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Financial Services

Level up your financial services business with tools to build a deeper understanding of your audience and market, and to effectively communicate to them through conventional and social media.

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The industry is changing, and so are your customers.

The financial services industry is more dynamic, and complex, than ever. Consumers have options and are better informed about financial products. They have strong opinions too. Now more than ever you need to understand their attitudes and behaviors, and clearly communicate your value. Meltwater is here to help you keep up.


39% of Gen Z say social media is their primary source of financial education, far higher than family, school and college.


195% increase in searches for “investment tips” on Pinterest in 2021, with similar search terms also exploding in popularity.


47% of millennials say social media has had a positive impact on their finances, and 57% of Gen Z believe the same thing.

Where we come in.

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Social Listening
Social Media Management
Influencer Marketing
Consumer Intelligence
Media Intelligence
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Distill insight from billions of online conversations.

Spot when people are talking about your brand and analyze the social data around it to build a holistic understanding of your customers, highlighting their concerns and cares to build strategy. Then run regular reports on auto-pilot, so you can get back to focusing on what matters.

Take better control of your owned social channels.

Managing social channels is time-consuming. Doing it for multiple brands across global markets can be a real challenge. It's time to streamline your social media management and make building customer communities easier, all while efficiently handling customer service issues and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Align with influencers that engage your audience.

Millennial and Gen Z are turning to online influencers for financial advice, instead of conventional media. You need a solution that can find and validate influencers, focused on financial services, so you can partner with trusted people to bring your message to the masses.

Uncover the insights that will grow your business.

Every day millions of people discuss financial services online, and all of those conversations can be a gold mine of insights for your business. Meltwater uses smart technology and market research methodologies to turn data into consumer insights that help identify unmet needs and new opportunities.

When the press is talking about you, you should know about it first.

A story about you in the press could be great news, and sometimes not so great news. Either way, when your business is covered in online media, broadcast or podcasts, Meltwater makes sure you know about it immediately, giving you the advantage of reacting quickly to any opportunity.

Costs are high for the finance industry.

Consumers are ever-changing.

Compared to previous generations, Millenials and Gen Z have different expectations for financial services. Your brand needs to understand these new consumer drivers.

Challenging market conditions are constant.

The pandemic, a cost of living crisis, global turmoil, the list of macroeconomic challenges is endless. It’s critical to keep your executives informed with the latest industry intelligence to ensure operational resilience.

Regulatory landscape is complex.

Across the world financial regulators are introducing ever more stringent rules, and ensuring compliance with each market’s specific regulations for marketing communications is no easy task.

Differentiation is tough.

With competitors popping up all around you chasing the same customers, you need to stand out from the pack to survive. How? By building a powerful and authentic brand with strong, clear values.

Talent acquisition takes skill.

The new generation of financial services superstars have radically different expectations from the modern workplace. Understanding them, and maintaining a strong employer brand is essential.

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