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Illustration showing a bar graph and bell notification symbol next to a notepad and globe showing Asia Pacific region. Top Asian News Channels and Websites to follow blog post

The 18 Top Asian News Channels & Websites to Follow

TJ Kiely

Apr 6, 2023

Doing business beyond borders comes with a range of unique complexities, particularly in learning about the cultural nuances of different markets. For companies interested in attracting Asian audiences, following their local media provides a great starting point. Asian news channels, websites, blogs, and social media can provide insights into current events, economic trends, and other news coverage that can help you tailor your approach.

While it’s widely known that some countries (like China, Russia, and North Korea) keep their media under lock and key from foreign eyes, that’s not the case with all Asian countries. There are many more markets to explore via Asian news media, many of which can also give you inklings into countries that are harder to monitor.

Check out this Asian news channel list and start adapting your PR expansion strategy:

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1. TV5

TV5 is the Philippines' version of ABC.

One of the country's free-to-air television channels, TV5 is headquartered in Mandaluyong and covers sports, news, movies, entertainment, children’s programming, and digital content. Its programs can also be found internationally, including Guam, the Middle East, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

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2. TV9

TV9 is one of the free-to-air television channels based in Malaysia that caters primarily to the Malay demographic.

This network broadcasts a variety of content, including news coverage, home shopping, and more. It has recently become the second-most viewed station in Malaysia, coming in right behind TV3.

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3. Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is a global media news organization headquartered in the Arab region.

It covers breaking news from around the world, along with stories on economies, climate change, opinion pieces, sports, science, and technology. The network has grown substantially since its launch in 2006 and now features more than 10 channels and divisions, including a dedicated news outlet for Asia.

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4. Radio Free Asia

Based in Washington DC, Radio Free Asia is a non-profit organization that broadcasts news to Asian communities.

Its mission is to provide transparent, uncensored information and timely news coverage in Asian countries where truth, accuracy, and timeliness might otherwise be out of reach. This Asia news channel broadcasts via radio as well as publishes news stories online.

Radio Free Asia

5. The Asian Age

Based in India, The Asian Age serves as India’s first global newspaper.

Essential markets include Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, as well as an international print edition in London. The newspaper is available as digital content via its website and includes global news stories, business, opinion, sports, technology, and entertainment. A dedicated section for India highlights breaking news and stories about key leaders, politicians, celebrities, and other people.

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6. Zee TV

Zee TV is a leading Asia news channel in India broadcasting a wide range of content.

Its programming includes dramas, family shows, reality TV, news, and movies available in multiple languages. The network has built a reputation for innovation in pop culture and entertainment.

Currently, the TV channel broadcasts to more than 700 million viewers in more than 160 countries.


ABS CBN is a news station based in the Philippines that also caters to a global audience.

It is the largest of its kind in the country and includes a combination of text, audio, photo, and video content. Offering everything from the weather to business to entertainment, the station serves a wide variety of consumer segments.

The Straits Times

8. Straits Times

One of the oldest Asia Pacific news media outlets, Straits Times is a newspaper spanning a 170-year history.

Based in Singapore, this leading organization is one of the most trusted in the Asian media industry.

Reporters cover local, regional, and international news across multiple categories, including business, politics, economics, sports, and lifestyle. Having fully embraced digital transformation, the paper is available via its website as well as a smartphone app. It also connects with readers on social media (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others).

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9. Asia Sentinel

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Asia Sentinel publishes independent news regarding politics, culture, and more.

It remains committed to being free of pressures from governments and major media organizations, ensuring a high level of transparency without censorship. Multiple countries, including China, Taiwan, Korea, and India, dot the publication’s headlines. It’s also won a number of awards for investigative reporting and publishes stories from journalists as well as professionals in finance, science, the arts, and diplomacy.


Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) combines important political, social, and economic insights spanning 10 Asian countries into a single resource.

Its members include Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia,  Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Lao PDR. Stories published here aim to promote development, social progress, peace, collaboration across borders, and ways to improve the lives of others.

11. Campaign Asia

A key source for marketers, public relations professionals, and digital media specialists, Campaign Asia is a leading voice on media trends.

Think of it as the Who’s Who in Asian media. Readers can filter stories by Asia Pacific, Japan, China, or India to dive deeper into local trends. It acknowledges up-and-coming professionals in the media industry, provides agency report cards, highlights noteworthy projects, and promotes a number of awards and accolades.

South China Morning Post.

12. South China Morning Post

One of the most recognizable media outlets from Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post covers news in Hong Kong, China, and the rest of the Asia Pacific region. Founded in 1903, it is now owned by the Alibaba Group, the same company that built the eCommerce giant Alibaba to rival Amazon. Among all of the paid newspapers in Hong Kong, South China Morning Post has received the highest credibility rating (according to a 2016 report).

Circulation spans about 100,000 papers on a daily basis and approximately 31 million monthly readers around the world.

13. News n Blogs

Based in Pakistan, News n Blogs covers tech, travel, sports, health, and digital media, among other topics.

It collects articles and news from blogs around the world to provide insight into trends and noteworthy developments.

14. Indo Thai News

Catering to the Indian and Thai markets, Indo Thai News is one of the most comprehensive new sources of its kind.

It covers all types of news related to politics, business, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle, all of which are written by experienced journalists committed to accuracy and unbiased reporting. It’s also one of the top sources for breaking news for analysts and consumers to stay up to date on important events.

15. WION

World Is One News (WION) is a world news channel combing all corners of the Asia Pacific market, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and the Americas.

It also covers less media-heavy regions, such as Nepal and Afghanistan, to give readers and viewers insights that are harder to come by. Topics of interest include money, politics, show business, sports, and science, as well as sections dedicated to video and photo journalism.

16. Digital Market Asia

This Singapore-based media publisher focuses on all things digital media in Asia.

It’s among the best resources to discover trends and the way Asians consume media and marketing. It offers the latest coverage of marketing outlets, social media platforms, emerging tools and technologies, and communication strategies to help marketers better reach their target audiences.

17. Breaking Asia

Breaking Asia

Breaking Asia is a news magazine covering top news stories and trends in pop culture, food, business, government, and lifestyles.

It’s earned attention for its top-notch storytelling and variety of topics, including insights into Asian influencer marketing and current events. The website offers multiple opportunities for engagement, including cross-posting content on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

18. Asian Social Media Channels

In addition to this Asian news channel list, don’t neglect the growing power and influence of Chinese social media. Chinese Apps like Tencent QQ, WeChat, Douban, Little Red Book, and Zhihu give you direct insight into Chinese consumerism and influencer marketing. See how brands from around the world are connecting with Asian customers and getting noticed in this flourishing market.

Chinese social media channels can also be great resources to learn about local events, lifestyles, and politics from unbiased lips. Whether you’re interested in learning about the rise and fall of Jacinda Ardern or want to know if Chinese Millennials watch MTV or grew up with Nickelodeon, the content users post on social media can be very telling.