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The Best Customer Experience Management Software & Platforms 2024

TJ Kiely

Apr 2, 2024

Every business wants to treat its customers with the utmost care and attention. A great customer experience is what keeps them coming back — and encourages them to bring a friend. One way to see how you’re hitting (or missing) the mark is to implement customer experience management software.

This software (sometimes called a customer experience management platform, tool, or system) gives you data-driven insights into how customers experience your business. Whether they contact you by live chat, email, phone call, or a website visit, you can collect information about their interactions. Use that intel to improve the customer experience you serve so you can meet or exceed their expectations in the future.

To save you time and skip right to helping your customers, we’ve rounded up the 12 best customer experience management solutions:

Use these as starting points to flesh out your CX strategy and create winning experiences!

What Is Customer Experience Management?

We define customer experience management (also called CEM or CXM) as the intentional process of designing and managing your customer experiences.

It takes into account every touchpoint your customers have with your company, including:

  • Websites
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Brick-and-mortar store visits
  • Post-purchase communications
  • Web-based chatbots
  • Ecommerce platforms

Why Is Customer Experience Management Important?

The goal of CXM is to identify pain points throughout the customer journey, no matter how customers choose to engage. From there, you can use CX data to improve your customers’ experiences.

This process includes gathering customer feedback, doing a full review of touch points, finding at-risk customers, and instilling long-term brand loyalty. A customer experience management system enables all of the above in a fluid, real-time manner (bonus points for AI-powered customer experience management solutions).

12 Best Customer Experience Management Software & Tools

Customer experience management tools span a range of feature-rich interfaces and use cases.

Here are our top picks to power your customer experience management and gain actionable insights:

1. Meltwater Radarly

Meltwater Radarly Customer Experience Management Software

Meltwater Radarly takes a multi-prong approach to customer experience.

While many CX software tools focus mostly on collecting feedback from customers, Meltwater takes it a step further by gathering customer data that isn’t directly solicited.

Take social media intelligence, for example. Listening to customers across social media channels (including the ones you’re not actively on) can help you learn more about experiences that customers haven’t shared with your company.

Learn how they’re talking about your company as well as your competitors. Gain context into the conversation to learn more about their sentiments. Meltwater monitors social media as well as blogs, podcasts, and other online and offline channels to give you the big picture of CX.

Brand management features allow you to protect your brand’s reputation. Using brand management software you can track brand mentions across the web and receive real-time alerts to help you take quick action.

Data is fed to a centralized platform, where users can generate reports, review alerts, and track performance over time. You can also customize your CX dashboard to show the insights that matter most to you.

2. Reputation

Reputation prioritizes customer feedback management to make lasting and impactful improvements. It manages feedback at all stages of the customer journey map: awareness, acquisition, and advocacy.

Reputation's customer experience management platform

Users can create feedback surveys, then track, analyze, and implement feedback — all from within the platform. You can monitor online reviews across multiple sources so you can collect feedback you might not have known exists. You can create workflows to reach out to customers regarding feedback and automate communications and follow-ups for better efficiency. 

Other notable features include monitoring business listings for consistency, centralizing social media messaging, and social media publishing to boost your online presence.

3. Qualtrics

Qualtrics CX creates a closed-loop feedback system for continuous improvement.

The platform collects, manages, and shows users how to act on experience data. It focuses on experiences related to products, customers, employees, and the brand itself. With acquisitions like Clarabridge, the platform has grown its offerings to leave no CX stone unturned.

Qualtrics CX ad for customer experience management software

One of Qualtrix’s most important roles is helping brands decide what actions to take based on customer feedback.

With data pouring into the platform from a myriad of channels and people, it’s important to focus on action steps that will generate business value.

Qualtrics puts patterns and trends into perspective to help users see how to retain customers and meet them where they are.

4. Zoho CRM Plus

One of the leading names in CRM is also a top player in customer experience management software. Zoho CRM Plus measures how customers feel about your brand over time. This platform is best for unifying customer experiences across sales, marketing, and customer service interactions. For example, sales teams can see which marketing offers customers have responded to or when current customers have reached out to support, all from a single platform.

This feature-rich platform includes AI-powered tools, analytics, chatbots, and mobile apps. With all customer-facing teams united on the same platform, each role can contribute to creating a clearer picture of who your customers are and what they need from you. This customer experience management software also gets bonus points for its many popular third-party integrations, including Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, and Google Workspace.

Tip: Get to know some more Zoho Social alternatives.

5. HubSpot Service Hub

Another top CRM platform, HubSpot Service Hub helps you get more from your CRM data. Users have access to tools to manage customer interactions, feedback, and support in a single location. This makes it easier to analyze customer data and get a more complete picture of their experiences.

HubSpot Service Hub also includes a ticketing system for managing customer support requests. Customers can also access a self-service knowledge base for additional support options. Also included are automation features to support routine requests, decrease resolution time, and free up time to provide personalized support.

6. Zendesk

Part customer service software and part CRM, Zendesk helps brands capture important elements of every customer experience to improve customer satisfaction.

Store data from a variety of touchpoints in a single location, including email, chat, phone, and social media. Analyze the data you collect to identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Zendesk customer experience management platform ad

A small widget lives on your website, where customers can click and start engaging with you. You can set up easy workflows that guide the customer through the conversation to ensure they get the resolution they seek.

Agents can trace the customer’s journey to ensure better support, including the pages they’ve viewed prior to engaging. AI-powered recommendations will show you resources to share with customers based on their responses. Customers can leave feedback about their experiences to enrich your data even more.

Zendesk is personalization redefined and can help create better outcomes whenever a problem arises so this customer experience management software is a go-to.

7. Trustmary

Trustmary is a tool that helps businesses not only measure customer satisfaction but also leverage positive customer experiences in marketing.

With a process called Trustmary Method, you can measure customer satisfaction, collect open feedback, gather testimonials, and even get third-party reviews – all in one survey.

The tool includes ready-made and automatically branded survey templates for NPS, CSAT and star rating, along with a survey editor for creating custom surveys.

Trustmary feedback reporting tools

Trustmary allows you to analyze customer satisfaction trends, create customer feedback reports, and add positive feedback to your website with stylish widgets.

On top of all this, you can create effective automation flows to capture feedback and testimonials at the right time and integrate Trustmary with various other apps, like customer relationship management systems.

8. Medallia Agent Connect

Medallia Agent Connect is designed for contact centers to provide more personalized phone support.

Agents can see personalized CX dashboards that show them how they’re performing in terms of customer service. They always know how their customers feel about the support they’ve received and can see how they’re contributing to a customer-centric brand.

Medallia Agent Connect customer experience management tool

Agents can also receive personalized coaching through the platform when numbers start to dip. This gives them an opportunity to self-correct and create great customer experiences.

9. LiveAgent

When a full customer experience management software feels like overkill, a simple solution like LiveAgent can give you the basics you need.

This helpdesk software makes it easy to encourage engagement. Customers can click the widget on your website, ecommerce store, social media page, or other channels to start conversations.

LiveAgent customer experience management tool

This user-friendly ticketing system can help you share information at scale, answer questions, and boost customer satisfaction in a low-lift manner. They can make informed buying decisions because of your responsiveness, whether you’re providing live support or a self-service knowledge base.

LiveAgent offers a 14-day free trial so you can test all its features.

10. SurveySparrow

Net promoter score (NPS) is a key element of the customer experience.

This is precisely what SurveySparrow is designed to capture and measure. By learning how many of your customers will advocate for you, you can make valuable improvements to your business that will improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.

SurveySparrow customer experience management platform

The tool collects feedback using an omnichannel CX approach, giving you more opportunities to learn and grow from your feedback.

Users can test drive SurveySparrow for a 14-day free trial.

11. Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe is a name synonymous with content creation, and content plays a huge role in the customer experience. That’s why Adobe Experience manager has become such valuable customer experience management software. 

This platform helps brands create, manage, and deliver content assets across every touch point. With cloud-based assets, users can easily locate content to share with customers that will solve their problems or support their experiences.

It also supports the development of digital experiences as you create new landing pages, sales funnels, or personalized experiences.

12. Totango

Totango bills itself as “customer success software” and takes a modular approach to customer engagement and CX. It’s flexible and scalable to meet your needs as your company and customer support volume evolve. It offers real-time access to customer health and alerts you to possible risks. Data-driven insights help brands drive productivity and proactively engage with customers to retain them.

Totango customer experience management solution

A library of customer journey templates helps you get up and running quickly. They’re designed to cater to every area on the customer journey map, from initial engagement to timely follow-up.

Manage contract renewals, automate renewals, resolve problems, ask for referrals, upsell customers, increase NPS, and so much more.

13. AskNicely

AskNicely customer experience management software

One of the top platforms for customer engagement in service-based businesses, AskNicely is optimized for faster response times.

It’s the only desktop-to-mobile platform for on-the-go communications. It’s built the way today’s businesses work and function, inside and outside of the office. This allows users to act on feedback in real time and uses the voice of customer data to make impactful decisions.

Choosing the Best Customer Experience Management Software for Your Business

Customer experience management software can make the lives of your customer-facing employees easier. More importantly, it allows them to be more effective in their roles by knowing where they’re meeting expectations and where they can improve.

The best customer experience management tools are

They should prioritize the full spectrum of CX, including customer loyalty, customer retention, sentiment analysis, and predictive analytics. This gives brands the best chance of using their data effectively and becoming truly customer-focused organizations.

Our customer experience management platform, Meltwater Radarly, creates a best-in-class experience for customers and end users alike. Learn more when you request a demo.