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The Best Oktopost Alternatives 2024

TJ Kiely

Apr 10, 2024

Oktopost is a common tool for social media management, but there are other great solutions on the market, some of which might better suit your needs. 

Oktopost is a popular B2B social media management tool with a focus on employee advocacy. It’s a common choice for enterprise-level customers, thanks to a suite of integrations with popular platforms, such as Hubspot and Pardot. But if this platform isn’t meeting your needs, exploring your Oktopost alternatives can be a great way to save money, improve operations, and gain better outcomes.

We’ve done some of the hard work for you by rounding up the top Oktopost alternatives in 2024:


The global leader in social media intelligence, Meltwater simplifies social media management for enterprises. Publish content across all your social media networks. Plan, organize, and schedule content while keeping your team on the same page. Manage all of your social communities via a unified inbox. It’s everything you need to develop and execute your social media strategy.

Compared to Oktopost, Meltwater users love the clean calendar views as well as the easy-to-read data dashboards that tell you what you want to know at a glance. High uptime and significantly fewer errors allow you to keep moving forward. Meltwater also delivers deeper analysis into followers, competitors, and campaigns to help you make the best use of your data for decision-making.

Beyond basic functions that all social media management tools should have, Meltwater’s greatest value lies in its data and social media analytics. Brands can monitor as many topics and keywords as they like and learn the context behind what’s being said. Meltwater delivers spelled-out insights so you don’t need a background in data science to make sense of your data.

Tip: Learn more about the data-rich Meltwater Suite.


Screenshot of the Hootsuite social media scheduling platform as an alternative to Oktopost

One of the big names of social media scheduling, Hootsuite is best used to plan and schedule social media content. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to connect your social media accounts. You can also track various topics and trends within the platform to help inform your content strategy.

Compared to Oktopost, which is primarily for enterprise customers, Hootsuite’s price makes it a suitable choice for just about any business. Its features offer enough for small and mid-size businesses, but many larger companies also like the platform for its simplicity.

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Screenshot of the Crowdfire platform as an alternative to Oktopost

Crowdfire’s approach to scheduling content is twofold:

  1. You can easily import your own content from blogs and websites to schedule and post.
  2. Or, let Crowdfire find relevant content from third parties.

It even recommends content for each social network so you can create a unique strategy no matter where your audiences engage.

Compared to Oktopost, Crowdfire doesn’t have quite as many features and functions. It sticks to what it does best, which is scheduling content so you’re not stuck posting every day. The platform does offer performance reports and can also track brand mentions and messages so you can respond in a timely manner.


facelift post performance screenshot as an alternative to Oktopost

Facelift gives you a central source to publish content to social media and analyze its impact. Part publishing tool, part customer service platform, facelift users can stay in touch with customers across all of their social networks from one place.

You can set up dashboard templates to gain at-a-glance insights into your content and audience and compare and benchmark your performance with your closest competitors.

The platform also connects with other tools you’re likely using, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Dropbox. Facelift’s customer service has also been called out as being excellent, with around-the-clock support and a high overall satisfaction rating.


eClincher is a social media management platform for small and medium businesses, franchises, agencies, and enterprises

One of its strongest features is its 24/7 support. The company focuses on user experience and social media growth to ensure you get the most out of the platform. Also, eClincher offers an app for iOS and Android so you can manage your social channels on the go.


NapoleonCat platform screenshot as an alternative to Oktopost

Users rave about NapoleonCat for its intuitive interface and its ability to unite teams across roles and locations. Among its core features are a unified inbox, automated customer communications, approval and publishing workflows, and social analytics on your content.

It’s one of the most basic Oktopost alternatives if you’re looking for simple social media management. It doesn’t offer many integrations, nor does it offer data or insights beyond your social media content’s performance.


Sendinble message screenshot as an Oktopost alternative

Sendible has become a top choice for driving social media engagement, particularly for agencies managing social media marketing for multiple clients.

The bulk importer tool lets you schedule weeks of social media content in minutes. Sendible also offers content suggestions via holiday calendars, RSS feeds, and Google Alerts. You can also access reports of your top-performing posts to help create more impactful content for clients.

Sendible is a popular choice among small businesses, whereas Oktopost is better suited for mid-market and larger enterprises.


SocialPilot screenshot as an Oktopost alternative

One of the most popular Oktopost alternatives, SocialPilot offers a user-friendly, affordable option for social media marketing. The platform caters to small and medium businesses and offers 24/7 support with a live rep (something Oktopost does not offer).

In addition to publishing and scheduling content, SocialPilot provides insights into audiences, engagement, and other social media metrics.

Easily identify your most active fans, discover the best times to post on social media, show your best posts, and share detailed reports with clients, teams, and other stakeholders.

Platform-specific analytics tools also help you learn more about your engagement on key channels so you can tailor your strategy accordingly.

Sprinklr Social

sprinklr feed dashboard as an alternative to Oktopost

Sprinklr is first and foremost a customer experience management platform, but it offers specific functions for social media marketing.

Among its features are AI-driven conversation suggestions to engage customers across 35 channels. AI-powered technology can also filter out messages that aren’t engageable, allowing you to focus your time on other customers.

The Publisher console allows you to schedule posts, publish content, and manage its performance, making it easy for content teams to collaborate. Compliance and approval workflows keep all of your content on brand to reduce reputational risk.

According to G2 data, Sprinklr Social beats Oktopost on hashtag analytics, shared inbox, approved workflows, competitor analysis, social measurement, and influencer identification.

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PromoRepublic screenshot as an Oktopost alternative

Commonly used by franchises, PromoRepublic combines search and social functions to dominate local marketing.

Narrowing the focus to just the social media management platform, PromoRepublic manages both paid and organic social media posts. Features include publishing, social listening, engagement, advertising, and content creation as well as a library of customizable templates and assets for easy deployment. Users can customize the library with their brand colors, logos, and other assets to keep every post on brand.

One of its more notable advantages over Oktopost is the ability to create hyper-localized ads within the platform. One creative can go out to multiple markets on Facebook or Instagram in a way that feels natural and personalized to different geographic territories.


Rallio platform screenshot as an Oktopost alternative

Rallio caters to multi-location brands (think franchises, chain stores, etc.) and SMBs to optimize social media engagement. It monitors multiple locations in a single dashboard, allowing you to gain macro- and micro-level insights into your social media performance. Rallio makes it easy to syndicate content across each location’s pages. Proactively manage each location’s reputation by collecting reviews, messages, and comments in a single space. 

These social media management tools cover most of your bases but don’t offer much in the way of data and audience insights.


Make your life as a social media marketer with Iconosquare as an alternative to Oktopost

Iconosquare, owned by Tripnity, is a favorite tool among Instagram marketers. This all-in-one platform includes social listening, scheduling, posting, reporting, and collaboration, along with hashtag tracking and analysis to power your IG strategy.

Analytics track basic metrics like reach, engagement, and impressions. There’s also a dedicated tool for measuring engagement on Instagram Stories.

Monitoring features allow you to keep track of mentions so you can respond in real-time as well as keep tabs on competitors.

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Vaizle screenshot as an Oktopost alternative

Vaizle excels at competitive analysis on social media.

Used by brands, agencies, and influencers, the platform turns social data into actionable tips and displays data in a visually appealing manner.

Discover your best posts and hashtags so you can build on your wins. Do competitor analysis to see what types of posts and hashtags are working for competitors.


Ideal for small business owners and agencies, Loomly offers all-in-one social media management.

Its core functions center on creating, optimizing, scheduling, and analyzing content.

Integrations cover the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest. It also integrates with new spaces that are catching social media managers’ attention, such as Slack.

Choosing from the Best Oktopost Alternatives

Many of these Oktopost alternatives are easy-to-use, end-to-end platforms that give you basic command over your social marketing strategy.

Media monitoring for marketers.

But what many of them lack is the ability to dig deeper into your audience beyond your own social content and engagement. From learning about your audience’s interests to turning data into insights and action steps, Meltwater fills the gaps in your social media strategy.

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