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The Social Media ROI Playbook: Driving Growth with Social

Header image for The Meltwater Social Media ROI Playbook - Driving Growth with Social

With over 4 billion social media users worldwide, every minute 350,000 tweets are sent, 4,100 clicks on sponsored Instagram posts, 21 million snaps created and 694,000 videos viewed on TikTok. This makes social media a goldmine, full of data that can be turned into intelligence to inform growth decision-making. It’s transforming the way organisations operate, especially when it comes to communication and how they go about gathering consumer and competitive insights.

Produced in partnership with The Social Intelligence Lab, in this playbook we explore how you can optimise, grow and manage your brand on social to ultimately drive growth.

Key topics included are

  • The Holy Grail: Optimise your Digital Customer Experience
  • Growth with Influencer Marketing
  • Managing Your Brand on a Global Scale
  • Increase your Social ROI with Consumer Insights
  • Race to 1st Place with Competitive Intelligence

If you're struggling to understand how to utilise social media to fuel company growth this playbook is a must-read. Download your copy now and start leveraging social to impact bottom line business KPIs.

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