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3D illustration of an Instagram post with the Irish flag to showcase our list of the top Irish influencers

Top 17 Irish Influencers: Find the biggest influencers in Ireland

Charles Ayling

Mar 25, 2024

In 2022, 93% of marketing professionals included influencer marketing in their  marketing plan. Influencer-related services increased by 26% in the last year alone, with more than two-thirds of marketers seeing influencer marketing as a strategic priority.

And the same is the case with Ireland. Its a vibrant culture and tight-knit communities have long-valued endearing personalities who can entertain, tell compelling stories, and bring people together. With the rise of social media, the nation has cultivated an array of talented digital creators, athletes, entrepreneurs, and media figures who are leveraging their authenticity, humor, and relatability to build influential brands that extend well beyond the Emerald Isle.

However, discovering relevant social media influencers in Ireland might be difficult due to the sheer number of them! So, to help you out, we've compiled a comprehensive list of the top 17 influencers in Ireland based on their ability to create high-quality content and the value they provide to businesses and brands via their social media following and Engagement Rate (ER). Read along!

Top Influencers in Ireland

From viral comedians to rugby legends, Ireland has produced an array of talented and creative social media influencers across various sectors including entertainment, sports, business, and lifestyle. Let’s get to know them better:

  1. Niall Horan

  2. Victor Alfred

  3. Maura Higgins

  4. Michael Obafemi

  5. Yewande

  6. Greg O’Shea

  7. Rory’s Stories

  8. Conor Murray

  9. Trisha Lewis

  10. Amy Huberman

  11. Casper Walsh

  12. Curtis Pritchard

  13. Foil Arms and Hog

  14. Shannen Bulman Joyce

  15. Brian O’Driscoll

  16. Enya Martin

  17. Robbie Henshaw

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Niall Horan

  • IG Handle: @niallhoran
  • True Reach: 1,02,834,073
  • Influence score: 100/100
  • Engagement: 854.4K/Post

Niall Horan is an Irish singer and songwriter who gained worldwide fame as a member of the massively popular boy band One Direction. After the group went on hiatus in 2016, Horan launched a successful solo career topping the charts with singles like "Slow Hands" and "Nice to Meet Ya" from his folk-pop albums. With over 30 million Instagram followers and a devoted global fanbase from his One Direction days, Horan's influence spans chart-topping music and an enviable lifestyle brand.

Victor Alfred

  • IG Handle: @victor_alfred11
  • True Reach: 518,064
  • Influence score: 93/100
  • Engagement: 83.9K/Post

Victor Alfred is a 17-year-old Irish TikTok star with over 650,000 followers and 17 million likes. Mixing comedy skits and dancing/lip-sync videos with wholesome vibes, Alfred has leveraged his quick wit, positivity, and Irish charm into social media stardom, allowing him to collaborate with major brands. As his videos spread joy to fans during the isolation of COVID-19 lockdowns, his feel-good presence earned influence as a top Irish TikTok creator.

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Maura Higgins

  • IG Handle: @maurahiggins
  • True Reach: 1,913,119
  • Influence score: 96/100
  • Engagement: 232.5K/Post

Maura Higgins is an Irish media personality and model who first gained notoriety as a contestant on the popular British dating show Love Island. Turning that exposure into elite influencer status, she now fronts major fashion campaigns, has launched successful beauty products, and accumulated over 3 million Instagram followers through a glamorous personal brand. She wields significant influence as both a reality star and entrepreneur across beauty, style, and women's magazines.

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Michael Obafemi

  • IG Handle: @obafemz
  • True Reach: 94,103
  • Influence score: 91/100
  • Engagement: 18.2K/Post

Irish influencer Michael Obafemi is an Irish professional footballer who plays for Swansea City and the Republic of Ireland national team as a quick and skillful striker. After a promising start to his career with Southampton FC, a series of injuries slowed his progress until his recent explosive form at Swansea and goalscoring contributions for Ireland's national side, including a stunning strike versus Scotland.

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  • IG Handle: @yewande_biala
  • True Reach: 240,415
  • Influence score: 96/100
  • Engagement: 18.2K/Post

Yewande Biala is an Irish scientist and reality TV star best known for appearing on the popular show Love Island. With a first-class degree in science and medicine from University College Dublin behind her, Biala's breakout reality appearance combined brains and beauty. She now leverages her STEM background and visibility as an advocate for diversity in science and the empowerment of black women in Ireland through initiatives focused on equality and inclusion.

Greg O’Shea

  • IG Handle: @gregoshea
  • True Reach: 100,365
  • Influence score: 96/100
  • Engagement: 6.7K/Post

Greg O’Shea is an Irish rugby union player who plays for the Ireland national sevens team and competed at the 2020 Olympics. He gained wider fame by winning the reality competition show Love Island UK due to his athleticism, humor, and Irish charm. That exposure helped O’Shea attract over 1 million Instagram followers through content focused on fitness, nutrition, and the lifestyle of competing as an elite Irish rugby player.

Rory’s Stories

Rory O’Connor, better known as Rory’s Stories, is a former electrician turned comedian/social media star from Ireland. His hilarious short comedy videos poking fun at Irish culture propelled him to over a million Facebook followers. Transitioning into stand-up comedy after losing his job, O’Connor now sells out theatres while partnering with major brands, earning influence as one of Ireland's top comedic content creators.

Conor Murray

  • IG Handle: @conormurray9
  • True Reach: 101,153
  • Influence score: 91/100
  • Engagement: 21.4K/Post

Conor Murray is an Irish rugby union player who plays scrum-half for Irish province Munster and Ireland's national team. With over 100 caps for Ireland, Murray is an influential veteran leader known for his speed, kicking game, and ability to tactically control matches. His consistency and achievements on elite stages like the Six Nations and Lions tours solidify him as one of Ireland’s greatest-ever rugby players.

Trisha Lewis

Trisha Lewis is an Irish chef, entrepreneur, and inspirational Instagram personality who dramatically transformed her life after reaching 27 stone. As demonstrated through her popular Instagram chronicle @trishas.transformation, Lewis embarked on a health and wellness journey that saw her lose significant weight through an improved diet and a newfound love of exercise. This lifestyle overhaul launched Lewis' career as she leveraged decades of professional cooking experience into establishing her own company, Sharp by Trisha Lewis, where she sells healthy food products, cooking courses and published bestselling books.

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Amy Huberman

  • IG Handle: @amy_huberman
  • True Reach: 139,382
  • Influence score: 94/100
  • Engagement: 6.3K/Post

Amy Huberman is a beloved Irish actress, writer, and entrepreneur. Starring in acclaimed comedy TV shows and films for over 20 years enhanced Huberman’s profile and relatability to connect with female fans, while her shoe brand Bourbon Footwear and children’s books further display her creative business savvy to build her aspirational brand. She holds influence as one of Ireland's most prominent multi-hyphenate talents.

Casper Walsh

  • IG Handle: @caswalsh
  • True Reach: 83,922
  • Influence score: 84/100
  • Engagement: 13.7K/Post

Casper Walsh is an 18-year-old Irish TikTok star who gained fame by posting comedy videos and creative transitions showcasing his personality and life in rural Ireland. Relatability led to over 2 million TikTok followers and lucrative brand sponsorships. His humble, genuine presence built a connection with fans during the isolation of lockdowns. Now he gives back to raise mental health awareness.

Curtis Pritchard

  • IG Handle: @curtispritchard12
  • True Reach: 83,565
  • Influence score: 93/100
  • Engagement: 4.4K/Post

Curtis Pritchard is a British-Irish dancer and reality television personality from Love Island UK who now influences fashion and entertainment trends. The younger brother of Strictly Come Dancing's AJ Pritchard, Curtis first garnered fame demonstrating his Latin & ballroom skills on Ireland's Dancing with the Stars before appearing on Love Island. He boasts over 1.5 million Instagram followers.

Foil Arms and Hog

  • IG Handle: @foilarmsandhog
  • True Reach: 263,582
  • Influence score: 91/100
  • Engagement: 30.4K/Post

Comedy troupe Foil Arms and Hog comprises Irish comedians who produce wildly popular sketch comedy videos on YouTube centered around Irish culture and mundane observations. Their hilarious short sketches earned them over 1 million YouTube subscribers. With viral videos and sold-out live shows, they influence Irish comedy while partnering with brands like Guinness.

Shannen Bulman Joyce

  • IG Handle: @shannenjoyce
  • True Reach: 38,257
  • Influence score: 83/100
  • Engagement: 2.5K/Post

Shannen Bulman Joyce is the founder and owner of Snug by Shannen Joyce, a candle company. Candles have always brought Shannen comfort and she wanted to create candles that provide a sense of relaxation and cosiness for others. After relapsing from cancer twice by age 24, Shannen found solace in surrounding herself with comforting things during her treatment, including the flicker and scent of candles. This experience inspired her to start her candle business once she regained her health. As a proud mom to her daughter Róisín, who helped pick Snug's core scents and drew the heart in the Snug logo, launching this company also signifies Shannen's passion and joy.

Brian O’Driscoll

Brian O'Driscoll is an iconic former Irish rugby player regarded as one of rugby's all-time greatest centers. Ireland's 2nd most capped player and former captain, O'Driscoll was the face of Irish rugby during the 2000s thanks to his well-rounded skills, playmaking, and scoring prowess. His legendary status exerts enduring influence over Irish rugby while he provides commentary and uses platforms to promote the sport.

Enya Martin

  • IG Handle: @gizalaugh
  • True Reach: 62,973
  • Influence score: 82/100
  • Engagement: 6.7K/Post

Enya Martin is an Irish writer and stand-up comedian who has rapidly risen to prominence for her humorous and biting social commentary on modern womanhood. Originally from Clondalkin, Martin created a popular Facebook page "Giz A Laugh" featuring hilarious 2-minute videos about daily life in Dublin that demonstrated her sharp comedic wit. This online success laid the foundation for her selling out multiple live comedy shows across Ireland as one of the nation's brightest young comedic talents.

Robbie Henshaw

  • IG Handle: @robhenshaw
  • True Reach: 86,929
  • Influence score: 87/100
  • Engagement: 7.4K/Post

Robbie Henshaw is a world-class Irish rugby centre playing for powerhouse club Leinster and Ireland's national team with over 50 caps at just 29 years old. His physical two-way play and big match performances helped drive Ireland to a historic win over New Zealand while also winning 4 European Champions Cups with Leinster. His influence over Irish rugby continues rising.

How to Work with the Top Influencers in Ireland

Ireland has produced an array of talented and creative social media influencers across various sectors like entertainment, sports, business, and lifestyle. Several factors have contributed to prominent Irish media personalities cultivating engaged audiences on platforms like Instagram.

As we've looked at these 17 popular Irish influencers, it's clear that their influence goes well beyond borders, and they continue to affect the ever-changing world of digital content creation. With a strong grasp of their audience and the ever-changing world of social media, these influencers are ready to inspire, entertain, and establish trends for years to come. So, whether you're a committed follower or just starting to explore their content, keep an eye on these Irish influencers; they're bound to continue surprising and exciting us with their original content.

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