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Illustration of a man holding binoculars on a pale blue background. Iconosquare alternatives blog post

The Best Iconosquare Alternatives 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 19, 2023

Iconosquare is a social media management tool that helps businesses learn more about their social media performance. This platform provides in-depth analytics, scheduling tools, and content creation features to help you build a stronger social media presence, but there are many Iconosquare alternatives. 

Could an Iconosquare alternative better suit your needs and budget?

We’ve rounded up 11 of the best Iconosquare alternatives to help you compare your options:

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Our top pick for Iconosquare alternatives, Meltwater leads the pack in terms of data. Comprehensive social media listening taps into billions of online conversations in real time. Choose the conversations you want to hear, then let Meltwater mine for keywords, mentions, trends, and other data to help you stay in touch.

Meltwater Engage Product Screen

Meltwater is best used for:

Meltwater also includes a social media management solution. Connect all of your social media accounts, then create, schedule, and manage posts from one platform. You can have all direct messages filtered into a single inbox so you never miss an opportunity to connect. You can also collaborate with team members to streamline approvals and posting schedules.

Compared to Iconosquare, Meltwater works with more social media platforms and more data sources, giving you a more comprehensive look at your social media performance. Meltwater also customizes its service to suit your needs and business size, giving you exactly what you need for social media analytics.


Geared toward social media management, Oktopost includes features for the entire content spectrum:

iconosquare alternative Oktopost campaign summary.

Data-driven tools give users a more complete customer profile than other solutions. However, Oktopost doesn’t have a way to differentiate bot accounts from loyal fans, which can skew data results.

Oktopost is geared toward larger businesses and agencies managing multiple social media accounts. Its features might be overkill for smaller businesses, making it harder to reap the full value of the platform. Users also say it’s not as intuitive as other social media management tools.

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A consumer intelligence platform first, Talkwalker offers multiple features and functions to steer your entire social media strategy. Focusing just on the social analytics aspect, Talkwalker monitors multiple social media networks, blogs, forums, and other resources to create comprehensive customer profiles.

Talkwalker screenshot as an Iconosquare alternative

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One of its highlights is access to up to five years of historic data. This can be particularly useful for new companies that don’t have first-party historic data, allowing them to see how certain topics and trends have changed over time. Talkwalker also focuses its data analysis on images, videos, and speech, not just written text.

Pricewise, Talkwalker follows a custom pricing model and is geared more toward enterprises and large businesses. It’s a more feature-rich Iconosquare alternative and takes a little more time to roll out.


Sprinklr focuses on the entire customer experience, and social media plays a role in shaping CX.

On the social media side, Sprinklr automates many aspects of social media, including posting, scheduling, and messaging. The platform has also integrated AI tools like ChatGPT to streamline insights.

iconosquare alternative Sprinklr.

In terms of being an Iconosquare alternative, Sprinklr is more of a social media management platform that collects data across the customer experience.

Users can leverage this data to create local social campaigns, optimize employee advocacy, and host informed 1:1 chats. Iconosquare doesn’t focus on the total customer experience and instead looks strictly at things like social media engagement, best posting times, and fan growth.

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Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management platform. Data plays a role in its features, including collecting analytics on social media performance. The platform also includes social listening tools to derive trends and insights from social media conversations.

Sprout social alternative to Iconosquare

Users can leverage Sprout’s data to find key influencers in specific niches or industries, identify competitors, track share of voice, and more. You also don’t need months of historical data to glean insights from the platform.

Iconosquare tends to be more user-friendly than Sprout Social. Both platforms offer a free trial (although it’s worth noting Sprout gives you a full 30 days to decide), with Iconosquare offering more budget-friendly paid plans.


Planoly is an alternative to Iconosquare in that both tools offer support for social media planning and management.

Both platforms offer a central hub from which to operate your entire social media strategy. Organize content, share with team members, and get inspired by current trends.

iconosquare alternative Planoly.

Planoly is heavier on the planning side of things, with customizable templates, scheduling tools, asset management, and team collaboration.

By comparison, Iconosquare puts a heavier emphasis on data and reporting. Iconosquare gives a more in-depth look at how your social media posts are performing on Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other networks. Planoly offers data insights too, but they’re geared more toward ideation and not for audience analysis or trends.


Hootsuite offers an all-in-one social media management platform with an emphasis on optimizing posting times and keeping all social content under one roof.

Because Hootsuite collects data (think engagements, clicks, etc.) on its posts, it also offers users insights into how their social strategies are performing.

Iconosquare alternative Hootsuite.

Both Hootsuite and Iconosquare can schedule posts, publish content, and bring attention to user comments in a unified inbox. Both also offer analytics to show how your content performs over time and helps you find common denominators between your best posts. Reporting tools do the math for you, allowing you to glean quick takeaways from easy-to-understand visuals.

One key difference is the social media platforms that each solution supports. Hootsuite can accommodate Pinterest and YouTube, while Iconosquare does not. Iconosquare also offers insights into more than 100 metrics, giving you more data to make strategic decisions.


Like Iconosquare, Brand24 is a social listening tool that can help you make data-driven decisions for your social media presence. This data-heavy platform is one of the most affordable of its kind, making it a feasible option for small-to-midsize companies.

The various data features help marketers calculate and demonstrate social media ROI.

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Users can learn what people are saying about a brand around the clock (and around the world) so they can respond in real time. The platform helps you gauge consumer sentiment, see where your mentions are coming from, and track your share of voice.

Unlike Iconosquare, Brand24 doesn’t offer much in the way of social media scheduling and posting. It’s more of a monitoring platform that helps you see how your brand is performing in the market.


A complete social media management solution, Agorapulse includes social listening as a core feature.

Iconosquare alternative Agorapulse.

Listen to conversations about your brand, competitors, and the industry at large. You can drill down into specific details that matter to you while tuning out the rest.

The platform makes it easy to organize your insights so you can refer back to them later. If you’re monitoring a particular item, you can retweet, DM, like, reply, or comment on that item in seconds.

As an Iconosquare alternative, Agorapulse can replace your current social media scheduling, reporting, and centralized inbox tools. Unlike Iconosquare, it also supports YouTube and Google Business. However, Iconosquare may have the advantage when it comes to monitoring hashtags.


social media insights platform Keyhole is an excellent alternative to Iconosquare and old-fashioned spreadsheets.

Brands and agencies can connect multiple social media profiles, influencers, brand mentions, and other keywords to track engagement over time.

Iconosquare alternative Keyhole.

Like Iconosquare, Keyhole includes features for scheduling and publishing to social media. It also offers social listening features to track campaigns and trends, analyze audience growth, and even monitor influencer performance. 


Audiense leverages social listening to help brands find their most active audiences so they can create better social media content for them. Knowing what moves your audience to act allows you to create more personalized content and partner with influencers with real pull. You can compare the data you collect with industry benchmarks and competitors to see how your performance changes over time.

One unique feature that Audiense offers is a suite built specifically for Twitter. It serves as a complete community management tool and delivers deeper audience analytics compared to platforms like Iconosquare which service multiple social media platforms.

Power Your Social Media Strategy with Meltwater

The Iconosquare alternatives mentioned here each offer something unique, whether it’s more data features, better data quality, more social media platforms serviced, or better pricing. However, in terms of getting results, Meltwater leads the pack with the most comprehensive social listening and social media management suite available.

We have the widest collection of publicly available third-party data to track unlimited keywords, mentions, trends, competitors, and more. Our AI-powered platform not only collects and organizes data, but also provides context into what that data means and how you can get the most from it.

Visual data is easy to understand and gives you actionable insights to drive your strategy forward. 

Learn more when you request a demo by filling out the form below.