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3D illustration of lipstick and the Filippino flag showcasing the top beauty influencers in the Philippines

The Top 10 Beauty Influencers in the Philippines

Sue Howe

Mar 27, 2024

Among the proud and colourful Philippines - which tends to welcome and incorporate foreign cultures into its own - is an identifiable and influential group who've shaken up its beauty world. As well as becoming superstars in the Philippines' pop culture scene, these remarkable individuals have won millions of fans with their breathtaking good looks and boundless creativity. In this article, we celebrate the Top 10 Beauty Influencers in the Philippines who have become household names and A-list celebrities in their own right.

Some have become famous thanks to their roles as charming hosts on popular midday programmes such as ABS-CBN's "It's Showtime!" and TV 5's "Eat Bulaga". Another is a famous doctor who's built a reputation for herself in her speciality and became a household figure in the Philippines' beauty world; another two are world-renowned beauty queens who've won the Miss Universe Pageant. These people have a lot of sway because they are more than internet celebrities; they are also icons with millions of fans across the Philippines who follow their lives like real-life soap operas.

We have compiled a list of the most influential people in the Philippines' beauty business whose impact extends beyond their millions of followers. Their engaging social media presence has inspired a generation of Filipinos to embrace self-love and acceptance, encouraging them to experiment with new looks that express their unique personalities.

Using the Meltwater Influencer Marketing Suite, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Filipino beauty influencers who have raised the bar for beauty in the Philippines and beyond and scale your influencer marketing efforts.

  1. #1 Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith): 57.2M followers

  2. #2 Heart Evangelista (@iamhearte): 31.6M followers

  3. #3 Catriona Gray (@catriona_gray): 27.3M followers

  4. #4 Barbie Imperial (@msbarbieimperial): 26.1M followers

  5. #5 Kyline Alcantara (@itskylinealcantara): 21M followers

  6. #6 Pia Jauncey (@piawurtzbach): 20.9M followers

  7. #7 Francine Diaz (@francinesdiaz): 17.6M followers

  8. #8 Sarah Lahbati (@sarahlahbati): 15.7M followers

  9. #9 Julia Barretto (@juliabarretto): 15.6M followers

  10. #10 Vicki Belo, M.D. (@victoria_belo): 8.8M followers

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#1 Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith): 57.2M followers

One of the most iconic figures to grace Filipino popular culture is Anne Curtis, recognised as the Philippines' multimedia superstar. Since the early 2000s, Anne's magnetic presence has dazzled Philippine showbiz. She has worn several hats over her impressive career of over 20 years, including actor, model, TV personality, philanthropist, singer, and businesswoman. She has been featured on the covers of several esteemed publications, most recently Australia's Good Weekend, thanks to her fruitful career in the Philippines' entertainment sector.

The impact of the Filipino-Australian Curtis goes much beyond the cinematography. She has been an influential figure in fashion as a businesswoman and entrepreneur of many popular local cosmetics and fashion brands. Anne Curtis's cosmetics brand, BLK Cosmetics, characterised by its classic, evergreen, and minimalist ethos, mirrors the understated elegance celebrated by Philippine beauty influencers, complemented by her entrepreneurial ventures like the sportswear line Recess with Isabel Daza and the childrenswear brand Tili Dahli with Solenn Heussaff.

#2 Heart Evangelista (@iamhearte): 31.6M followers

Personifying the very definition of grace, Heart Evangelista stands tall and proud among Philippine beauty influences. Evangelista has left an everlasting impression on audiences worldwide as a multitalented personality — a renowned actress, host, visual artist, best-selling author, fashion and beauty icon, and a successful businesswoman.

Tatler, GMA, Preview, the Manila Times, and Vogue have all featured Heart's stunning good looks and insightful fashion commentary. Her travels have taken her to major fashion capitals like Milan and Paris, leaving a large worldwide legacy; nevertheless, Heart never loses touch with her Filipino heritage and continues to promote the special charm and beauty of the Filipino people, even though she has stayed in many other countries. Her various experiences shape her inclusive and powerful view of beauty. With this view, she aims to inspire her ever-growing Philippine audience.

By sharing her story and encouraging people to be confident in who they are, Heart Evangelista remains at the front of beauty advances and is now the newly designated ambassador for Ultherapy by the renowned beauty clinic Aivee. Her social media showcases her endorsement deals with high-end labels like Gucci, Dior, Prada, and Bally, demonstrating her exquisite taste and influence in the world of high-end beauty and fashion. Heart Evangelista is a symbolic beauty influencer to many Filipinos because she personifies everything captivating about the Philippines.

#3 Catriona Gray (@catriona_gray): 27.3M followers

Catriona Grey is a global superstar among beauty influencers in the Philippines, not only for her flawless beauty and elegance but also for her success as the first beauty queen on this list, winning the Miss Universe 2018 title. Recently, Catriona rocked the global stage again as the pageant's host in 2023, flexing her makeup skills. She is an example to aspiring beauty queens and cosmetics fans alike, and her move highlighted her confidence in the talents she represents.

Casting herself as an authority in the beauty industry, Catriona uses her platform to teach her admirers how to look as radiant and elegant as she does. She has solidified her position as a beauty influencer by sharing her skincare regimens and makeup skills, giving her followers the confidence to discover their beauty potential.

She stresses the need for a well-selected skincare routine to get a radiant, healthy complexion and promotes a comprehensive approach to beauty. Her extensive skincare fundamentals videos and partnerships with well-known products and services from reputable Philippine brands such as Belo demonstrate her dedication to fostering inner beauty.

#4 Barbie Imperial (@msbarbieimperial): 26.1M followers

With her insightful beauty advice, such as her skilled makeup application, Barbie Imperial is one of the most popular beauty influencers in the Philippines. Barbie has inspired beauty fans seeking a wide range of cosmetic styles, from daring and bold to delicate and subtle. She has a natural talent for teaching her Filipino audience how to achieve her unique looks via her beauty recommendations on social media.

Aivee Clinic is a popular spot for local celebrities to have derma and self-care treatments. As one of the primary endorsers for the clinic, Barbie reinforces her status in the Philippines' beauty world. In addition to solidifying her role as a go-to beauty influencer, her partnership with the esteemed clinic speaks volumes about her importance on skincare and overall wellbeing.

Her work showcases her numerous beauty skills and establishes her as a major personality in the Philippines' beauty influencer scene, thanks to online beauty publications like and Barbie Imperial is the embodiment of the contemporary Filipino beauty influencer; she is a master of skincare and cosmetics, and she gives her fans the courage to try new things when it comes to their appearance while being true to Filipino beauty traditions.

#5 Kyline Alcantara (@itskylinealcantara): 21M followers

Since her 2010 debut as a kid star, Kyline Alcantara has been synonymous with the Philippines' pop culture scene. As one of GMA's - practically the Philippines' current TV monopoly - main stars, Kyline has been in the spotlight her whole life, becoming a beloved child star in the Filipino entertainment business, thanks to a career that began when she was seven. An incredible 21 million people follow her across various social media platforms, proving she's both a TV celebrity and a social media superstar. Her immense popularity highlights the impact and scope of her role as a modern beauty symbol in the Philippines.

Like many top Philippine beauty influencers, she symbolises relatability and authenticity due to her openness regarding the difficulties of keeping a perfect public image. For example, her sincerity about a time in her life when she had to overcome an acne breakout has won over many fans and given hope to others going through tough times, showing that it's okay to be vulnerable and accept oneself as one is.

Kyline elegantly combines beauty and fashion in her roles as an ambassador for the esteemed jewellery company Tiffany & Co. and one of the faces of the worldwide skincare giant Clinique. She goes beyond just endorsing products; she utilises her voice to promote self-love and women's empowerment, encouraging her audience to appreciate the inherent worth in every person. Beyond her impact in the fashion world, Kyline Alcantara strongly advocates for the Filipino beauty community, speaking up for good change and empowerment.

#6 Pia Jauncey (@piawurtzbach): 20.9M followers

One of the most influential people in the history of Philippine beauty is Pia Jauncey, known more popularly as Pia Wurtzbach, who gained worldwide fame as Miss Universe in 2015. As the first Filipina to win Miss Universe since 1973, she became the main symbol of Filipino beauty and national pride, driving the Philippines to the forefront of the international beauty discussion. Beyond the glitz and glamour of pageantry, Pia has expressed her beauty and talent by extending her impact by writing her first book inspired by her life story and exploring entrepreneurial opportunities through her unique food concept, Pia's Kitchen.

By being transparent about her battles with anxiety, despair, and anorexia throughout her reign, Pia has left a lasting impression on her many followers. She has challenged social stigmas and encouraged dialogue about mental health by bringing much-needed attention to the problem via her own experiences. Not only has her openness made her more relatable, but it has also encouraged others going through tough times to get treatment and put their mental health first.

Her transformation from a beauty queen and global fashion icon to a champion for mental health awareness showcases Pia's diverse character and strength, making her an inspirational role model in social media. She is an inspiration because she is not afraid to show the world her weaknesses; her story demonstrates that true beauty comes from inside, not only outside. Pia Wurtzbach-Jauncey has become a role model for Filipino beauty influencers and a symbol of empowerment by sharing her story and the importance of caring for one's mental and physical health.

#7 Francine Diaz (@francinesdiaz): 17.6M followers

One of the new breed of social media stars capturing younger audiences is Francine Diaz, a rising star among the Philippines' top beauty influencers. Francine's youth, born in 2004, connects well with her audience, reminding us of the fast-paced evolution of the entertainment world. She is a genuine symbol of Generation Z with her ability to follow fashion trends and use them to connect with her youthful audience with material relevant to their interests and way of life.

Francine has 7.2 million Instagram followers and is influential in many ways beyond the character of the adored Cassie Mondragon in the popular Philippine soap opera "Kadenang Ginto," which catapulted her to fame. All sorts of stylish clothing, as well as beauty tips and methods, are shown on her social media accounts. To her fans' delight, she often discusses her skincare regimen and offers tips for getting her picture-perfect makeup looks. Her taste in cosmetics reflects her devotion to Korean pop music; she takes stylistic cues from her favourite K-pop artists to create an original and universally admired approach.

Francine Diaz's latest position as the primary endorsement for Goli Nutrition PH showcases her commitment to health and wellbeing. This solidifies her status as a role model for a younger audience and emphasises the important link between one's internal and outward well-being. By representing the essence of Filipino beauty with poise, skill, and an immaculate sense of style, Francine Diaz stands out among the top beauty influencers in the Philippines as she transforms into a refined woman who's been gracing the cover of magazines at a young age.

#8 Sarah Lahbati (@sarahlahbati): 15.7M followers

Among the top Filipino beauty influencers, Sarah Lahbati is a role model for being genuine and accepting of oneself no matter how harsh the criticism. An important part of her strength as an inspiration is how she has come to accept and even cherish her imperfections, such as stretch marks and flaws, and the well-documented instability in her life.

Sarah's viewpoint emphasises the value of self-love and its empowerment, which aligns with the growing worldwide narrative on beauty standards. Her message hits home for Filipino women, reiterating that imperfections are not weaknesses but expressions of our shared humanity.

Sarah has gracefully and graciously weathered major life transitions in recent years, particularly after entering her 30s. She has had a transformation characterised by significant life events like changing her haircut, getting meaningful tattoos, and relocating to a new house. Embracing life's chaos is something Sarah does with elegance and openness, and it motivates others to do the same. Sarah Lahbati is the epitome of a prominent Philippine beauty influencer because she promotes a story of inclusive and powerful beauty through her words and deeds.

#9 Julia Barretto (@juliabarretto): 15.6M followers

Among the many celebrity Filipino beauty influencers, Julia Barretto stands out as she brings a family name well-known for its long history of powerful women in show business, politics, and acting. Think of the Barretto family as the Kardashians of the Philippines, with Julia being thrust into the spotlight as a child actor. Julia is an inspiration for several reasons, including her drive to thrive past her family name through business and her belief in her abilities. 

Since bursting into the scene at a young age by taking on roles in popular soap operas, she's made her impression on the masses, moving on to roles that highlighted not only her attractiveness but also her maturity and independence, touching the hearts of Filipino women everywhere. By taking on more mature roles—such as a calendar model for an alcohol company—and being grateful for assignments that make her feel more confident, she has encouraged her audience to be themselves. Aside from her acting chops, Julia's business sense and ability to capitalise on her popularity are on full display in her cosmetics company, Rich Beauty & Wellness, and her swimwear and women's accessories line, The Juju Club. 

Her efforts perfectly reflect her contemporary Filipino beauty queen image and her mission of inspiring women to be strong and independent. Among the top Philippine beauty influencers, her story has inspired many lives, as she represents the changing face of Filipino beauty as self-reliance, ambition, and self-confidence come together to reimagine the role of the beauty icon in the modern day.

#10 Vicki Belo, M.D. (@victoria_belo): 8.8M followers

With a name that has become synonymous with beauty in the Philippines, Vicki Belo is considered a legend in the country's beauty industry. Anyone familiar with the state of aesthetic medicine in the nation will be able to relate to her legacy, which she has established over decades. Belo, founder of the Belo Medical Group, has made her world-class cosmetic offerings and dermatological services a staple of the Philippine beauty industry.

Her brand has become a marketing machine thanks to the endorsements of several A-list celebrities, many of whom are on this list of top 10 Filipino beauty influencers. As a result of her advocacy, Filipinos no longer view aesthetic enhancement as a luxury and privilege, shifting the talk on beauty to a topic part of daily conversation. With this, she's made beauty services accessible to all, and peoples' views on aesthetics have shifted dramatically. Treatments offered at Vicki Belo's clinics improve the patient's health and outward attractiveness, reflecting her belief that genuine well-being goes beyond the surface. 

She has also used her widespread fame to promote her brand by participating in challenges and capitalising on social media trends by creating short videos. With this, she's shown that not only was she one of the OGs in the Philippines' beauty world, but someone who will remain one of its core figures. Through her unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of beauty, Vicki Belo has become a household name in the Philippines' beauty influencer scene.

How To Find Filipino Beauty Influencers with Meltwater

As we end our look into the exciting and powerful world of beauty stars in the Philippines, it's clear that these ten icons are more than just setting trends — they're breaking new ground and changing what Filipino beauty means. Each of them, from famous beauty queens to creative business owners, has greatly impacted the local and international beauty scene, raising the standards for beauty and self-expression. Their stories of strength, creativity, and freedom show the different kinds of beauty in the Philippines, inspiring millions to be themselves and confidently follow their dreams.

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