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The Top 10 South African TikTokers 2023

Katherine McInnes

Oct 20, 2023

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in the world (, 2022), so if it isn’t topping your business’s list of digital marketing priorities, it should be.

With over 1 billion users globally and over 6 million in South Africa, the app uses ever-evolving algorithms that provide users with nothing other than short, user-generated videos that they love. Because of the app’s unique targeting system, businesses can advertise to a specific audience using one of the most subtle forms of marketing - influencer marketing.

Consumers are responding better to 'ads that don't feel like ads', and the top 10 South African TikTokers 2023 and other famous TikTokers can provide just that.

With millions of views both nationally and internationally, famous South African TikTokers are creating unique video content that is said to be inspiring global trends (business insider, 2022). What better way to get exposure than with a well-aligned South African TikTok star creating viral-worthy video content featuring your brand? It’s a complete no-brainer but we get it, it’s no easy feat finding the right influencer to partner with.

We’ve put together a list of the most followed verified TikTok influencers in South Africa (in no particular order) for you to have a look at:

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1 | Wian

TikTok handle: @wian

Snapping up first place out of the top 20 South African TikTokers, Wian is a 27-year-old magician that has taken the social media world by storm. His videos have accumulated over 100 million views, and he’s been seen by celebs like Ellen Degeneres, Siya Kolisi, AD Oppenheim and others. Wian has featured brands like Krispy Kreme and Ster Kinekor in his videos, giving them millions of views and increasing their exposure.

Wian TikTok Stats

  • 16.4M TikTok Followers

2 | Jeandre

TikTok handle: @jeandrejvrr

Making it onto the list of top 100 South African TikTokers, Jeandre provides his followers with entertaining videos of his lip-syncing and Omegle chats. While his following isn't as big as other South African TikTokers, his videos get hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of views.

Jeandre TikTok Stats

  • 1.9M TikTok Followers

3 | Lasizwe

TikTok handle: @lasizwe

Comedian, fashionista, and dancer - meet Lasizwe, one of South Africa's favourite TikTok stars. Posting videos of himself dancing in different locations, with a funny twist, is his specialty, and it has fans hooked. Lasizwe gets thousands to millions of views.

Lasizwe TikTok Stats

  • 1.8M TikTok Followers

4 | Sergio Ines

TikTok handle: @whatmyboyfriendwore

With videos labeled “can you spot the ‘cheap’ suit” getting over 16 million views, it’s no doubt that Sergio Ines is TikTok’s best men’s fashion and style advisor.

Sergio Ines TikTok Stats

  • 984.5K TikTok Followers

5 | Chad Jones

TikTok handle: @chadjones957

Chad Jones, is a South African TikTok star with almost 2 million followers. ‘Watch how I teach my parents to dance’, Chad’s bio states, and we can guarantee that you’re going to want to watch. Funky and unique, this star features brands like Stimorol, Nescafe, and Spar (with some of these videos receiving more than a million views).

Chad Jones TikTok Stats

  • 1.8M TikTok Followers

6 | Seekay_sa

TikTok handle: @seekay711

Seekay_sa is a South African musician, model and skincare influencer. His TikTok videos include trendy videos to his own soundtracks, modeling videos and product promotions (skincare specifically). He has over 2 million followers and his videos reach millions.

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Seekay_sa TikTok Stats

  • 2.4M TikTok Followers

7 | Siphesihle Ndaba

TikTok handle: @ceecee_ndaba

According to Siphesihle's bio, she's a storyteller - but in reality, she's an actress, a voice-over artist, and a theatre director with a passion for storytelling. What makes Siphesihle unique is all of the above, coupled with the fact that she's only 23. In between starring on the Mzansi hit series GOMORA, she manages to post videos on her TikTok account, keeping her half a million fans enthralled with her daily life and life on set.

Siphesihle Ndaba TikTok Stats

  • 554K TikTok Followers

8 | Bontle Modiselle

TikTok handle: @bontle_ba_afrika

Follow Bontle to see epic dance moves and choreography from her very own studio. This TikTok star keeps her 1.1 million followers engaged, sometimes reaching over 5 million views.

Bontle Modiselle TikTok Stats

  • 1.2M TikTok Followers

9 | Andiswa The Bomb

TikTok handle: @thebomb.rsa

Posting funny lip-syncing and image-morphing videos, Andiswa is a content creator with over 600 000 followers. She mainly posts videos of herself, many of them reaching over a million viewers.

Andiswa The Bomb TikTok Stats

  • 633.3K TikTok Followers

10 | John-Marc van Wyk

TikTok handle: @johnmarkcvanwyk3

John-Marc, with a following of 8 million on the app, is a must-follow male TikToker. His funny videos are titled “3 Year Old Me At Dinner Time”, “7 Year Old Me Jumping On The Couches”, “7 Year Old Me Finding A Stick”, amongst many, many more.

John-Marc van Wyk TikTok Stats

  • 8M TikTok Followers


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