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Today, there's no time to waste as a marketing professional. You need to execute strategies and campaigns with dexterity. An agile solution ensures your marketing performance stays strong. From ideation to reporting, Meltwater keeps your team aligned and moving forward in lock-step.

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Your partner to optimize performance.

Capture Every Mention

From X to Twitch, Pinterest to podcasts, draw social insights that strengthen your marketing campaigns.

Transform Creator Impact

Scale your influencer community from passive to passionate, data-deficient to data-driven.

Streamline Social

Optimize your social efforts, across all major platforms, from one central calendar and reporting dashboard.

A day in the life of a marketing pro.

Navigating influencer marketing is complex.

Influencer marketing is a full-time job – but it doesn't have to be. Meltwater’s end-to-end influencer relationship management solution can save your team time and gain actionable insights.

Lead generation takes skill.

Markets are crowded. Attracting high-quality leads require skillful tactics, at multiple stages of their customer journey, just to break through the noise. Meltwater gives your team the tools to think creatively at every stage and every channel.

Customer retention is a full time gig.

Today consumers have the power of choice. Building brand loyalty is an omnichannel job that taps into social media, influencer marketing and retargeting campaigns. Our tools can pinpoint the content that resonates, so you can iterate with intention.

Accurate reporting is crucial.

To grow your marketing strategy, get bigger budgets and increase conversions, you first need to prove ROI. That's where we come in. Meltwater makes reporting intuitive and insightful with interactive dashboards to keep teams informed and achievements on display.

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Cater to the new and appeal to the alumni.

Discover how to connect with the next generation to create recruitment campaigns that hit. Build tactful alumni activations and find the best touch points to improve adoption and retention from your alumni cohort.

Meet consumers where they are.

Influencer marketing is not a one size fits all strategy. Make data-driven decisions with real-time campaign and creator insights to reach wider audiences and generate sales, all within one platform to streamline workflows.

Stay on the cutting-edge.

Have the competitive edge in a crowded market by diving into consumer conversations. Address their pain points and enhance your products. Stay innovative and competitive by knowing what people actually want — not what you think they want.

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Let's build your Meltwater Suite.

You can start simple or integrate globally with our adaptive products that will meet you exactly where you are.