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Media Monitoring

Meltwater offers comprehensive media monitoring and analysis across online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts, capturing more content and conversations than anyone else in the industry. 

Our news monitoring tool tracks keywords connected to the topics that matter for you and aggregates all public online and editorial content that mentions your keywords.

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20 years of experience as the #1 Media Monitoring Platform.

The amount of information published online keeps increasing every day, while PR and Marketing professionals have limited time to find relevant content. 

We now live in an age where nothing happens in the real world without leaving a mark online. With 20 years of experience Meltwater's easy-to-use media monitoring services have helped millions of Marketing and PR Pros, around the world, to monitor their brand, markets, the competitive landscape, trends and more. 

Since 2001, we have invested in proprietary technology to capture content from more than 270,000 global news sources, social media platforms, forums, blogs, print publications, broadcasts and podcasts. We bring in over 500 million pieces of new content every day and keep adding news sources on a daily basis. You can also always access your search results and get real-time analyses through our industry-leading mobile app, available on iOS and Android.

What we monitor


We have several different options for TV and Radio monitoring - fully integrated into Meltwater products, so we are able to recommend the one most appropriate to your region.

Social Media

We allow you to monitor over 15 different social media channels (including access to all of X's content), blogs, comments, news articles and product reviews. 

Online News

We scan over 270,000 news sources globally. With customers in 125 countries, we have a local and global focus, so you will be covered wherever news breaks.  

Print Media

With a network of fully-vetted global, regional and local print monitoring partners, you can rest easy knowing that if its on the printed page, you will receive it from Meltwater.


We help you monitor over 25,000 podcasts on a global scale, with the ability to add podcasts to our capture network, if we aren't covering what you need.

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Meltwater's media monitoring software will help you to track:

  • Volume of mentions: We monitor your news coverage over a specific time period across online news, blogs, social media, forums, and review sites
  • Share of voice per platform: Where is your brand mentioned the most, and where should you invest more time and energy?
  • The potential reach of the mentions: This indicator shows the total potential of impressions you received over a specific period from your media coverage
  • Sentiment analysis: A measure of how your brand is perceived in discussions online
  • Trends analysis: The most common topics associated with your brand
  • Top publications: The publications that are talking about your brand the most
  • Top location: Where your brand mentions are originating from 
  • Top influencers and journalists: Who mentions your brand, products or key stakeholders
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A world of insight

Global Media Monitoring

Companies that are operating in different regions often face the challenge that markets are not connected through one global monitoring system.  In today’s world, the news cycle moves quickly and spreads across social media and the world in an instant. If you’re not monitoring news and social media on a global scale, and tracking the sentiment of your coverage, you might miss out on important information.

Companies that are able to draw their insights from one single source of truth and compare markets and departments based on unified data gain a competitive advantage. Our global news and social media monitoring capability ensures that you can:

  • Be informed of news articles matching your keywords - the minute they break
  • Understand how your brand is being perceived across social media and markets
  • Create email alerts and mobile notifications that suit your needs
Connect with your consumers

Listen to your market’s needs and wants

Even if you are an expert in your field, you cannot keep track of everything that’s happening all the time. Our human brains simply cannot aggregate large volumes of information, from multiple media channels, to identify trends. 

Media monitoring can help marketing and PR professionals identify and grasp the emerging market trends before they go mainstream. In doing so, they can even adapt their products and services to better meet their audience’s needs.

Illustration of Meltwaters media mention tracking dashboard

"We've seen direct time savings by relying on Meltwater's twice daily feeds, instead of manually scouring for news article. The news I receive through Meltwater is reliable, and I no longer feel the need to open up the top two or three publications each morning because I know Meltwater has me covered."

Troy McCann, Director of Accreditation of DN VGL

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Measure your media

Benchmark your performance

It’s not only about you. How can you evaluate how well your media content is performing if you haven’t got anything to compare it with? Regardless of the size of your business and its performance, keeping an eye on the competition, in real-time, will provide you with key insights: 

  • What conversations are happening around competing brands and media? 
  • How are competitor brands positioned and what is customer sentiment like towards them? 
  • Where are they mentioned? And by whom? 
  • And, most importantly, how can you outperform them?
Engage, educate, explore

Comprehensive Media Analysis

More than ever, PR and Communications professionals need to prove the ROI of their earned media efforts. Tracking news clips is not enough, so we provide a broad range of analytics and customized reporting options to help prove the real tangible value of your work. We know that PR and Marketing professionals need to control their companies Reputation Management and Customer Engagement. With our platform, you can easily create shareable dashboards featuring a wide range of available analytics—from media exposure and share of voice graphs, to advanced social echo and custom scoring capabilities.

Our data-driven media analysis capabilities allow you to

  • Build-in shareable dashboards to inform key stakeholders 
  • Benchmark your own performance against competitors across dozens of metrics
  • Follow the social echo of your press releases, in real-time
  • Benefit from custom scoring capabilities 
  • Create comprehensive reports filled with AI-powered insights, at the click of a button
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Interpreting media data

Media Monitoring & Analysis Capabilities

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    Monitor unlimited keywords across all channels

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    Customize email alerts to get real-time notifications

  • checkmark

    Create dashboards and benchmark against competitors

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    Share relevant content and reports with stakeholders

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    Translate content with the click of a button

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    Export results to Excel and other reporting formats

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    Run omni-channel analyses across news and social media

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    Access content and dashboards on the Meltwater mobile app

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    Amplify your positive brand name and work with reputation management 

Consolidate all your marketing and communication efforts - all in one platform.

Make more informed decisions

The knowledge you can receive from an advanced media monitoring strategy already helps millions of businesses to make more informed decisions, thus giving them a serious advantage over the competition.

Save time

Do you have time to browse through the media, niche forums, and social media groups to keep track of your brand’s performance online? Most PR professionals certainly don’t. Besides, the amount of information circulating outside of their own bubble makes it difficult to differentiate the most relevant information sources from the rest. In other words, media monitoring will save you a lot of time. And that's time that you can invest in completing more important tasks, such as building your next marketing campaign.

Improve your overall service

You can learn a lot when you take the time to listen, in real-time, to what is being said around you. Advanced media monitoring services can crawl review sites, giving you the ability to identify trends related to the quality of your service. As an example, if you identify growing protestations about the time it takes for your social media teams to answer, you may want to look into hiring an extra pair of hands to increase your bandwidth.

Read why customers love us


Lauren Hackett, Senior Vice President Global Communications, The Economist

Lauren Hackett, Senior Vice President Global Communications, The Economist

"One of the biggest challenges we had was putting that all together into a comprehensive, insightful presentation that would allow us to really have a clear picture of where we are across the board, also a deeper dive into the insights from there. Previously we had numbers, but we didn't know what was behind the numbers."

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

Javier Ruiz, Digital Marketing Strategist, H&M Mexico

"I like to arrive in the morning, log into Meltwater, and get insight into everything that's happening instantly."

Amanda Long, Account Director, The Hughes Agency

Amanda Long, Account Director, The Hughes Agency

"The mobile app is a lifesaver. I was actually at my son’s daycare when the news came through that my client’s biggest competitor was acquired by a foreign company. I fired off the news to the executive team that minute. Without the mobile app, my client could have been blindsided."

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