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How to build a successful Customer experience with beauty technology

Revieve Webinar

Our first webinar together with our client Revieve. Revieve is a technology company delivering consumer-centric personalized digital brand experiences powered by AI/AR.

Meltwater and Revieve will cover the importance of a seamless customer experience where Revieve will introduce us to the world of beauty technology.

Key takeaways:

  • 4 ways to leverage social media to understand consumer behavior (Meltwater)
  • What companies are doing to stay relevant in consumers' minds
  • How technologies like AI and AR are becoming pivotal in delivering a seamless CX
  • How the beauty industry is the ideal example of personalization done right

Kim Oguilve is a Costa Rican professional with experience in marketing and communications, who resides in Finland. Since April 2021, she has led the communications department at Revieve, a global beauty technology company working with the world's leading brands and retailers. Her primary responsibilities include crafting and executing the PR and communications strategy, maintaining the consistency of Revieve’s brand, and running programs that raise the company’s profile in the market. She has experience working with technology companies and startups. She previously led the branding and marketing operations at Maria 01, the largest startup campus in the Nordic countries.

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