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Top 12 Online Reputation Monitoring Software, Tools & Services

Guv Callahan

Mar 11, 2024

At a time when information travels at lightning speed and opinions are shared with a click of a button, reputation monitoring is as vital to a business as its products, employees, and customers. Customers rely on digital word-of-mouth like reviews and social media posts to steer them toward great companies and away from bad actors. 

To stay on top of what people are saying about your business, a reputation monitoring tool helps you be everywhere your customers are. Reputation monitoring tools track and manage your brand across the web, even in places where you don’t have an active online presence. Learn how others are talking about your brand, how they feel, and what they’re sharing that could sway others’ opinions.

Here’s a closer look at some of the best online reputation monitoring software, tools, and services that can help you maintain your image:


An image of the Keyword Search functionality within Meltwater's online reputation monitoring tool.

Meltwater’s powerful social listening platform makes it a desirable tool for reputation monitoring. It combines social listening with sentiment analysis, so you can see not just what people are saying but how they’re feeling, too. You can monitor unlimited keywords, a major plus if you also want to keep tabs on your competition’s reputation. Meltwater will send you real-time alerts when it detects shifts or trends so you can get ahead of crises, negative reviews, or poor customer experiences before they mar your brand image.

Meltwater monitors more sources than any other platform or tool, including blogs, forums, podcasts, offline media, and Chinese social media sites. This gives brands a comprehensive view of how their brand is performing throughout the digital space.


A product screenshot of Mention's reputation monitoring platform.

Mention is a brand monitoring tool that’s easy to use and focuses solely on social media data. Users can track millions of conversations in real time and organize and filter their mentions to see what matters to them. It’s also easy to compare mention trends over time to see how your audience is keeping the conversation going about your brand.

Unique features include a daily recap that compiles quick insights, a Smart Folders storage system to easily find important mentions, and alerts whenever there’s a spike in conversations. Mention also offers a free trial so you can test drive its features before committing.

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A screenshot of Reputology's online reputation monitoring solution.

Online reviews are powerful sources that can help or harm your reputation. With the proliferation of review sites (like Yelp!, Google, Manta, Facebook, Glassdoor, and many more), brands need an easy way to collect and monitor reviews no matter where customers leave them. Enter Reputology, a unified platform that brings all of your reviews under one roof for better online reputation management.

The platform monitors your reviews 24/7 across every site and channel and emails you when new reviews appear. Capture reviews for all of your locations and respond to customers directly from the platform. Take it a step further by analyzing the content of the reviews to spot trends in feedback and get to the root of any problems. This allows you to take an informed approach to addressing feedback and prioritizing improvements that will make a difference.

Google Alerts

A screenshot of the Google Alerts interface

When building your online reputation monitoring stack, don’t neglect simple, free tools like Google Alerts that can add instant value to your process. Google Alerts monitors keywords of your choosing and sends you daily email roundups of articles that mention those keywords. This is a great way to keep tabs on who’s publishing content about you or your competitors. You can set up multiple alerts in seconds, then watch your inbox for insights.

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An image of GatherUp's Net Promoter Score dashboard for reputation monitoring.

GatherUp specializes in online review management. The twist is that in addition to monitoring for new reviews, the tool helps you proactively ask your customers to review your products or services. 

Customers give weight to online reviews, with 93% of buyers saying online reviews impact their buying decisions. For businesses who want to improve their online reputation, proactively asking for reviews can help you build trust with your audience. The tool also lets you reply to customer reviews with AI-generated responses or turn reviews into social media content.


An image of SentiOne's social listening and reputation monitoring tool.

SentiOne takes a two-pronged approach to online reputation monitoring. It combines social listening with AI-powered chatbots to connect you with your customers and hear what they’re saying. On the social listening front, SentiOne gathers publicly available data from social channels and mines for mentions of your brand or related topics. Chatbots also provide insight into customer sentiments by analyzing why they’re engaging with you.

Users can filter their results by positive or negative mentions to see where they’re hitting the mark or where they can improve. You can also turn the data into visuals to make the information easier to understand.

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An image of one of the dashboards available in ReviewPush's reputation monitoring solution.

Focused on small and medium enterprises, ReviewPush ensures you never miss another review. Rather than having multiple log-ins for each review site and each business location, ReviewPush brings all of your online reviews to a single location. You can respond directly to customer reviews from the platform. 

ReviewPush also gives you multiple ways to view your data. See your performance as a company or dial deeper into individual locations to see how your reputation stacks up in different markets. You can also monitor changes in reviews, ratings, and conversations over time to see if you’re making the right changes to improve your brand image.

ReviewPush offers a free 21-day trial so you can see how it fits into your brand reputation monitoring strategy. 


A product image of BuzzSumo's brand monitoring solution.

This popular trend tracker might not be the first tool you think of when you need online reputation monitoring services. But BuzzSumo also empowers your reputation monitoring strategy with mentions and alerts for your brand keywords. See where your brand is being mentioned on the web, especially when it comes to getting backlinks from other websites. You can also use BuzzSumo to monitor your competitors and see who’s mentioning them online.


A product image of BirdEye's online reputation monitoring solution.

BirdEye is well loved in the reputation monitoring space for its ease of use. First and foremost a customer feedback platform, BirdEye lets brands gain direct insights into their customers’ experiences and use them to improve their approach. Since your customers’ experiences ultimately define how they perceive you, it’s essential to close the feedback loop and ensure you’re making the right changes and investments in the right areas to grow your reputation.

Manage multiple aspects of your reputation from one place, including online reviews, business listings, social media, and more. Send custom surveys to customers to collect feedback. Engage with customers on multiple channels and ask for referrals. BirdEye puts your reputation in the spotlight at all times and gives you the tools you need to control it.

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An image of Reputation's business listings solution.

For brands that need a comprehensive solution, Reputation’s platform specializes in all things business reputation monitoring. The philosophy here is that all feedback has the power to transform, which is why the platform caters to every stage of the customer journey. Surveys, business listings, and messaging allow brands to be proactive in engaging with customers and use those opportunities to grow their reputations.

It pulls reputation monitoring and the customer experience together so companies can create meaningful conversations at every touchpoint.


An image of SOCi's business reputation monitoring solution as displayed on an iPad.

Managing reputations across multiple franchise locations is no easy feat, especially when each location has their own online listings for collecting reviews and feedback. SOCi aims to bridge the gaps by centralizing online reputation monitoring and marketing.

Primarily a marketing platform, SOCi includes business reputation monitoring tools to boost reputations at the local level. Listening technologies help brands uncover what people are saying online and where they’re saying it, even if they’re not saying it directly to the brand. These tools also help brands capitalize on user-generated content that can be repurposed in their marketing.

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An image of Thryv's reputation monitoring capabilities.

Thryv is a powerful small business software solution that includes features for reputation tracking. Most notable is its online review management toolkit, which monitors for new reviews 24/7 and maintains your business listings across 40 sites. Businesses can update all of their listings from a single location, making it easier for customers to find them and leave reviews. And by seeing all of your reviews in one place, you’ll always know where you stand.

Discover Tools for Building an Unbreakable Reputation

In today’s hyper-connected world, where online reviews and social media reign supreme, online reputation monitoring could be the difference between success and failure. Every company should know what’s being said about them and be proactive in managing their reputations.

Meltwater helps you stay on top of every mention, everywhere with holistic media intelligence. Our platform covers more sources than any other platform and transforms mentions into sentiments and insights instantly.

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