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Meltwater Custom Brand Score Illustration

Klear Brand Score: See How Well Influencers Align with Brand Goals

Elise Yu

Feb 14, 2024

Identifying the perfect influencer for a campaign is no small undertaking. But, with sophisticated influencer marketing tools, you’re able to leverage data-driven influencer insights, that ensure you are collaborating with authentic influencers that will generate real impact.

Now, for the first time in the history of influencer marketing, Meltwater Influencer Marketing empowers users with a Custom Brand Score which is an automatic score set by customizable brand parameters. Enabling you to not only identify influencers with real impact, but who perfectly support campaign goals.

What Is the Brand Score?

Meltwater's new brand score feature is an incredible new tool that helps brands identify influencers that align with brand goals. Meltwater's Influencer Marketing tool, Klear, already offers a score when you search for an influencer, simply called the Klear Score. Now, when discovering new collaborations, a new score will appear next to the Klear Score in your brand color. This new score is the Brand Score.

Meltwater Influencer Brand Score vs. Klear Score

The Klear Influencer Score is a 0-100 score which identifies the strength of a social media user based on fixed indicators. The Brand Score is a customizable score, where you set the relevant parameters for your brand including audience age, gender, location, and topic. Meaning, this is a new scoring capability that is focused on how well an influencer aligns with your brand goals.

How Should You Use The Brand Score

The Brand Score feature helps you identify influencers that are relevant to your brand and/or campaign. Once you determine the goal of your campaign, you can set specific brand score parameters which will score the influencer based on your specific criteria.

What Are Klear Brand Score Parameters?

  • Audience Age
  • Audience Gender 
  • Audience Location 
  • Audience Topic
Klear brand score settings

These customized parameters ensure that you are discovering influencers whose audience aligns with your campaign and will be interested in your content. Afterall, the power of an influencer is about the identity of their audience. With the Custom Brand Score you ensure that you are collaborating with influencers’ whose network supports your objectives.

Klear brand score example

Once you set your brand score it will appear next to the Klear Score, in your brand colors. Each customized parameter receives its own score which is independently based on industry standards.

For example, if your customized audience is aged 50-64, which is a less common demographic, influencers with only 2% of their audience in that age bucket will get a 75 score.

Set Your Customized Brand Score

Your customized Brand Score can be set in your account settings. To learn more about how this feature can help you run a strategic influencer campaign schedule a call with a Meltwater influencer marketing expert: