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Research & Insights

Without your research, everyone from Marketing to the C-suite loses visibility that can inform strategy. You need to convert the conversations and cultural shifts online into actionable recommendations—fast.

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Your new best friend for delivering digital insights.

Tap Into the Social Web

Uncover the influence digital channels wield over your audience, across social media, online news, podcasts, and more.

Leverage Industry-Leading Content

Ensure your market research is sound with the world’s largest corpus of news and social media data sources.

Stay Ahead of Trends

Plan strategically with predictions about changing consumer behaviors and emerging market signals.

Data has gotten complicated.

Conversations create complexity

The amount of unstructured data online is complex and daunting. Making accurate conclusions that will empower teams to execute their strategies, even more so. Our analysts can help you see the connections and draw out the most useful parts.

Turning data into insight takes work

Gathering useful social media data is only the first step. The next is pinpointing emerging trends, unmet needs, and product innovation opportunities. Our AI technologies and research methodologies point you to reliable insights.

Shaping decisions is the next hurdle

Even when you've found insights, the next hurdle is getting people to take action. Our dashboards help you communicate your data story and influence decsion-makers.

Start diving into the data.

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Insights for your industry.

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Financial Services
Public Sector
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Meltwater Dashboard
Meltwater Dashboards
Meltwater Explore

Make an impact from recruitment to alumni.

Uncover the common threads in online conversations happening on campuses across the globe. Harness the insight to craft recruitment strategies and alumni programs that will make an impact.

Be one step ahead for you and your clients.

Use predictive analytics when following market shifts, and important events like IPOs and fundraising rounds, to strategically plan the next moves for your company and clients.

The voice of the people doesn't have to be abstract.

With real data, real analytics and real insights you can begin to truly understand what is swaying public opinion, and form policy that will make a difference.

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Let's build your Meltwater Suite.

You can start simple or integrate globally with our adaptive products that will meet you exactly where you are.