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Influencer Inspiration: Dove raises the bar with its #ArmsUp campaign

Mark Jackson

Mar 1, 2024

What’s the goal of an influencer campaign? This can be debated. For some, it is brand exposure, while others view it as part of a greater lead-generating process. The beauty of this channel is that it can be configured to support a variety of brand needs. Each campaign is unique and often addresses a very specific use case thanks to influencers’ ability to carve and connect with a niche following.

Dove’s current #ArmsUp campaign is a great example of an influencer campaign that unites a diverse pool of women each leveraging their unique positioning. #ArmsUp is about eliminating the idea of the “perfect armpit” while promoting a new limited-edition antiperspirant. The message of the campaign is that there is no right armpit, and essentially no right person that Dove’s products are created for.

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Why We Love It

#ArmsUp amplifies the values of influencer marketing. As a personal care brand, Dove knows they play a role in crafting a narrative about beauty standards. The brand has adopted a highly inclusive tone. They broke barriers with their Real Beauty campaign back in 2004, and have continued to pioneer for diversity. Their latest campaign unites a spectrum of influencers, each promoting an important platform that resonates with the #ArmsUp ethos.

Put Your Arms Up

I bet some of you are wondering, “is armpit confidence really a thing?” Well, thanks to modern marketing women will find a reason to hate anything about their bodies, so yes… it very much is a thing. But, I digress. Typically when it comes to deodorant ads you’ll only see one type of female armpit; hairless and evenly colored. But, that’s not how a majority of women look. For darker-skinned women, it is normal that their armpits are darker than the rest of their bodies, and over the years it has become less common for women to shave. But, these differences are not reflected in traditional marketing ads.

#ArmsUp brings together different women with different pits and uses a strategic body part to convey the message, “beauty cannot be standardized”. The campaign unites a diverse pool of influencers of different gender expression, race, age, disability, and interest.

The #ArmsUp Influencers

Jari Jones: Trans Activist & Model

As one of the #ArmsUp influencers, Jari is able to speak on her personal experiences of body acceptance and a trans-woman. Jari has 20.3K followers on Instagram, generates about 1.9K engagements per post (which is extremely high), and receives around 3,686 real views per post.

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69% of Jari’s audience is female, and the largest age demographic is 25-35, making up 51%. A majority of her audience is from New York City, and the most popular hashtags between Jari and her followers are #blackgirlmagic, #melanin, #queer, #bodypositive, #transgender, #trans, #effyourbeautystandards, #transisbeautiful, #bodypositivity, and #plussize.

TL;DR, Jari’s audience wholeheartedly supports the values of diversity, inclusivity, and redefining beauty standards. Basically, the pillars of Dove’s #ArmsUP campaign.

Jari Jones Instagram screenshot

It’s evident that though Jari’s audience is small, the real power is how focused and devoted they are. And, what’s even more interesting is how well Jari’s audience demographics overlap with Dove’s Instagram demographics. Dove’s followers are 90% female, 49% are 25-34, and a majority of the followers are from New York.

Dove Instagram demographics

Michelle Elman: Body Positivity Activist

Michelle Elman is a UK-based writer and life coach. She shares posts with her over 100K Instagram followers on her journey to body positivity and acceptance. Interestingly, though Michelle is based in the UK, only 20% of her followers are from the UK while 41% are from the US (Mainly from New York). 84% of her followers are female, and the majority are aged 25-34. This is why demographic data is so important. Michelle could initially be overlooked for this campaign because she is from the UK. But a quick check shows that her audience is ideal.

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Michelle Elman Instagram screenshot

Raise The Roof With Dove

Dove's campaign is still in progress and the influencers are continuing to roll out. At present, the campaign has 10 posts, has reached 1.4M users, and an estimated EMV of $417K.

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