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Looking for an alternative social media management solution? This image of a woman staring into a giant telescope represents how monumental that search can feel. In this blog, we explore alternative social media solutions to Hootsuite.

The Best Hootsuite Alternatives 2024

TJ Kiely

Dec 12, 2023

Hootsuite has been a go-to name in social media management since 2008. But there have been a number of new companies, tools, and possibilities launched since then. Hootsuite remains a powerhouse in social media management, but it’s worthwhile to explore other options that might be a better fit.

With more brands using social media than ever before, there’s no room for gaps in your strategy. Powerful social media management tools can help you stay on top of trends, find niche influencers, track content performance, and connect with your audience like never before.

From pre-scheduling posts to using AI-driven technologies that take the guesswork out of social media, there are lots of opportunities to make your work easier. To make it in social marketing in 2024, only the best tools and strategies will do!

Here are our top picks for Hootsuite alternatives that can take your social game to new heights.

These are the top Hootsuite alternatives:


Meltwater social media management tools.

Both Meltwater and Hootsuite help brands look beyond trending topics to track mentions, engagement, and sentiment in real-time. However, Meltwater’s social media listening and monitoring offer a competitive alternative to Hootsuite for social media management.

One key difference lies in compatibility. Hootsuite empowers its listening features via a combination of built-in tools and third-party integrations. The downside is that you have to use multiple social media management tools and manage multiple contracts and relationships to fuel your strategy.

With Meltwater, social media listening and news monitoring come in a single product offering.

You can track...

  • mentions
  • topics
  • engagement
  • competitors
  • keywords
  • hashtags

and more across all your social media accounts, all from a central platform. Schedule posts to go out at optimized times based on engagement history, get a single view of your entire content calendar, and establish content publishing workflows for your whole team.

What’s more, Meltwater doesn’t just focus on social media management (like Hootsuite). Get support for your entire brand management strategy, from competitive analysis to reputation management to market research to market intelligence to media relations. Collective insights can help you create better content based on what your audience wants and expects, putting you way ahead of your competitors.

Interested in getting a tour of our Meltwater solutions as an alternative to Hootsuite today? Simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch.


Sendible social media management tool.

Another alternative to Hootsuite, Sendible bills itself as an all-in-one social media management platform. Ideal for social media teams, Sendible keeps everyone on the same page with established approval processes and collaboration tools.

One of its crowning features is its integration with Canva. Users can design new graphics in Canva, then flawlessly port them into Sendible without loss of quality. Connect all of your social media profiles, queue your content, and let Sendible's auto-posting do the rest.

Another unique feature is the ability to post directly to Instagram. Sendible offers a suite of tools specifically for Instagram posting. Automatically post to Instagram Business social profiles, including image carousels. Combined with the Canva integration, social schedulers can become content powerhouses.

Sendible also creates attractive reports that are ready for sharing. Get clear engagement overviews that highlight your reach, post engagements, mentions, and the number of posts sent, among other things. Colorful charts and graphics make it easy to gain insight into your performance. 


Agorapulse social media tools.

Agorapulse combines the power of social media publishing, monitoring, and reporting into one platform. Users love the centralized inbox, where you can keep track of all of your social media messages, comments, and reviews. Save time and never miss an important opportunity to connect with your audience.

It also boasts a user-friendly, clutter-free interface that shortens the learning curve for your team. Intuitive tools help you get straight to business instead of figuring out how to create, schedule, edit, and track posts.

Once you press Send, Agorapulse continues to track your social’s performance. View analytics on each channel to see what’s working and where you can improve. Take advantage of the free trial so you can test-drive its features without risk.

Tip: Learn more about alternatives to Agorapulse.


SocialPilot social media schedule tool.

SocialPilot is primarily a social media schedule and publishing tool, but also offers support for all the steps before and after and is, therefore, a good alternative to Hootsuite. Like other social scheduling tools, SocialPilot gives you a bird’s eye view of all your social accounts in one dashboard to simplify your social media marketing.

You can create custom posts complete with images, GIFs, tags, videos, and other content. Schedule the perfect time to post, or just press Publish. Its bulk scheduling feature allows you to schedule up to 500 posts at once, saving you tons of time and planning.

Other key features include a single Social Inbox for all your social media channels, approval workflows, task assignments, and attractive, shareable reports.

If you’re running an agency, you’ll appreciate SocialPilot’s pre-built white label option. Include your own branding to give your clients a more cohesive experience. Or, join the reseller program to add a new revenue stream to your business.

SocialPilot offers a 14-day free trial so you can experience all its features first-hand.


Made for individuals and team members alike, SocialOopmh simplifies social scheduling by focusing on one easy-to-use core offering. A no-frills, cost-effective experience gives you the social scheduling tools you need and nothing you don’t need.

One of its fan-favorite features is the bulk uploading tool. You can create multiple posts on your computer, then upload them all to SocialOomph at once.

Another unique feature is its Self-Destruct post, which allows your posts to “expire” after a certain period to avoid confusing your audience with outdated information. This is an ideal solution for timely posts or offers.

SocialOomph also features Flood Control. This automates a publishing limit on your accounts so you don’t end up posting too often and annoy your followers.

Zoho Social

Using Zoho CRM to manage your client relationships? This Hootsuite alternative was made for you!

The makers of the top-rated Zoho CRM also created Zoho Social, an in-depth social media management tool that’s primed for growth.

For starters, it helps you create a publishing schedule based on when your audience is most active. Build your entire content calendar within the platform and visualize your pipeline at a glance. A monitoring dashboard gives you real-time insights into the most important information.

Most notably, you can move the leads and customers you acquire from social media directly into your Zoho CRM. It also integrates with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Canva, and more.

Download the Zoho Social mobile app to take social media management with you. Since it's cloud-based, you can access to all your data from your mobile device.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social social media management tools.

Form and function? You'll find it all in this Hootsuite alternative.

One of the most recognized names in social media platforms, Sprout Social offers an enterprise-grade user experience that infiltrates every aspect of social management.

Unlike most other social platforms, Sprout Social includes social listening technologies. Discover trends and other actionable insights based on real data that can help guide your content creation and posting. Plan all of your posts within the platform while gaining more control over how you organize, schedule, and deliver content.

A unified social inbox gives you back your time while ensuring no DM falls through the cracks. You can also save time by tracking your content’s performance directly through your Sprout Social dashboard and analytics.

One of its most unique features is the Advocacy tool. Easily allow your team members to share your branded or selected content on their own social channels to grow your reach even faster. Turn your employees into advocates to get your content seen. You can also boost Facebook posts directly within Sprout Social – no extra steps required.

Sprout Social also offers a mobile app, allowing you to manage auto-scheduling on the go.


A lesser-known Hootsuite alternative, eClincher's social media management tool caters to small businesses, mid-sized businesses, enterprises, agencies, and franchises.

Use eClincher to manage single posts or entire social campaigns. An Auto-Post feature automatically “recycles” your top-performing content, helping you get more engagement than ever. Upload and schedule content in bulk to save even more time and manual headache. Plus, you can manage all of your assets within the platform or easily port them to your cloud storage provider.

Its suite of integrations is nothing short of impressive. You can make a powerful tool even more potent by adding Dropbox, Google Drive, Zendesk, and more. And naturally, you can include a wide mix of social channels, from Facebook and Instagram to TikTok and YouTube.


CoSchedule social media management tools.

A popular Hootsuite alternative, CoSchedule offers a number of marketing management products under the CoSchedule umbrella. Its primary goal is to help marketers organize their entire strategy and all their social media profiles in a single place. A central source allows brands to remain agile and eliminate bottlenecks.

A single calendar view gives you at-a-glance insights across all your social networks. See and schedule content and monitor your progress with every post.

For an additional fee, its headline studio can help you save time on content creation and A/B testing. CoSchedule automatically scores your headline with data to back it up. It also suggests improvements and helps you choose high-scoring keywords that get results.


Exploring alternatives to Hootsuite gives you a chance to break through limitations you didn’t even know you had. Learn how Meltwater can help you improve your social media game when you schedule a demo.