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3d Illustration of fitness equipment and the South African flag to display the list of top South African fitness influencers

Top South African Fitness & Sports Influencers

Katherine McInnes

Oct 3, 2023

South Africa is a sporty, fitness-crazy nation, and you just have a look on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to see it. There are 116 sports influencers on Instagram alone (according to starngage) each with a following of between 1000 and 10-million followers. AB De Villiers (South African cricketer) takes the win for the most followed (over 19-million), and thus the most influential, influencer in the country out of all the types of Instagram influencers.

With documentaries like Game Changers making waves throughout the world, it's no wonder that people are loving healthy food, fitness programmes, and all things sports and wellness.

Whether your brand is sports-focused or not, it’s undeniable that sport and fitness influencers in South Africa have an astounding reach and great influence, making them a great choice for your business’s influencer marketing.

Looking to increase your brand awareness? From sportsmen to bodybuilders and fitpreneurs, check out our list of the best sport and fitness influencers in SA that can help you build your business.

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1 | Noel Deyzel

Instagram handle: @noeldeyzel_bodybuilder

Found mainly on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, Noel Deyzel is one of the most renowned South African bodybuilders. His videos, lasting under 2 minutes, include fitness tips, workout routines and some light comedy. “High protein meal prep time”, “when to use fitness straps”, and “quick leg day” are just a taste of what Noel has to offer his followers.

Noel Deyzel  Influencer Stats

  • 3.1M Instagram Followers
  • 327.3K Instagram Engagement/post 
  • 20% of his Instagram audience is from South Africa
  • 309,271 Instagram True Reach*
  • 93/100 Instagram Influence Score*

2 | Junior Khoza

Instagram handle: @juniorkhoza

Fitpreneurship is what defines Junior, one of Instagram and YouTube’s most-loved South African influencers. Junior posts photos of his lux lifestyle, his body, and his workouts, with inspirational captions to match.

Junior Khoza Stats

  • 175K Instagram Followers
  • 2.6K Instagram Engagement/post 
  • 49% of his Instagram audience is from South Africa
  • 38,532 Instagram True Reach*
  • 79/100 Instagram Influence Score*

3 | Zamaswazi Nkosi

Instagram handle: @fitzamaswazi

Trainer and health fanatic, Zamaswazi posts about her gym life, personal life, and the products she recommends purchasing. She also offers her followers customised training programs at a fee.

Zamaswazi Nkosi  Influencer Stats

  • 124K Instagram Followers
  • 1.9K Instagram Engagement/post
  • 57% of her Instagram Audience is from South Africa
  • 21,247 Instagram True Reach*
  • 80/100 Instagram Influence Score*

4 | Sanelisiwe Mbambo

Instagram handle: @getfitwitsanerie

Herbalife fitpreneur and certified personal trainer, Sanelisiwe is a family woman who posts content about staying fit during pregnancy and postpartum. She makes sure to regularly post about her home life, her days out on the town, and in the gym.

Sanelisiwe Mbambo Influencer Stats

  • 197K Instagram Followers
  • 1.4K Instagram Engagement/post
  • 88% of her Instagram Audience is from South Africa
  • 32,121 Instagram True Reach*
  • 81/100 Instagram Influence Score*

5 | Abbi McDuling

Instagram handle: @activeliving

Another one of our favourite fitness micro-influencers in South Africa is Abbi McDuling. She's an ambassador for Under Armour and Garmin so her posts consist mainly of fitness fashion and her outdoorsy lifestyle. For anyone looking for new gear, Abbi's marketing skills will ensure they find the right 'fit.

Abbi McDuling Influencer Stats

  • 21K Instagram Followers
  • 506.68K Instagram Engagement/post
  • 72% of her Instagram Audience is from South Africa
  • 7,605 Instagram True Reach*
  • 71/100 Influence Score*

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* A true reach: The Klear True Reach technology uses machine learning to predict the number of real views an influencer gets per post.

* Influence score: Klear's 1-100 score represents how influential the influencer is on social networks. It is calculated by machine learning algorithms that take into account thousands of features such as engagements, audience demographics and skills.

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