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Large hashtag symbol in TikTok logo colors, bright teal and bright pink, on black background. TikTok hashtag strategy blog post.

The Best TikTok Hashtags For More Views

TJ Kiely

May 21, 2024

What started out as a lip-syncing app has now turned into a full-fledged social media platform where people can share short videos on just about anything. Given its massive popularity, it’s no surprise marketers are seeking new ways to stand out and get their content noticed. That’s where TikTok hashtags come in.

Similar to using hashtags on Instagram, TikTok hashtags make it easier for users to find content they like. Content sharing the same hashtags others use may appeal to the same audience, helping your content to travel farther and faster than not using hashtags.

Sure, you could create your own hashtags or use any made-up variations. But wouldn’t it be better to use the top TikTok hashtags that tons of other people are already using?

We thought so, too, which is why we’ve rounded up some of the top TikTok viral hashtags to help you get ahead. Consider this your ultimate guide to popular hashtags on TikTok.

Table of Contents:

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What Are TikTok Hashtags?

TikTok hashtags are text-based additions to TikTok video captions, starting with the hash symbol (#) followed by a word or phrase.

Hashtags on TikTok work similarly to other social media platforms. Users can add hashtags to their posts to make them more discoverable to other users.

Hashtags can describe the content of a post, or they can be used to amplify a challenge or trend.

There are also hashtag challenges (HTCs) on TikTok that can go viral, such as the famous Lip Sync Challenge. These challenges often have their own specific hashtags that let users find all of the videos related to the challenge.

Why Are Hashtags for TikTok Important?

It’s no secret that TikTok is a crowded place. With more than a billion users worldwide and more than one million videos viewed each day, there’s a lot of competition. That makes it harder for brands to stand out on the platform — but not impossible.

Using a popular TikTok hashtag is a shortcut to more video views. Your video will be grouped with content using that same popular TikTok hashtag, making it easier for users interested in that hashtag to find you.

When you use TikTok hashtags strategically, you don’t have to rely on just your own audience. By appearing among related posts, you can extend your reach beyond your followers and connect with new audiences. It creates a self-fulfilling cycle — more views lead to more impressions in the feed, which lead to more views!

There's also the fact that, like on Instagram, TikTok users can follow hashtags of their choice. This means that they'll see content associated with those hashtags in their feeds, even if they're not searching for those hashtags. 


The social media landscape is always changing. Keep in mind that this list of top trending TikTok viral hashtags is subject to change. For now, here are 91 of the most popular hashtags to add to your TikTok videos.

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  1. #fyp
  2. #tiktok
  3. #foryoupage
  4. #viralvideos
  5. #funnyvideos
  6. #duet
  7. #trending
  8. #love
  9. #memes
  10. #followme
  11. #repost
  12. #new
  13. #music
  14. #cute
  15. #savagechallenge
  16. #levelup
  17. #featureme
  18. #tiktokfamous
  19. #viralpost
  20. #slomo
  21. #video
  22. #foryou
  23. #likeforfollow
  24. #couplegoals
  25. #justforfun
  26. #recipe
  27. #beautyblogger
  28. #DIY
  29. #canttouchthis
  30. #dancer
  31. #dancechallenge
  32. #5mincraft
  33. #quotes
  34. #behindthescenes
  35. #goal
  36. #weirdpets
  37. #ootd
  38. #reallifeathome
  39. #mexico
  40. #tiktokmademebuyit
  41. #family
  42. #swagstepchallenge
  43. #handwashchallenge
  44. #foodie
  45. #singing
  46. #beautiful
  47. #lifehack
  48. #dadsoftiktok
  49. #photography
  50. #learnontiktok
  1. #gym
  2. #workout
  3. #fit
  4. #motivation
  5. #bodybuilding
  6. #love
  7. #gymlife
  8. #training
  9. #health


  1. #fortnite
  2. #youtube
  3. #memes
  4. #pc
  5. #game
  6. #gamer
  1. #love
  2. #like
  3. #follow
  4. #yummy
  5. #foodlover
  1. #makeup
  2. #love
  3. #beauty
  4. #fashion
  5. #style


  1. #nature
  2. #cute
  3. #pet
  4. #cats
  5. #dog
  6. #photooftheday


  1. #football
  2. #fitness
  3. #gym
  4. #fun
  5. #like


  1. #comedy
  2. #dance
  3. #art
  4. #funny
  5. #artist

How to Find the Best TikTok Hashtags

Finding the best TikTok hashtags for your content takes a little trial and error. Lots of brands lean toward their branded hashtags. That’s fine if you’re Nike or Coca-Cola, but they might not be enough to go viral if you’re a local biz or small-batch creator.

Here are some other ways to find the best TikTok hashtags:

Do Some Competitive Analysis

Scoping out your competitors to see the hashtags they use is one of the best first steps. You might not copy word for word, but you can see what others in your industry are doing and how those might be working out for them.

You might even find niche hashtags they're using in their influencer marketing, which might inspire your own influencer approach.

Tip: Learn how to perform a competitive analysis.

Learn From Your Followers

Tapping into your followers can also provide some valuable insight. See which TikTok hashtags your audience is using so you can join their conversations. They’re probably on the platform more than you are and can give you some instant info on what people are talking about.

For example, your foodie followers might have seasonal interests, such as #fallbaking. Or they might stick with generic terms, like #foodporn or #yummy. Your cat-loving fans might use obvious terms like #cats, or less obvious terms like #gato (Spanish for cat).

Once again, data comes in handy here. You want to see which ones your audience is using and how they’re using them. (You don't want to be the next DiGiorno debacle, right?) This saves you loads of time trying to scroll through individual accounts.

How to Use the Best Hashtags for TikTok

Now that you have some great TikTok hashtags for views and know how to find more, what can you do with them?

Here are some helpful tips to make your TikTok hashtags work for you.

little.misschristmas hastags

Know Your Hashtag Limits

You can use as many hashtags on TikTok as you like. However, you’re limited to just 100 characters in each video caption. If your plan is to cram 50+ hashtags in a single post, you’ll need to rethink your hashtag strategy.

That said, don’t be afraid to max out your limit; TikTok won't penalize you. 

Use the Comment Section to Add More Hashtags

Not willing to accept the 100-character limit? Get creative in the comments section by adding more hashtags. They’re not as effective, as the algorithm doesn’t favor commented hashtags as much as those in the caption. But it can give you a little extra help in the search department.

Strike the Right Hashtag Balance

Using only popular TikTok hashtags might not get you the most visibility. That’s because you’ll be competing for space with all the other users and brands using those same hashtags. They’re popular for a reason.

A better approach is using a blend of viral TikTok hashtags and niche or branded hashtags. This helps you show up in more places and gain more visibility with large and niche audiences.

Pokertrick1 hashtags

In this example, user Pokertrick1 uses the wildly popular #fyp hashtag as well as the more niche #magictrick hashtag.

Create a Hashtag Challenge to Generate Participation

Feel free to participate in others’ hashtag challenges, but create your own, too.

Hashtag challenges encourage followers to perform a specific task (and record themselves doing it). Disney mastered this with their #DisneyPlusVoices hashtag challenge. Users could unlock the voices of popular Disney characters and use them to record text-to-speech audio on their TikTok posts.

When you create a hashtag challenge, anyone participating in the challenge will also use that hashtag in their posts. Users can see other people’s content, giving you tons of brand exposure and user-generated content.