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Build authentic communications with your audience and gain a deeper understanding of their opinions and behaviors. Meltwater brings the power of social media to the public sector.

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Your public is online, and they want you to be there too.

So much of modern life takes place online and in social media. The public expects the organizations they rely on to be accessible through their chosen online platforms. They're sharing their opinions and ideas through social, providing a powerful source of insight for policy-makers. That's where Meltwater comes in.


45% of public agencies say their biggest challenge in social is record-keeping compliance.


46% of public bodies have no formal policy for moderating comments on their social channels.


91% of agencies list ‘citizen engagement’ as their primary reason for using social media.

The tools you need to get started.

Social Media Management
Social Listening
Consumer Intelligence
Media Intelligence
Media Relations
Social Media Management
Social Listening
Consumer Intelligence
Media Intelligence
Media Relations

Increase engagement with your audience.

Running a portfolio of social channels with a large audience is a challenge. Even more so if you're a small team with limited resources and you need to follow strict compliance rules. Meltwater streamlines the process so you can get more done, faster, and focus on the next task at hand.

Make sense of the social noise.

When people are talking online about your organization, or the issues that are relevant to it, Meltwater helps you make sense of it all. Spot the early signs of a crisis, or an opportunity, and react quickly. Run listening reports on autopilot so your stakeholders get updates delivered directly to their inbox as often as needed.

Uncover powerful audience insights.

Every day billions of people take to the internet to discuss the issues that matter to them. By applying modern AI and analytics technology to all this social data, you can reveal deep truths about the public’s attitudes and behaviors that will help shape campaigns, policies and services that people want.

When the press is talking about you, you should know about it first.

A story about you in the press could be great news, and sometimes not so great news. Either way, when your organization is covered in online media, broadcast or podcasts, Meltwater makes sure you know about it immediately, giving you the advantage of reacting quickly to any opportunity.

Build strong relationships with key media.

Keeping the press on-side is essential for any public sector organization. Our media relations platform will help you identify the most relevant journalists and media outlets, and streamline management of your press outreach programs. Make sure you get your side of the story across

The pressures of the public sector.

Staying compliant is essential.

You need to be present on social, but at the same time are subject to strict regulations. Managing compliance is a challenge, and you need tools that help.

Challenged to do more with less.

Budgets are tight. You can't devote as many resources to social media as you'd like. You need tools that empower your team to work smarter and faster.

Securing buy-in takes work.

Not everyone sees ROI in social media, you have to prove the value of every dollar you spend. A platform that simply shows the ROI of your activity can do just that.

Community management is complex.

From increasing public engagement to tackling tricky topics sensitively, community management is a big ask. A platform that streamlines will make life easier.

People are complicated.

It’s hard to know what the public really wants, and you can't always please everyone. Consumer intelligence helps you understand your audience, and their needs, better.

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Let's build your Meltwater suite.

You can start simple or integrate globally with our adaptive products that will meet you exactly where you are.