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3D illustration of media icons with the UK flag for our UK media database comparison

UK Media Database Comparison: Get the Best Contacts

Jess Smith

Dec 9, 2022

Tired of spending time crafting PR stories that don't get the media attention and publicity they deserve?

Fed up with creating lists of UK media contacts for them to quickly become out of date?

We understand, don't worry we've listed the top UK media database providers to help you decide which tool to add to your techstack.

Let's find out who features in our list.

Let's take a look at these top media database providers in the UK:

Tip: Learn more about the UK media landscape before you start using a UK media database.

1. Meltwater

Meltwater's curated global media database, provides media relations teams with the critical information required to build relationships with relevant journalists and media influencers in the UK and land their next big public story on a local level.

Tip: These are the Best Press Release Distribution Services in the UK and the top UK influencers.

Meltwater media database platform features

  • Scan a global database of media contacts to find the influential people you need to help spread your story
  • Advanced search capabilities let you look for contacts who have recently published works on keywords or topics of interest
  • Classic identification by publication, name, and location is also available
  • Leverage mini-profiles to help verify your UK media contacts before diving into their full persona
  • Uncover what they’re saying on social media or in the press with attached social listening capabilities
  • Create bespoke media lists for like-minded contacts and industry experts - think about your bespoke reporting at the same time
  • Surface insights on your influencers’ performance and success of your releases
  • Easily identify which groups or collection of influencers are bringing the most value to your business with list management analysis
  • Monitor key metrics; open rates, click-through rates, bounces and unsubscribe rate.
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However, Meltwater isn't just another media contacts tool operating in the UK. As well as helping you distribute media, the all-in-one Media Database and Relationship Management Platform also lets you add your media lists and outreach progress to a ‘project’ so you can coordinate your team and track their success.

For example, the Meltwater PR Reporting Tool helps you maintain a log of all of your team’s media list interactions within a CRM-style relationship management feature. The CRM-style relationship management functionality also provides you with deep insights into a journalist’s published coverage and online footprint.

This way, you can report on the earned media generated by your outreach efforts and measure progress against your own goals and objectives.

Are you interested in learning more about what our UK media database can do for you?

2. Roxhill

Roxhill delivers a fresh approach and a new platform, with a focus on delivering quality global media data, smart analysis, and excellent service. Self-proclaimed to be the next-generation media database, Roxhill is a UK-based media intelligence tool launched by Gorkana’s founder, Alex Northcott.

Roxhill platform image

Key features of Roxhill's media database UK

  • Search 190,000 journalist profiles by topic, sector, keyword and company in seconds
  • Powerful topic search
  • Press release distribution
  • PR analysis
  • Get customised, real-time journalist alerts and stay informed of journalist moves, requests, forward features and social media posts.

3. Vuelio

As a well-established player in the industry, Vuelio, has a powerful UK media database listing more than 1 million global contacts, outlets and opportunities from nearly 200 countries.

Whatever your brief, reach or intended approach, their solution and team help in getting the right information to the right contacts, at exactly the right time.

You can tailor your communications by discovering who writes about which topic, how they prefer to be contacted, publications they’re associated with, who the top influencers are no matter how niche the subject – plus all the essentials you need to drive your media relations.

Vuelio online newsroom image

Vuelio UK media database key features

  • Partnerships with Kred and Moz, give insights into journalists' social influence
  • Provides a centralised software solution to log, share and report stakeholder engagement activities
  • Create online newsrooms for all of your press content
  • Quickly find and build lists of the most relevant journalists, editors, freelancers, bloggers, broadcasters, analysts and more
  • Updated daily to ensure you have the most current and complete information.

4. Gorkana (Cision)

As one of the big players in the industry Gorkana, recently acquired by Cision, labels themselves as "the UK's most complete database of traditional journalists and outlets, combined with social influencers."

Cision media database image

Gorkana (Cision) key features

  • Access to 850K+ pitchable contacts, outlets, and opportunities
  • 1 billion social influencer profiles in the platform
  • Researched and verified contacts by their in-house media research team

Cision breakdowns their media database tool into three categories

  1. Media Influencers - contacts worldwide built from trusted and long standing relationship with the journalist community, priding themselves on quality and depth of data
  2. PR Opportunities - ability to search thousands of media calendar listings and accessing lead times for features and news opportunities
  3. Full-Service Distribution - multichannel distribution coordinates your message across mainstream media and social.

5. Kantar

One of the largest providers of media monitoring globally. Kantar is a leading data, insights and consulting company.

Typewriter on grey background

Kantar UK media database key features

Providing clients with the following services in a UK media database platform, key features:

  • 85,000+ media contacts in the UK + Ireland / 800,000+ international contacts 
  • Per month: 90,000+ records checked manually, 5,000 records added globally, 100,000+ entries updated using AI validation
  • Press Release Distribution Services
  • Preference of contact/wider interests included
  • Record, track and share your journalist interactions
  • Integrated with other services within Kantar Platform

Media Database Providers in the UK - Summary

If you want a tool that seamlessly integrates into your communications team you need more than just a UK media database.

You need a platform that can act as your eyes and ears when it comes to journalists and media contacts in the UK. By using a global provider you can access thousands of contacts whether you're pitching regionally, nationally or globally. 

Fill out the form below to contact one of our media intelligence team today to access thousands of media contacts UK.