveal how they’re saying it. Tone is hard to decipher online, which is why context plays a major role. Radarly promotes “listening without limits” to ensure a full understanding of what’s being said, who’s saying it, where they’re saying it, and the impact it has on your brand’s image.

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A powerhouse in the SEO space, Ahrefs has also shown value in helping brands track their awareness and overall health. That’s because your search rankings shine a light on how well-known you are; who’s searching for you; and how you’re growing, maintaining, or losing your edge over time.

Ahrefs Dashboard

Ahrefs also makes it easy to perform a competitor analysis. The intuitive dashboard offers insights at a glance so you can see when and how your rankings are changing. You can track competitors alongside your own brand for easy comparison.

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Awario brand tracking software

Social listening software Awario monitors social channels for mentions of your chosen keywords, even in different languages. This brand tracking software provides real-time updates and also sends a summarized daily or weekly digest to your inbox. The software ranks conversations and mentions based on perceived importance, such as the number of people involved or how far the conversation has reached. Users can set up negative keywords to ensure they’re only getting the most relevant brand insights.

Awario also acts as a lead-generation tool by combing through sales-related social media posts. Learn who has something negative to say about your competitors so you can position your brand in front of them at critical times.

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Unlike other brand tracking tools that monitor performance in the background, Attest goes straight to the source — your target audience. Here you can create surveys that are designed to measure brand health. Users can tap into Attest’s pre-built audience of more than 125 million users across 58 different markets.

These surveys are quick and easy to make and will help you hear more about what people need and want from the brands they trust. They also have in-house experts on hand to help brands create their surveys for maximum impact.


Brandwatch brand tracking software customer satisfaction section

Brandwatch combines the power of social media monitoring and social listening with brand tracking to give more context to its findings. Using public social media data, Brandwatch surfaces customer perception and sentiments related to your brand or a competitor. You’ll be the first to know when people are talking about your company, and you can track these mentions over time to see where you’re making an impact.

Just like the Meltwater suite, Brandwatch takes social media monitoring a step further by identifying trends, influencers, and other opportunities for you to grow brand awareness. Even when your brand isn’t mentioned directly, you can still find ways to join conversations, spark new ideas, and strengthen your business. Tracking these trends allows you to align your brand voice and messaging with what your customers want and expect.

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SEMrush brand tracking tool dashboard: SERP volatility graph

Another big name in SEO, SEMrush can also be useful as a brand tracking software. The platform has a dedicated dashboard for brand tracking, which reveals insights into backlinks and mentions. You can track daily changes in your search rankings and keywords as well as your rivals’ online mentions and social media presence.

SEMrush adds an extra piece to the brand tracking puzzle with its Sensor feature. Given that search algorithms are constantly updated (or so it seems), these changes can have an impact on your brand’s health, even if your customers haven’t changed their minds about you. By adding the search volatility piece to the process, brands can gain a better idea of how they’re performing in the market.

Google Trends brand tracking tool

For basic insights about your brand’s health, Google Trends is one of the few free brand tracking tools that can do the job well. Learn more about the keywords and companies users are searching for, then take it one layer deeper to learn why those topics are trending. You can filter results by time period, region, country, and other options to hone your search. Most importantly, you can track your brand keywords, industry, or topics related to your products or services — the options are nearly endless.

This tool provides a great jumping-off point to steer your next steps. There’s also a wealth of learning resources here to help you go beyond the basics and extract more meaningful data from Google Trends.


Tracking your brand’s health isn’t just about monitoring mentions. For new companies or those that don’t have a strong social presence, tools like YouGov can help you elicit opinions that people might not be sharing just yet. YouGov is a popular search engine for public opinions. The platform is packed with brand tracking features, such as its BrandIndex, which monitors more than 16 brand health metrics.

This community of 24 million people is sharing their voices in ways you won’t always find on social media. Brands can send surveys to this highly engaged network and receive direct feedback about their company, industry, products, or services. Use their opinions to shape your brand and messaging so you’re always connecting with the right people in the right way.


Qualtrics brand tracking software

Brand tracking companies like Qualtrics provide comprehensive insights into every angle of a brand. Customer experience management platform, Qualtrics, reveals insights about brand health because it sees your brand through your customers’ eyes. Its suite of products encompasses the customer experience, the employee experience, and its Qualtrics Brand XM platform that captures real-time feedback from multiple touchpoints.

From advertising to social media to customer feedback, the platform combines key data to compare it with your operational metrics. These insights help brands relate actions to outcomes. Analytics and customer intelligence tools monitor trends so brands can react quickly. It also sniffs out the areas that are helping or harming your brand, presenting them as easy-to-understand visuals for easier analysis.


Quantilope is among the best brand tracking companies because of the level of detail its software provides. In addition to monitoring traditional funnel metrics, the platform also tracks top-of-mind awareness, finds specific entry points into new customers’ buying decisions, and visualizes your brand health over time.

The platform includes several done-for-you brand tracking templates so you can customize your insights at a glance. Reports are easy to create and are automatically populated with the most recent data.

How Meltwater Delivers the Best Brand Health Insights

is designed to help brands gain advanced insights into how people are talking about and sharing their brands. Radarly goes beyond basic mentions to include sentiment analysis and proven market research methodologies to create a comprehensive picture of your brand’s health.

Our customer intelligence solution helps you track brand equity, conduct competitive benchmarking, come up with new content ideas, manage your reputation, forecast new trends, and identify your brand’s tribe, all from a single source of truth. You’ll not only know how your brand is performing but also what you need to do to improve your trajectory.

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