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Media Monitoring Tools in Ireland – What You Need to Know

Wesley Mathew

Dec 6, 2023

Are You Understanding and Connecting with Your Irish Audiences?

In today’s tech-run world, reaching consumers has never been easier and more effective than with the wonders of the Internet. Why stick to traditional Above the Line (ATL) media of TV or print when you can grab the attention of your audience, any time of the day, at the click of a browser icon?

In light of this, brand management has become vital in establishing and upholding a company’s reputation. It was Jeff Bezos who famously said “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. 

For some, this can invoke cold shivers, bearing in mind that “the room” for brands is now forums and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and over 90% of Irish adults use social media. According to The Irish Times, this number is growing – along with accessibility, and consumers have taken up even more vocal power with the emergence of Influencer Culture.

Tip: These are the top Irish influencers.

Geographic segmentation and dissecting Irish audiences

No form of segmentation is as powerful alone as it is when considered within a bigger picture. However, there are some distinct differences in infrastructure, culture and topical themes, directly related to location. The a href=””>PwC Irish Retail and Consumer Report, 2019 gave us some visibility into current behaviour and mindsets:

“20% of Irish consumers shop online weekly or more often from their mobile devices”.

  • Trust and sustainability are popular values, with 21% of Irish consumers willing to pay a premium for sustainable goods and services
  • Irish consumers are generally not tech-averse

This survey data is a helpful stepping stone for those looking to understand Irish audiences better, but there are simpler ways to gain far more valuable psychographic, behavioural and sentiment insight with regards to this exciting market – using technology.

With the ever-evolving digital landscape moving fast, the task of gaining valuable insight from real-time data can be tough. But, there is a light at the end of the information superhighway-tunnel: Media Monitoring Tools. 

media monitoring in ireland

Media monitoring software scans selected social and news platforms for mentions of specific keywords and hashtags. Everything is automated and as accurate as possible, through the leaps in advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Combine that with human interpretation and you have a comprehensive overview. 

From a dashboard, you can easily access location-based data in the form of metrics you set. This could be a combination of mentions, sentiment analysis and top tweets about a specific subject or brand. You can also see how many people in Ireland are talking about a specific subject and how they feel about it based on a report of positive, neutral or negative sentiment. 

This allows you as a brand owner to:

  • See what Irish audiences are most interested in
  • Pick up on poor sentiment around your brand, or a topic related to your brand, before it spirals out of control
  • Learn more about what products and services your customers love and hate
  • Develop detailed personas that you can target your marketing to
  • Respond to complaints or concerns that are out in the public eye (about your brand)
  • Develop sales leads and join relevant conversations

The efficacy of your media monitoring tool is directly attributed to the strategy you use it for. However, this technology offers you the opportunity to develop and protect your brand, through various mechanisms. 

Go beyond understanding Irish consumers and  manage how they perceive your brand

media monitoring in ireland

A disgruntled consumer tweeting something negative about a brand, left unseen, could have devastating consequences. But with the use of accurate and agile Media Monitoring Tools, you will be able to easily, and constantly,  monitor the web in real time. Allowing for mitigation and a proactive approach if any issues arise, these tools assist brands in giving their consumers the brand experience they deserve and give you continued insight into who you’re speaking to.

Improve the way you do business

As an added bonus, media monitoring tools can also be used for business development.

  • Get accurate data. While many companies still solely rely on traditional data collation methods, what some call “alternative data” can be a valuable tool to more accurately understand consumers. 
  • Test your assumptions more subjectively. It’s easy to cherry pick information that supports popular ideas but the data can often present us with hidden and surprising challenges. If you can identify and address these, you can grow your business sustainably. 
  • Get the edge over your competitors. Media monitoring software also gives you insight into other brands within your industry, giving you a valuable tool to make you and your business more competitive. 
  • Develop informed creative concepts. Knowing how your consumers feel and what they say about your brand should give you a good reference point to build creative campaigns on.
  • Set better KPIs. In this instance, “better” means more relevant and realistic, based on the data and trends viewed over time.
  • Automate manual processes and save time. Scanning for mentions, collating data and reporting is all a breeze when you aren’t sitting filling in form fields and designing graphs. This is an example of where the technology can do the work for you, to a greater extent.

Media monitoring software can genuinely revolutionise the way you understand your audience and protect and build your brand. Gain greater understanding into the feelings and perceptions of your Irish consumers and tap into this exciting and technophilic market, with greater ease.

Sounds great! What now?
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