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A stylized version of a bespoke reporting dashboard with a bar graph in the center. Hovering around the dashboard are several other icons, like dollar signs, a checkmark, and pie charts, demonstrating the potential outputs of a bespoke report.

What Is Bespoke Reporting?

Perri Robinson

Jan 13, 2023

Without the right resources, reporting can be a hassle. From collecting and double-checking data to choosing what to include and how to present it, it's no wonder that many people procrastinate on reporting altogether. Various software programs and platforms have streamlined the process by automating data sourcing, analysis, and report compilation.

However, standardized reports can't cater to the specific, ever-shifting needs of modern business operations. 

This is where bespoke reporting comes in, giving you the power to create reports that meet your organization's decision-making needs.

But what is bespoke reporting and why is it valuable? Read on to learn more.  

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What Is Bespoke Reporting?

Bespoke reporting, also known as custom reporting, refers to the tools and services that allow users to create and deliver reports tailored to their industry, organization, or team.

Instead of including a standard set of metrics, bespoke reports customize the formats, data, analysis, and content presented to eliminate irrelevant information and focus on the KPIs and data analysis you need most.

And while standardized reporting can be fully automated, bespoke reports use technology like AI alongside human qualitative media impact analysis to help companies get a grip on the 'why' behind the data, not just the what. With context into the numbers, organizations can rest well knowing they’re making informed and objective strategic decisions.

A Meltwater bespoke report template example for a blog about bespoke reporting.

What Are the Benefits of Bespoke Reporting?

One pain point that can come with standard reports is the limited insight they can provide. Great reports highlight achievements, prove ROI, shine a light on next steps, and are easy to understand. But these qualities aren't always achievable with typical reporting.

Many times, reports also need to be customized for the needs of different audiences. So, for example, while a VP of Marketing may be interested in data analysis related to leads, brand awareness, or share of voice, a report for a board of directors may focus more on market share, growth, and company positioning. Meanwhile, a Director of Communications might require something else completely, like an in-depth rundown of reach, brand sentiment, and key influencers. 

Going the bespoke route ensures that stakeholders at all levels can stay informed of the work, projects, performance, and outcomes that are most relevant to them. From an organization-wide perspective, the ability to build custom reports lets organizations capture and communicate the details and data that are unique to their business or industry. That way, stakeholders can be sure that they have comprehensive coverage and insights on the most important external forces impacting their business. 

In a nutshell, reports are supposed to make decision-making easier and more effective. Bespoke reporting enables organizations to better meet that goal.

How Do Organizations Use Bespoke Reports?

Since they are customized, the use cases for bespoke reports are extremely varied. With that being said, more often than not executives rely on bespoke reports to:

  • Align on key business drivers
  • Uncover trends
  • Identify threats and opportunities
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Optimize strategies
  • Measure business impact
  • Get a comprehensive health check on the brand, product portfolio, industry, and/or competitive position

Whether you want to harness consumer feedback to inform product development, understand trends to stay relevant, or keep tabs on your competitors, custom reports ensure you’re covered on all levels.

An example of an executive summary from a Meltwater report for a blog about bespoke reporting.

What to Look for in a Bespoke Reporting Solution

Creating business-critical reports take time, patience, and an infinite number of spreadsheets, but with the help of external partners, the process doesn’t have to be so painful. Leading media intelligence providers create bespoke reports backed by data science so you can have comprehensive reports without lifting a finger.

Think bespoke reporting might be right for you and your team? The next step is to choose a solution that meets all of your reporting requirements. One feature to consider is user experience. Easy-to-use dashboards set you up to produce the quality reports you need.

Another consideration is data access. Is your bespoke reporting tool part of an all-in-one data intelligence solution or does it require extra data migration steps? For example, Meltwater's hand-curated Social Insights Reports draw data directly from our social and media intelligence solutions, saving our clients both time and money. The process of custom reporting becomes a bit clunkier outside of all-in-one platforms and services.

When commissioning a bespoke report from a media intelligence provider, it’s wise to opt for a partner that has an experienced team of in-house analysts who are experts in blending quantitative media monitoring data with qualitative analysis. You can then have confidence that your custom report can help your business stay agile in highly competitive markets.

Finally, take a look at your solution's customization options. Does it provide easy-to-understand data visualizations and layouts? Can you access executive summaries as well as more in-depth insights? Is there a human expert on the job who can reveal the narratives behind the numbers?

An audit of your past reports can help you understand where they are falling short, making it easier to move forward with a new solution that includes bespoke reporting. 

Meltwater's bespoke Enterprise Reports and Social Insights reports give organizations the insights they need to make better business decisions. Learn more and access a free demo by filling out the form below.