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The Digitalization of the Media Landscape in the Philippines

The Philippines is growing towards being one of the highest online markets in SEA

With social media and digital streaming as accessible as it’s ever been, Filipinos have been slowly turning to online channels for their information. This choice to go digital comes hand-in-hand with internet infrastructure providing them with faster connection speeds. On top of this, the COVID-19 pandemic has practically forced the nation to adapt digitally from their homes.

The urban and rural divide has led to a push-and-pull relationship between traditional and digital media. Traditional media is still king in a nation where remote parts have no choice but to resort to radio and television. But again, in the Philippines where its users are online for an average of 10.5 hours each day, traditional media is currently going through an uphill battle.

Does this signal the end of the Filipinos’ reliance on print, radio, and television?

Download this eBook, The digitalization of the Media Landscape in the Philippines, and learn about:

  • The overview of traditional and digital media in the country
  • Key trends identified in the current Philippine media outlook from 2022 - 2023
  • How social media has evolved into an influential tool for consumer marketing
  • Case studies of how Meltwater has helped companies adjusted to the shift

Tip: Learn about the most-used social media platforms in the Phillippines and check some Phillippine social media statistics.

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