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The Best TikTok Scheduling Tools 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 29, 2023

One of the most popular platforms for social media marketing is TikTok. TikTok has over 800 million active users worldwide, making it a great place to reach out to potential customers. But when you don’t have time to constantly create new content for TikTok, a TikTok scheduling tool comes in handy.

By using a scheduling tool, you can plan and schedule your TikTok content in advance, so you can focus on other parts of your social strategy.

TikTok scheduling allows you to bulk upload your videos and images, then schedule them to be posted at specific times. You can also set up recurring posts, so your content is always fresh and up-to-date.

We’ve rounded up the best tools for scheduling TikTok content so you can keep your social media management on track.

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These are the best TikTok Scheduling Tools on the market:

Meltwater: Best TikTok Scheduling Tool

Built for marketers and PR professionals, the all-in-one Meltwater social media management suite simplifies TikTok scheduling so you don’t have to think about it every day. Auto-post content to keep pace with your content calendar without having to think twice.

Meltwater Engage Banner - Ready to set up your social media strategy for success?

Meltwater also makes it easy to create custom workflows for content approval before it’s published. You can collaborate with teams inside the platform, edit or approve content, and even read and respond to comments on your videos.

Choose the best hashtag for your content based on engagement rates. No other tool or app compares to Meltwater’s rich insights and easy-to-understand reports.

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Vista Social

Vista Social page.

Vista Social is a great app for planning and scheduling content in advance, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. Businesses can also track their TikTok performance and see which posts are performing well. Fine-tune your content strategy and ensure you’re creating the most effective content possible.

For agencies, Vista Social makes it easy for multi-account TikTok management. See all of your accounts from a single place, then dial deeper into each account’s unique performance metrics. Manage conversations and comments from within the platform, centralize content calendars, and send content through approval workflows, all without having to have separate accounts.

There is a free plan available with Vista Social. It's geared toward new businesses or those just getting started on social media. Unlock more features, including analytics and publishing optimization, with a paid plan.

Sprout Social

Sprout social page.

Sprout Social gives you comprehensive social media scheduling coverage, including TikTok. Its intuitive features make scheduling TikTok posts faster and easier than doing it manually. The learning curve is relatively short, and the benefits go well beyond later TikTok scheduling.

For starters, the platform supports a process of continuous improvement. Learn when your audiences are most active on the platform, what types of content they engage with, and how your audience is talking about your brand on TikTok. Use this information to keep optimizing your content calendar and growing your presence.

Brands also love the visual calendar and other elements. Easily see at a glance the video content you have planned, pull assets from a shared library, and add tags to your posts for easy organization. What’s more, you can access all of your TikTok content and workflows via the mobile app and take care of social scheduling on the go.


SocialPilot page.

SocialPilot lets you schedule and publish TikTok content without having to log into your TikTok account each time. You can create or upload content directly within the platform, then choose when to go live. Choose different live times for different time zones to increase your chances of getting in front of your audience when they’re most active.

One of its most unique features is the bulk upload tool. You can bulk schedule as many as 500 TikTok posts in a single upload. The platform also works for other social media accounts, including Google Business, Instagram, Facebook groups, Pinterest boards, and more. And if you’re repurposing content for multiple social media channels, you can edit and tweak your posts to fit each channel before it’s published.


Crowdfire page.

For brands that like the inclusive approach, Crowdfire gives you a single place to create, store, manage, schedule, and publish TikTok videos. In fact, you can manage all of your social media content from the platform, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can choose your publishing times, or Crowdfire will do it for you.

Beyond scheduling, Crowdfire helps you crowdsource content from other sites to share on your social media channels. Choose a topic of interest, then let Crowdfire find videos to share. This is a great way to keep your channels full of content without having to create it all from scratch.

You can also grab content from your own blog, Shopify or Etsy store, or website and publish directly to TikTok or other platforms.


Hootsuite page.

One of the original social media schedulers, Hootsuite simplifies the process of TikTok scheduling posts. It starts with the central planner: create a hub for all your TikTok videos and creatives.

If you’re using more than one channel, you can centralize all of your social content in one place. Then it’s a matter of scheduling TikTok videos according to your chosen schedule.

Hootsuite makes it easy to suspend all scheduled content in the event of a crisis, shift, or new opportunity. You can turn scheduled posts on and off with just a couple of clicks, tweak content, change dates and times, and more.

The platform provides support for other social media management functions, including a unified inbox, analytics, audience monitoring, and even paid ads.

Hootsuite offers a 30-day free trial so you can test its TikTok scheduling features for yourself. Do your research and also look for alternatives to Hootsuite.


Loomly page

Great for managing organic and paid content in a single place, Loomly features one of the largest social media integration sets. Aside from scheduling TikTok videos, users can also create, share, and pull resources from Slack, Snapchat, Microsoft Teams, Unsplash, and more.

This TikTok scheduling app offers tips to optimize your content, such as choosing the best times to post on each channel, as well as mockups of what your content will look like when posted.

The one potential downside is that Loomly doesn’t offer automated TikTok scheduling. This is still a manual process in Loomly, but you can set notification reminders for scheduling TikTok videos. Its other rich features make it a great TikTok scheduler if you don't mind posting manually.



Planable is one of the few free tools for scheduling posts on TikTok. It’s made for teams, agencies, and enterprises to simplify the approval and publishing phases.

What Planable lacks in analytics, it makes up for in usability.

As a scheduling app for TikTok, Planable makes it easy to see how your posts will appear when published. Keep track of all of your social content in one place with a calendar that’s heavy on the visuals. It’s one of the most user-friendly Tiktok scheduler tools out there, and paid versions start at just $13 per month.



One of the most user-friendly digital design tools has bled into the social media scheduling scene. The platform now offers a built-in content planner, giving you a snapshot of your calendar and scheduled posts.

The platform's easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor turns everyone on your team into professional content creators. Once you create your TikTok content in Canva, simply click Share, then Schedule. Canva does the rest, allowing you to spend more time creating fresh content. You can schedule as many posts ahead of time as you like.

The platform is a great solution for content creation teams. Invite team members to collaborate, leave their feedback on designs, and approve content for publishing.

Publish on TikTok with Confidence!

When using a TikTok scheduling tool, the end goal is the same – simplify the way you post to your TikTok profile. But the variations between TikTok scheduling tools show that no two apps are quite alike, and the one you choose can make a difference in your outcomes.

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