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An illustration of Meltwater's AI Writing Assistant for social media managers.

Superpowers for Social Media Managers - Meltwater’s AI Writing Assistant

Lance Concannon

Jun 6, 2023

At Meltwater we’ve been working hard to discover ways that AI technology like ChatGPT can be used to improve our products so that our customers can work smarter and deliver great results faster. 

We've recently announced several AI enhancements to our products, and in this blog post we’ll look more closely at how our new AI Writing Assistant can help social media managers to create better posts, faster. 

While our Engage product streamlines much of the work involved in managing social media at scale, it still takes a lot of time and effort to write all of the posts needed to keep those social channels fueled with fresh content. Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT large language models, our new AI Writing Assistant is designed specifically for the needs of social media managers.

Tip: Read about the AI ethics we're following. We also have more interesting resources for you: Guide to ChatGPT for Marketing and PR, learn how to use ChatGPT for PR agencies, find out more about Meltwater's AI-Powered PR Assistant, and take a look at the most helpful ChatGPT prompts for marketing.

You can think of the AI Writing Assistant as a helpful colleague, who’s always at hand to help you work on ideas, make useful suggestions, and give you a little inspiration when you need it. 

How does the Meltwater AI Writing Assistant work?

Start by Composing a Post

We start by composing a post as we normally would in Meltwater Engage.

In this example, let’s imagine we are a sports-nutrition brand, announcing new flavors for our popular vegan protein bars.

AI Writing Assistant Meltwater Prompt

Making Social Media Posts More Engaging

That’s a good start, it’s got all of the important information, but it’s a little boring and we’re not feeling very inspired right now, so let’s click on the AI assistant button to get some help.

AI Writing Assistant Options in Meltwater Engage

You can immediately see that we have several options to work with, all of which will help spice up this post. Let’s start by asking the assistant to make our post more engaging

AI Writing Assistant Outputs 3 Alternative Posts in Meltwater Engage

The assistant has instantly created three alternate versions of our post, all using more dynamic, engaging language. We can choose which of these options we prefer, or simply ask it to create some more variations until it produces one that really hits the spot. For now we’re going to choose the second option.

Next, we’ll ask the assistant to change the tone of the copy. We can choose from four options to match our brand voice, or what we’re trying to achieve with this post: educational, informational, inspirational, and witty. We know our customers are always looking for inspiration to keep them motivated to work out, so let’s choose the “inspirational” tone.

AI Writing Assistant Creates More Inspirational Versions

So here we have three new options, rewritten by the AI to have a more inspirational tone, using language like next level, elevated, and transformed, all of which might resonate well with an audience focused on working out and improving their fitness. 

Add Emojis and Hashtags

For global brands which have to run social channels in lots of different languages, we can ask the AI to translate our post automatically. But for now, we just want to translate our post into a language that Gen Z can understand, so we need to add some emojis and hashtags. The AI Assistant can automatically find the best ones for us.

AI Writing Assistant Adds Emojis and Hashtags

It’s that simple! Starting with a very dry, bland sentence, we used the AI assistant to create a much more engaging and fun post with all the right hashtags and a few eye-catching emojis, and we can easily localize it for our international markets.

Use Copywriting Models for Content Creation

But there’s more. The guys in corporate want a version of this post that’s based on the copywriting models they learned in marketing school, like AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), BAB (Before, After, Bridge), or PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solution). That’s not a problem, because the AI assistant can do all of those things for us. Here’s what it looks like using the AIDA copywriting model.

AI Writing Assistant Creates AIDA Version

One of the reasons so many brands trust Meltwater to help manage their social channels is that we bake governance and brand-safety into our products, to minimize the risk of any intentional or accidental problems occurring. We’ve applied the same philosophy to these new AI features, so they’re implemented in a way that ensures they cannot produce any risky content, and users can’t ‘jailbreak’ them to behave in unexpected ways. As always, maintaining our customer’s trust is our top priority. 

We’re confident that the AI Writing Assistant, as well as our other new AI features, will help make our customer's social media management more effective to build engaging and powerful online communities around their brands.