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Whether you're trying to reach students, donors or industry partners, our suite was made to help you build your university’s profile.

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It’s a challenging time for higher education.

With student enrollments declining, costs increasing and many universities facing either closure or consolidation, it’s never been more important to understand what students want from higher education. Meltwater empowers you to stay ahead of changing times.


97% of CMOs at higher education institutions advertise on Facebook.


68% of students say they use social media when researching colleges and universities.


46% of teens look at the Instagram feeds of current students at the universities they’re considering.

Capture the insight that drives impact.

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Social Media Management
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Social Listening
Social Media Management
Influencer Marketing
Consumer Intelligence
Media Intelligence
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Listen in on billions of online conversations.

Do you know when someone talks about your university online, whether it’s a question, criticism or positive feedback? Get real-time alerts for potential crisis situations, and regular reports to track your brand performance on social channels.

Manage owned social channels with ease.

Managing all of your social channels can be time-consuming and complicated. Meltwater lets you smoothly run all of your accounts from a single dashboard. Schedule content publishing, moderate comments, respond to questions and generate performance reports at the click of a button.

Partner with influencers that will raise your profile

Millennials and Gen Z are more likely to listen to trusted influencers when making big decisions. Whether they're internet superstars with millions of fans, or micro-influencers focused on niche topics, our tools help you identify the right influencer to reach your target audience, and streamline campaign management.

Uncover deeper insights about your target audience

Students are more active on social than ever before, and they're sharing thoughts on higher education as much as any other topic. Meltwater uses advanced AI to turn all of that social data into powerful, actionable insights that can help you understand how best to find and communicate your message to future students.

If the the press is talking about you, be the first to know.

A story about your university in the media could be fantastic news or sometimes the polar opposite. In either situation, Meltwater makes sure you are instantly alerted whenever your featured in online media, broadcast or even podcasts, so you can react quickly.

Higher education is facing higher stakes to survive.

Enrollments are dwindling.

Fewer students are choosing higher education in light of increased costs and more attractive alternatives. They need to know why your university is the best choice.

Costs continue to rise.

The cost of studying, and of providing education services is on the rise. Universities need to find ways to cut costs and increase revenues to offer students better value.

Faculty retention takes work.

It’s getting difficult to attract and retain talented academic staff, as the career appears less attractive. Building a strong employer brand will bring in the best people.

Student wellbeing is top of mind.

It’s no surprise that the current generation of students are struggling with their mental wellbeing after a tumultuous period. Strong online communities are part of the solution.

Digital transformation is essential.

As universities strive to modernize their infrastructure for the digital age, social data can play a key role in helping them to stay connected to a fast changing world.

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