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Social Media in Finance

social media in finance business ebook

Gain a switch in strategic perspective

The ability that social media has created to generate data and tools for analysis has forced brands and marketers into a strategic shift. Now we prioritise enablement for consumer desires rather than brand-driven objectives. Not sure how to navigate this transition? We’ll show you how.

Get a glimpse into the future of UK finance

Developments in distributed ledgers, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and extended reality will all have an impact on the financial sector in 2020, and beyond. We reveal the potential significance of each, within the context of financial evolution.

Meet brands which are setting a precedent

Social media can help financial brands redefine their relationships with consumers, optimise user experience through content and utilise data-driven personalisation. We reveal some of the best examples of this, while also diving into employee advocacy, influence and customer service applications.

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