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The Best Brand Management Software, Platforms, and Tools

TJ Kiely

Apr 9, 2024

At a time when brands are constantly vying for attention and consumers are spoiled for choice, it has become more crucial than ever for businesses to have a strong and well-defined brand. But managing a brand can be a complex task — it requires the careful coordination of messaging, visual identity, and customer perception. That’s why more companies are choosing brand management software that gives them a bird’s eye view of every aspect of their brand. 

By centralizing all aspects of brand management, companies can monitor their brand’s performance, maintain consistency across all channels, and make informed decisions that align with their overall marketing strategy. With the power to streamline processes and enhance efficiency, brand management software has become an essential tool for businesses to thrive among their competition.

There are brand management platforms, tools, and software for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Let’s explore the nine best options to help you stay organized and give you deeper insights into your brand’s performance.

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What Is Brand Management Software?

Brand management software is a powerful tool that allows companies to manage various aspects of their brand. This software helps to streamline workflows, handle team communications, assign tasks to the right people, and collaborate on branding activities.

The goal is to keep important parts of a brand in one place for easier management, organization, and consistency. 

What to Look For in Brand Management Software

Brand management is a core piece of an overarching marketing strategy, so it’s essential to find tools and software that fit within your marketing ecosystem. Ultimately, brand management is about maintaining alignment within the brand, communicating your brand to your customers, protecting your reputation, and keeping up with trends or news that may impact your brand.

To address all of the above, brand management software and tools may include:

  • Brand asset management to centralize digital content
  • Visibility into online reviews
  • Workflow and approval processes
  • Project management tools to assign branding tasks
  • Media mentions to see who’s talking about you and where conversations happen
  • Sentiment analysis to see how customers think and feel about your brand
  • Version control to ensure a consistent brand image
  • Templates and design tools
  • Data analytics and reporting capabilities

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it does highlight the power and scope of a brand management platform. Every brand management tool offers unique features, benefits, and interfaces to help you get exactly what you need from your branding efforts.

9 Best Brand Management Software on the Market

Now that you know a little more about the role of brand management, let’s dive deeper into the best brand management tools and software.

Use these tools to make branding a cornerstone of your marketing strategy:

Meltwater Brand Management Platform

Brand management software Meltwater

The Meltwater suite includes comprehensive media intelligence and brand management tools that give you greater visibility into brand performance. Its quintessential features lie in media monitoring and public relations, both of which are critical to brand management.

The Meltwater Media Intelligence suite gives you a clear view of what people are talking about and where your brand is being mentioned in the media. This helps your brand take a strategic approach to gaining media attention to grow your share of voice. 

Meltwater also offers customer sentiment analysis so you can learn more about how people feel toward your brand. Shifts in sentiment can help you get ahead of potential crises and preserve your reputation. 

As part of your brand management strategy, Meltwater monitors unlimited keywords on your behalf and sends real-time alerts regarding mentions and social media shares. You can compile these insights into automated reports that demonstrate the ROI of your earned media and PR efforts.

Sprout Social

Brand management software Sprout Social

With many branding efforts taking place on social channels, it’s important to see how your social performance stacks up. That’s where Sprout Social shines brightest.

This social media management platform offers helpful tools to build and maintain a social media strategy. Brands can monitor posts and engagement, schedule content to be posted, and manage their inboxes from a central platform. It also offers insights into audience growth, engagement rates over time, and other data and analytics to see how your social presence evolves.

Collaboration tools make it easy for teams to create on-brand content and gain approval before publishing. You can publish to multiple social media channels, including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, from within the platform and see optimal send times to maximize visibility. 

Compared to other social media management platforms, Sprout Social is on the more expensive side. It also doesn’t support the full branding picture outside of social media, so you may need other tools to complement your strategy.

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HubSpot CRM

Brand management software HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most recognized names in customer relationship management, and for good reason. This CRM software is an excellent tool for nurturing customer relationships.

This inbound marketing and sales platform offers unified features for sales, marketing, and customer service. CRM features allow you to maintain records of all customer interactions and history so you can maintain a consistent customer experience.

HubSpot's content management system (CMS) helps you create, publish, and manage web content, including blog posts, landing pages, and website pages. Email marketing tools enable you to design and create branded email campaigns that maintain consistent branding your leads and customers will see. Automation features allow you to personalize communications at scale based on user behaviors and preferences.  Centralizing these assets ensures your online presence follows your brand guidelines. 

Your brand is the sum total of all interactions a customer has with your company, so pulling as many of these aspects as possible into the same arena makes it easier to boost your professional image.


Brand management software Brand24

Brand24 offers a combination of social media management and reputation monitoring, both of which are critical to brand management. It monitors your social channels in real time to help you stay up to date on conversations as they happen. You can also monitor competitor mentions to see what others are saying about your competitors and see how your brand compares.

While not a full social media management tool, Brand24 allows you to engage with social media conversations directly from the platform, making it easy to maintain an active presence and consistent messaging.

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Brand management software Bynder

Bynder is a brand asset management system that helps you stay organized with your branded materials. As teams create more content, asset libraries proliferate and make it harder to find the content you need. It can also lead to creating duplicate content if you don’t know what you already have.

That’s why a brand asset management platform like Bynder is so beneficial. The tool automatically generates metadata for your assets to make them searchable. You can store all of your brand-related assets, like style guides, logos, color palettes, and images in one place.

No matter who is creating content for your brand, they’ll have access to the right assets to keep your brand on point.


Brand management software Yotpo

Companies aren’t the only ones responsible for branding. Your customers and prospects can also affect how others perceive your brand, from the reviews they leave to the content they create on your behalf. To capitalize on what other people are saying and doing, Yotpo offers some helpful features.

This cloud-based app automatically collects user-generated content and allows you to store, reshare, and respond to it. UGC is a huge trust-builder, as it gives a peek inside other customers’ experiences with your brand. You can use Yotpo’s content curation tools to boost your brand visibility, earn new customers, and retain existing ones by showing you’re a fan of what they created.

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Brand management software is primarily a project management tool, but it makes an impact in the brand management space, too. Because branding is a team effort, this project-focused platform can help keep everyone on the same page in a predictable, systematized manner.

You can assign tasks and deadlines to team members, create project timelines for completing brand activities, and maintain calendars to highlight your top priorities. This is a highly visual tool, allowing you to see what’s in your branding pipeline at all times. Ready-made templates take the guesswork out of creating systems and processes so your team can get right to work.


Brand management software Frontify

Frontify is a brand asset management solution loved by designers, brand managers, and content creators alike. Organize your content assets in a way that works for you. Upload existing files, then share with teammates to collect feedback and detailed revision notes.

It’s also one of the only brand management tools that offer a completely free plan. You can get your feet wet with basic features as you learn more about your needs. Paid plans start at $79 per month.


Brand management software ClickUp

For teams who rely on extensive collaboration, ClickUp offers an excellent suite of features that can be applied to just about any use case, including brand management. The platform is highly customizable to fit the way you work, making it easy to add to your overall marketing strategies and activities.

Build approval processes and workflows to keep in-house teams and freelancers on the same page. Tie brand management tasks into the rest of your marketing initiatives so that everything works together as a system. You’ll have greater visibility into your branding efforts and how they impact other areas of your sales and marketing.

Gain Control with of Meltwater's Brand Management Software

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and Meltwater helps you measure more aspects of your brand than any other tool.

Gain insights into everywhere your brand is, including social media, podcasts, newspapers, blogs, and offline sources. We help you conduct brand tracking, as well as track mentions of your brand and competitors, customer sentiments, share of voice, and key trends so you can get ahead of your competitors and be the master of your brand conversations.

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