Social Media Calendar for National Days, Monthly Themes, and Events

Whether it’s Pi Day (cleverly held on 3/14), Star Wars Day (ahem, May 4th) or Global Handwashing Day (sure to be widely celebrated on 10/15 this year), there is no shortage of fun, silly, and poignant celebrations to share on social media.

And to make your job as a social media manager easier, we’ve created a special calendar designed just for you. 

Get those wheels turning! We’re sure you’ll find a way to connect National Candy day to your brand somehow - maybe that’s the day you post a behind-the-scenes Instagram Story...and you just happen to show off your candy drawer. 😉

These celebrations, especially the niche holidays, provide an entertaining, clever, and easy way to enrich your social media feeds - helping you connect to your online audience on so many more levels. Go forth!

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