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How To Create Media Monitoring Analysis Reports

Wesley Mathew

Jan 9, 2024

At Meltwater, we understand the importance of up-to-date and easily-digestible reporting and analysis.

Reporting is often met with a groan - most professionals would rather be focusing on the work at hand than number crunching. Gathering your mentions in one place can often be an overwhelming task too. Who wants to spend a week living in a spreadsheet, or get a mouse-related injury from scrolling through a report as long as their arm? Here is where Meltwater comes in - we can tell you what all of your data means by enabling you to create your own media monitoring analysis reports.

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Why Are Media Monitoring Analysis Reports Important?

Analysis is at the heart of what we do.

While you can still see your brand mentions on a granular scale, our diverse range of metrics helps inform your strategy in the wider sphere. Individual pixels are important, but they're nothing without the bigger picture.

In PR, marketing, and social media, measurement, and analysis are crucial in developing educated strategies, adapting and refining campaigns, and gaining support and budget from bosses. Reporting enables you to demonstrate your ROI and justify the resources that go into taking a campaign live.

In the eye of the storm, it's difficult to see what's working and what isn't. With so much data to sift through it can seem like an impossible task - and you're not alone. 74% of marketers can't measure or report how their efforts impact their business according to research by ITSMA and Vision Edge Marketing.

For many of our clients, the demand for reporting has increased hugely in recent years. Whether intended for a client, stakeholders, or internal use, our media monitoring analysis reports are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

The Benefits of Media Monitoring Analysis Reports and Analysis

There's a reason why thousands of companies trust tools like Meltwater to help them get to grips with what's happening in the digital world: 

  • Analyse multiple campaigns with unlimited keywords
  • Gather all of your mentions in one workspace, across News, Broadcast and Social Media
  • Look at the granular detail alongside broader metrics like sentiment, reach and trends
  • Identify your campaign successes and improvement areas 
  • Demonstrate your team's ROI
  • Create ad hoc reports and analysis for crisis comms
  • Monitor consumer trends and make educated predictions
  • Analyse competitor campaigns
  • Benchmark your success against others in the market
  • Inspire future campaigns
  • Work with data-driven insights, not assumptions 
  • Track key influencers and stakeholders in your industry
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Our analytics and reporting software creates presentation-ready reports and analysis in minutes, helping you to get to grips with your content at the push of a button.

The Meltwater platform creates several reports based on your individual reporting needs:

Types of Media Monitoring Analysis Reports

With media monitoring, you can gain insights into very different fields which ultimately allow your company to grow. Use your to create the following reports:

Media Analysis/Reports

Media monitoring helps you understand the digital world around your brand by analysing online news sources and coverage, social media, print, broadcasts and podcasts. It allows you to follow discussions about your business online while tapping into overarching trends, opportunities and threats in the media. You can map out how people feel about your brand and where you should be putting your efforts - but only by filtering information and collating your most important findings into an easy-to-digest report.

Screenshot of the Meltwater Explore Platform

Want to see our media monitoring platform in action?

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PR Campaign and Insights Reports

How long do you spend putting together your pr reports - not to mention end-of-year reports? Our insight reports are board-ready, using AI to analyse specific campaigns and measure performance and outcomes. View sentiment, find top mentions, filter coverage by the quality and relevance of the publication, and extract your most important findings.

PR reports summary dashboard

Want to see our interactive pr reports in action? Fill out the .

Further resources:

Competitive Analysis

Typically competitor reports look at media performance, but with today's tools, you can dive far deeper - extracting the insights that will give you a truly competitive edge. These reports now show overlapping interests and audiences, top mentions of competitors and comparative analyses, as well as mass media coverage on key brands. These types of analyses allow you to find creative ways to compete and convert more leads in particularly competitive industries. They also allow for more thorough SWOT analyses.

Screenshot of Meltwater's competitive analysis capabilities

Tip: Read this blog to learn how to perform a competitor analysis.

Crisis Reports

It can be tough to remain calm when a crisis hits, but with the right analysis, you can determine the level of damage and strategise efficiently. Crisis reports exist to measure negative brand impact and as a form of mitigation for future hazards. They are imperative to helping you protect your brand reputation in the long term.

Use real-time alerts to be on top of conversations at all times and react before it is too late.

Tip: Download our free Crisis Communications Guide and learn how to conduct a media impact analysis.

Audience Insight Reports

Market segmentation lies at the heart of any relevant business strategy and knowing your consumers is undoubtedly a way to ensure greater success. In order to achieve the array of benefits that comes from intimately knowing your consumers, you need to understand what motivates them, how they feel about your brand, and how they behave when making purchases or interacting with your brand, and other brands, online. This data is collated in Audience Insights Reports which are easy to generate with Meltwater and give you immense room to explore.

Meltwater Audience Insights Reports

Want to see our audience insights reports in action? Fill out the .

Social Performance Reports

These indicate how your media is performing across your owned social channels, and offer insight into community growth and activity. Social insights benchmark your brand against your competitors and can be presented in a standalone format or as part of your competitor analysis. 

Meltwater can help with the heavy-lifting during reporting seasons, giving you time back to focus on other things. The comprehensive dashboard will also help you to increase your reporting capacity, with an easy sharing function and constantly updating mentions.

meltwater engage reporting for social media monitoring tool

Want to see our social media analytics dashboards in action? Fill out the .

Further resources:

Getting Started with Your Media Monitoring Analysis Report

Step 1: Define your goals

Reporting for reporting's sake is a waste of everyone's time. Make the process more meaningful by determining what you hope to achieve.  Do you need to justify spend on a campaign? Are you looking to understand how your work is yielding results for either your own brand or a client's? Are you looking for opportunities for business growth and development? Does your team need fresh inspiration for content that your audiences will engage with? Once you determine the problem, you can set your own goals. 

Step 2: Define your key metrics

Once you've established these, you can decide which metrics are most relevant to your team and business.

With , you can measure the following, and more

  • Number of mentions (you can measure this in real-time)
  • Reach on social media and third-party sites
  • Consumer sentiment - positive, negative or neutral
  • The volume of social media mentions
  • The number of mentions in other online media
  • Your overall media coverage
  • Total number of engagements, shares, likes and comments
  • The volume of mentions from blogs, forums and podcasts
  • Top mentions
  • Most active profiles of people or businesses that interact with your brands on social
  • Top influencers and most influential publications
  • Trending hashtags and topics
  • Locations where most mentions are occurring
Influencer dashboard

Step 3: Identify key roles and responsibilities

allows for real-time collaboration so that teams can work together without undoing campaign and analytic research. These tools make it easier for smaller teams to filter a myriad of information but in larger groups, there is still room for dividing to conquer without perpetuating siloes.

Step 4: Build your all-in-one dashboard

Your news and social media monitoring dashboard will give you instant access to data in real-time, housing all your Meltwater tools in one place. From here you can start to build your research environment by adding specific widgets that help you measure the metrics you've already defined.

Step 5: Run specific searches

Enter keyword phrases into our Boolean search feature, run analysis over specific time periods and across specified locations, get real-time alerts of mentions (on our mobile app), and view top interactions in seconds. Use custom scoring to establish the quality of the coverage you've had and measure its effectiveness based on the results.

Step 6: Generate or customise reports

Create a social media report, for example, from your dashboard and built-in search functions. Then export in various formats, like Excel, which work for both old-school and digitally advanced teams. in getting set up and deciding how you'd like to visually display information. Will your team respond better to a graph or a word cloud? You've got options when it comes to communicating your results.

Step 7: Draw insights and set new objectives

The data you pull is only as effective as the roadmap for learning and action it gives you. Use it to generate insights and create new experiments which will allow you to continuously evolve your content, PR, and competitive strategies. Go a step beyond by interrogating your reports and analysing the impact of factors such as media bias and consumers who jump on hashtag bandwagons in ironic ways. Look closely at the information to glean the best insights and learnings out of your efforts.

meltwater dashboard on media monitoring in the uk

One of the Best Media Monitoring Reporting Examples: Meltwater & Fund For Peace

Governments worldwide rely on the Fund For Peace (FFP) to carry out independent research that promotes sustainable world security. The Fund For Peace, in turn, relies on Meltwater to help them achieve this in a way that is impartial and provides the deep insights that impact the world's safety.

FFP's Reporting Requirements

  1. Run complex searches for accurate, fine-tuned results.
  2. Integrate with other data sources for a well-rounded view that incorporates both internal and external data. 
  3. Ad-hoc analysis and reporting in real-time for a detailed overview with up-to-the-minute answers.

How Meltwater's Media Monitoring Suite Supports FFP

With media monitoring and reporting technologies, The FFP are able to detect trends and predict potential conflicts. detect early warning signs and identify areas for further investigation. In this instance, Meltwater is integrated with other data sources, including but not limited to the World Bank and UN Refugee Agency as a trusted tool to provide primary information. 

In fact, the FFP has pinpointed Meltwater as the reason for producing vital documents faster, understanding fragility and instability trends, and gaining insights into global queries along the way.

Read the full case study of Meltwater and the Fund For Peace (FFP).

Need Help With Streamlining Your Media Monitoring Reporting?

It pays to enlist the help of experts when integrating new data and analysis tools into your tech stack. Contact us for more information or find out more about Meltwater's easy-to-use reporting capabilities and media monitoring services.