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As a modern PR and communications professional your role has been rapidly evolving. Today these seats hold high responsibilities that include traditional and non-traditional media, both on and offline. To be on top of your game, you need tools that can make your job streamlined while proving ROI.

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A solution created with your goals in mind.

Build Journalist Relationships

Scale your outreach and build stronger relationships with media outlets, influencers, journalists and editors with a GDPR-friendly global database.

Manage Brand Reputation

Don't let negative sentiment have a negative impact on you. Monitor mentions of your brand, executive team, campaigns and hashtags in real-time.

Create Custom Reporting

Discover insight into the media efforts that make an impact, while tapping into our analyst team to share results via intuitive dashboards.

The PR landscape has changed.

Proving ROI is complicated.

PR is more than press-clippings, so proving ROI has gotten complicated. How do you figure out the value of a byline vs. a web link in an article? Our custom scoring and reporting solutions can help you discover the answers.

Reputation management takes work.

News travels fast. You have to be quick to respond if a spark of bad press turns into a flame. But quickly doesn’t mean rashly. With social listening and media monitoring you'll see the full picture so you can address issues effectively.

SEO is always top of mind.

Most businesses need search volume to survive. Through strategic PR you can improve SEO through high quality backlinks. But achieving links isn't easy. Meltwater allows you to pinpoint the opportunities most likely to yield positive results, refining your strategy to optimize success.

Time investment is critical.

Mining through thousands of irrelevant mentions is not only exhausting, it’s ineffective. When you can automate media monitoring, you minimize the risk of human error and free up your time to do the things machines can't, like building relationships with journalists.

Let's streamline your PR efforts.

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Meltwater Analyze

Ramp up recognition and coverage for your institution.

Elevate your university's presence around the globe, integrate student life and social media, improve alumni programs and outreach through social media monitoring, real-time alerting and media monitoring solutions.

Get first access to vital market shifts.

Receive up-to-the-minute data on market shifts to guide your clients with proactive advice. Respond tactfully to changes and lend solid recommendations using media intelligence to track institutions & industries, and IPOs.

Analyze the sway of public opinion.

Develop a deeper understanding of public opinion through integrated media monitoring and social listening. Uncover insights that drive your approach to policy, campaign coordination and response to online conversations.

PR is not just traditional media.

Leverage authentic brand ambassadors and uncover insights on your customers’ shopping journey from in-store to online. Scale your brand’s reach where you care about most with Meltwater’s full suite.

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Let's build your Meltwater Suite.

You can start simple or integrate globally with our adaptive products that will meet you exactly where you are.