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The Top 10 Fashion Influencers in Singapore

Sue Howe

Mar 27, 2024

In the bustling city of Singapore, where hidden stories appear on every corner, fashion has emerged as a powerful tool for individuals to express themselves. People worldwide have been charmed by these fashion influencers in Singapore; their varied tastes reflect Singapore's rich history and modern cityscape, whether they're influenced by the contemporary architecture of the Marina Bay or the quirky shops that paint the streets of Haji Lane.

In this vibrant nation, a collective of individuals has come together to become Singapore's fashion influencers and style icons in their own right. Being true to their Singaporean roots has helped them become well-known in fashion. They achieve this by fully immersing themselves in the local culture, fusing traditional elements with modern trends, and never compromising their style and personality.

Come with us on a guided tour of Singapore as we highlight the lives and style choices of the ten most popular fashion influencers in the city-state's fashion scene:

  1. #1 Rebecca Lim

  2. #3 Melissa Celestine Koh

  3. #4 Kevin Chatchapon

  4. #5 Nicole Alexa Choo

  5. #6 Tammy Tay

  6. #7 Rachel Wong

  7. #8 K A Y K A Y

  8. #9 Sophie Willocq

  9. #10 Valerie Lim

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#1 Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim is a well-known actress and star in Singapore's fashion and entertainment business. Rebecca's shift from academia to the glamour of showbiz began in 2005 when she competed in Miss Universe Singapore, where her charisma and talent quickly drew the attention of scouts from Mediacorp. The rest is history: she's since become an award-winning actress and is one of Singapore's most prominent fashion influencers.

The 28th Asian Television Awards recognised Rebecca's acting abilities, where she won Best Leading Female Performance (Digital). Beyond cinema, Rebecca's influence as a fashion influencer in Singapore has no bounds. Modelling for high-end cosmetics and apparel labels like Ferragamo, Dior, and Longines has become her speciality due to her graceful and refined sense of style; her association with these prestigious labels reinforces her position as a leading fashion influencer in Singapore. Rebecca's chic and classy style, combined with her aura as one of the country's top celebrities, has made her a figurehead for these luxurious brands.

Her rise from a law student at Singapore Management University (SMU) to a renowned actress and fashion icon exemplifies the country's diverse set of talents it takes to be a top influencer. Rebecca Lim encapsulates the modern, international style of the country, as she's a top Singaporean fashion influencer who continues to inspire and impact the fashion choices of her followers.

#2 Ya Hui

An inspiration to many, Singaporean fashion influencer Ya Hui has left a lasting impression on the industry with her adaptable sense of style and philosophies. Known for her ability to combine high fashion with casual chic, Ya Hui has become a style icon after a successful 15-year journey with Mediacorp. She has a one-of-a-kind sense of style that is on full display when she can rock a daring dress straight off the Paris runway or a luxury dress dressed down with a pair of Onitsuka Tigers for a more casual look.

When it comes to fashion influencers, Ya Hui is an icon that goes beyond the industry thanks to her impact in areas such as mental health advocacy. Inspiring people on her path to wellness and honesty in the social media sphere, among other things, has made her a powerful presence in the fashion industry and beyond. She walks the walk and talks the talk: Ya Hui can effortlessly combine elegant and everyday styles while being a positive role model when it comes to mental health, which makes her not just a top fashion influencer in Singapore but a larger-than-life personality.

#3 Melissa Celestine Koh

Integrating self-care into her fashion ethos seamlessly, Melissa Celestine Koh is a model of a holistic approach in her work as a social media influencer. To round out her focus on self-love, she promotes a balanced lifestyle that includes skincare routines, exercise, and personal interests like reading through her collaborations with recognised businesses like Estee Lauder and Virgin Active Fitness in Singapore.

Carefully curated and edited to attract and hold her audience's interest, her Instagram feed is a visual feast. This aesthetic consistency fully displays her mastery of design in the digital age and meticulous attention to detail. Among the recurrent themes is Melissa's devotion to her duty as a breadwinner in her family. In numerous photos, she highlights the multiple generations of her family, from her grandma to her son. She skillfully blends her personal and business lives by featuring them in matching outfits, integrating family occasions with her influencer expertise by tagging the companies they wear in her posts.

Melissa's impact reaches far and wide, having partnered with numerous companies in payment processing, hotels, water purification, and footwear fields. She has become a leading fashion influencer in Singapore thanks to her adaptability and knack for connecting with a diverse audience because her viewpoint on style, family, and living is comprehensive and approachable.

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#4 Kevin Chatchapon

With his one-of-a-kind flair and rich cultural background, Kevin Chatchapon stands out as a prominent figure in Singapore's thriving fashion scene. He has gained attention through high-profile sponsorships like Calvin Klein, as seen on his Instagram account, which is a colourful show of fashion trends, especially emphasising his remarkable physique. He stands out among Singapore's fashion influencers thanks to his unique look, characterised by his built body and unique tattoos, which give him an air of attractive masculinity.

Kevin's mixed Thai ethnicity exemplifies his charm, which enables him to relate to more audiences and incorporate various cultural influences into his wardrobe choices. This part of his personality adds a special touch to the Singaporean fashion industry, making him a multi-talented and approachable style icon.

Kevin's rise to fame has taken him far beyond the realm of fashion and into the entertainment industry. The show "Odd Job Agency" demonstrates his acting chops and highlights his multi-faceted attractiveness through his character as a "hot" Thai mixed martial arts fighter. Kevin Chatchapon is becoming a household name in fashion thanks to his impact on the industry, his unique heritage, and his presence in the entertainment industry as one of the top Singapore fashion influencers.

#5 Nicole Alexa Choo

An exciting new face in Singapore's thriving social media scene is the dynamic Nicole Alexa Choo, a top fashion influencer who is both a DJ and style icon. Nicole, well-known for her lively nature, enjoys interacting with her fans and raving, which she uses to create an exciting and entertaining environment alongside her complementary fashionable ensembles.

Even when doing mundane tasks like errands with her partner, Nicole stays true to her image as one of the top fashion influencers in Singapore by dressing up fashionably. True to her role as an influencer, she shows her gratitude for her followers' support and fosters a sense of community by regularly creating giveaway opportunities for them.

Furthermore, she is quite honest about the hair and skin care products that she uses, so her fans may easily replicate her styles. She has become even more influential in Singapore's fashion and beauty industries thanks to her openness in revealing her beauty routines, which have helped her followers get healthier hair and better skin. With her love of music, style, and giving back to the community, Nicole Alexa Choo embodies all that is great about being a fashion influencer in Singapore.

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#6 Tammy Tay

Top Singaporean fashion influencer Tammy Tay has done an excellent job of carving out a niche space for herself in Singapore's online social media community. In her distinctively daring and original sense of style, Tammy never fails to turn heads with her provocative yet glamorous ensembles. She has become a well-known personality in Singapore's fashion scene thanks to her ability to gently challenge conventional wisdom in public while continuing to appear professional.

To make the most of social media and its algorithm, Tammy frequently participates in viral challenges and produces short-form content on Instagram, allowing her to reach a larger audience. By using this calculated approach, she demonstrates mastery of the dynamics of the digital platform and maintains her relevance and engagement.

Thanks to her engaging clothing choices and clever social media usage, she has become a trendsetter who shapes the way those who follow her dress up.

#7 Rachel Wong

Rachel Wong, an up-and-coming and exciting Singaporean fashion influencer, embodies the attitude of Gen Z and strikes a chord with the younger generation with her magnetism and flair. Rachel speaks specifically for today's youth, catering to their interests and trends through her usage of popular reel designs and retro states of mind. Her multi-cut videos are spot-on for what modern audiences want and need from their favourite fast-paced social media content.

If you're interested in Rachel's elaborate beauty regimen and the many products she uses every day, you should check out her 'Get Ready With Me' videos. She has become a thought leader on all things related to beauty and skincare, backed up by the extensive product list as part of her routine.

High-end companies like Gentle Monster, Dior, Givenchy, and Chanel have sought Rachel for product endorsements due to her engaging promotional materials. Thanks to this, she has become a major fashion influencer in Singapore, which has won her many fans online. One of the most distinctive figures online, she manages to mix entertaining content with a keen sense of style.

#8 K A Y K A Y

Among Singapore's top 10 fashion influencers, Yan Kay Kay effortlessly integrates her personal style with her family's fun-loving personality. She is an affectionate mother of two, and her social media posts provide a lovely glimpse into her family's style, with each member dressed to perfection. Yan's family is fashionable because she loves to style them in matching or complementary outfits. Their ensemble displays never fail to grab the attention of her followers, whether they feature complementary colours or coordinated prints. She even takes this level of organisation into her marriage, ensuring she and her husband always look well-coordinated when they go out for various reasons.

Yan is also famous for her impeccable taste in clothing, which she wears with flair and flair for the dramatic no matter the event. For example, she embraces the local culture and splendour while walking the posh areas of Dubai in breathtaking princess-style gowns that harmonise with the spectacular scenery. Yan Kay Kay is a prominent figure in the Singaporean fashion scene, and she has gained a lot of fans among her fellow fashionistas for how she effortlessly combines her style with her family life.

#9 Sophie Willocq

French-Chinese Singaporean fashion influencer Sophie Willocq has experienced an exhilarating journey to become a prominent figure in the nation's fashion industry, with various experiences shaping her. Sophie's adaptability shines through her diverse experiences: Her inherent talent for style emerged in her mid-teens when she won a modelling contest and started blogging for local Singaporean clients such as Singtel, Maybank & GUESS in her blog advertorials.

She has also showcased her versatility by excelling in many fields, working as a flight stewardess and a marketing professional for over a year. Further enriching her fashion insight, Sophie's extensive travels and residencies in Egypt, China, and France before settling in Singapore have broadened her understanding and adaptability in the dynamic world of fashion.

One of Sophie's well-known ways of giving back to her followers is by offering promo codes for the products she endorses. Her travel posts highlight her love for fashion even more, as she exhibits fashionable outfits in various locales, including Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. With her unique combination of style, travel, and widespread experience, Sophie Willocq has become a top influencer in the Singaporean fashion community, captivating a wide audience with her colourful adventures and stylish insights.

#10 Valerie Lim

Valerie Lim is well-known as a fashion influencer in Singapore, but her strong resume covers more than couture. She manages content across Tatler Asia's Gen.T's platforms as a digital editor, showcasing the region's most talented individuals in various industries. Her position, which highlights the influential youth of this coming generation, perfectly aligns with her reputation as an industry trailblazer.

Valerie rose to prominence in fashion thanks to her writing background and remarkable accomplishments as Miss Universe Singapore. Her prestigious endorsement deals with labels like Hermes and Urban Revivo attest to her prominence in the fashion industry. Valerie isn't merely concerned with outward beauty; she uses her platform to advocate for a healthy mindset by teaching her fans to love and accept themselves no matter what.

Her extensive knowledge of beauty and fashion is further enhanced by her ongoing participation in the Miss Universe Singapore competition. Her position ensures that she is always up-to-date on all things fashion-related, making her an excellent go-to for advice and inspiration concerning style. What it means to be a top Singaporean fashion influencer, according to Valerie Lim's varied career and advocacy work, is to combine style knowledge with a dedication to making a positive social effect.

How To Work with the Top Fashion Influencers in Singapore

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles, and these top fashion influences exemplify that. They personify style in a city that knows how to mix old and new, local flavour with international trends.

These style icons are influential not only because of their impeccable taste but also because of the narratives they convey and the ways of life they model. Their influence extends beyond fashion, reaching a broader audience interested in issues beyond self-worth, love, and body positivity. They show that fashion is much more than clothes; it's also about expressing oneself and finding one's unique style. By delving into their culture, we are not merely watching trends but immersed in a delightful slice of Singaporean life.

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