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Illustration of social media channel logos with the Philippine flag

What Are the Most Used Social Media Platforms in the Philippines 2024?

Sue Amurthalingam

Dec 18, 2023

After looking at some general social media statistics and statistics about social media usage in the Philippines, we thought it was time to go more narrow.

The Philippines is still home to magnificent white-sand beaches, a thriving agricultural sector, abundant natural resources, and a wide variety of delicious, one-of-a-kind treats that have earned it the nickname "The Pearl of the Orient". Nowadays, it seems to fit the description for different reasons.

In 2024, that pearl has been transformed into a digital hub, complete with a socket that can be used as a lamp, complete with a high-quality 5G wireless internet connection. With a rapidly growing tech-savvy populace, the Philippines has become one of Southeast Asia's most promising new digital markets.

Filipinos are typically attached to their phones, whether commuting home from work, waiting in line to pay for groceries, or just relaxing with a meal and a drink.

Users spend 10.5 hours a day browsing their favourite social media platforms.

Not only does it help people keep tabs on what's going on in the nation, but it's also becoming more ingrained in day-to-day life as a means to order food, make deliveries, communicate, and so much more. It's become part and parcel of the very lifeblood of the Filipino people.

This begs the question, what is the most used social media platform in the Philippines in 2024?

  1. Facebook

  2. Facebook Messenger

  3. Instagram

  4. TikTok

  5. Twitter

*Clicking each leads to the respective fact lists below


  1. Facebook is the top social media platform in the Philippines
  2. 96.2% of Philippine internet users aged 16 to 64 are using it monthly.
  3. 48.7% said that Facebook is their favourite social media platform among the most popular social media platforms in the Philippines.
  4. Facebook has an 85.44% share of web traffic, coming through clicks or taps from other sources.
  5. 83.85 million users can be reached via Facebook ads
  6. 75% of the Philippines' total population can potentially be engaged.
  7. 46.7% of users are male, as opposed to 53.3% female.
  8. Of the Philippines' Facebook users, 98.7% access the social media platform via mobile phone. 
  9. The average user aged 18+ "likes" 2 pages in their lifetime.
  10. The same demographic "likes" 10 posts, types a comment 11 times, shares 2 posts, and clicks on 10 ads in 30 days.

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Facebook Messenger

  1. Facebook Messenger is the second most used among the top social media apps in the Philippines, with 94.4% of internet users aged 16-64 utilizing it each month.
  2. 20.2% of users said it was their favourite social media platform.
  3. 55.15 million users can be reached via Facebook Messenger ads.
  4. 49.3% of the Philippines' total population can be engaged through advertising.
  5. 66% of users aged 13+ can be reached.
  6. 46.7% of users are male, as opposed to 53.3% female.

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  1. Instagram rounds out the top 3 leading social media platforms among internet users in the Philippines
  2. 75.7% of those aged 16-64 on it monthly.
  3. 7.6% of social media users from the same demographic said it's their favourite platform.
  4. 18.65 million users can be reached via Instagram ads
  5. Ad reach increases by 24.3% yearly, with an additional 3.7 million users engaged.
  6. 35.8% are male, as opposed to 64.2% female.
  7. 22.3% of ads published on the social media platform Instagram reach users aged 13+.

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  1. 67.9% of Filipinos aged 16-64 consider TikTok their most-used social media platform.
  2. TikTok is the Philippines' third most popular social media platform, with 9.7% saying it's their favourite.
  3. 35.96 million Filipinos aged 18+ get engaged through TikTok ads on the app.
  4. It's one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with a quarterly 8.8% increase in ad reach.
  5. TikTok ads reach 34.7% of total male users in the Philippines, while 65.3% of female Filipino users are hit. 
  6. Almost half of all Filipino internet users aged 18+ get exposed to the ads on Tiktok, with 49.4% of the population reached.

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  1. Twitter is the 5th most-used social media platform in the Philippines, with 59.2% of internet users aged 16-64 using it.
  2. 4.7% of the same age group say Twitter is their favourite platform.
  3. Twitter reports that 10.50 million users can be reached through ads on the social media platform.
  4. 9.4% of the entire population of the Philippines can be engaged through digital marketing on Twitter.
  5. 12.6% of the population aged 13+ can be reached by advertising.
  6. The quarter-on-quarter increase in potential advertising reach on the platform is at 2.9% or 300-thousand new users.

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Final Thoughts on the most used social media platforms in the Philippines 2024

Filipinos can't get enough of checking for breaking news on Facebook, connecting with family and friends on Messenger, checking out what their friends are up to on Instagram, watching short videos on Tiktok, and keeping up with current events on Twitter. They consume content as routinely as waking up to a cup of coffee in the morning because it influences every aspect of their being.

With the internet infrastructure in the country only improving and citizens being forced to adapt to the digitalization of the media landscape in the Philippines, it's clear that this paradigm shift is here to stay.


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