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Meltwater Influencer Search

How Does Meltwater Influencer Search Work?

Mark Jackson

Feb 15, 2024

Meltwater Influencer Marketing searches and organizes influencer information across the leading social networks to help you find the most relevant influencers for your brand.

How Meltwater Organizes Social Media Influencers

Meltwater Influencer Marketing organizes information about influencers into a search index. This index is like a library, with an extremely efficient librarian. In the Meltwater search index, each influencer is categorized by their topic.

How does topic classification work?

Our AI technology is able to classify influencers into topics by looking at hundreds of different features and significant signals. These signals include #hashtags, audience interests, network quality, and more.

How does AI pick up significant signals? 

Our AI sifts through thousands of signals to identify which of those highly correlate with specific topical communities. It would be impossible to list them all, but here are some examples of questions machines ask themselves during the process:

  • Which hashtags are unique to this influencer’s audience? 
  • On what topics does this influencer influence their audience? 
  • Are there similar usage patterns between this influencer to other influencers surrounding the said topic
  • Are there any suspicious signals in this influencer’s audience (like newly created accounts, no-name, low/too-high activity rates, bot patterns).

That way, whether you search by a #hashtag or a Topic, our AI algorithm has already leveraged categorical prediction capabilities, to result in the most relevant influencers for your influencer search.

Instantly Match Your Search Criteria 

With the number of influencers and various social networking platforms, identifying suitable influencers for collaboration can be nearly impossible without help sorting. The Meltwater Influencer Marketing scoring system does just that. In a millisecond, Meltwater's search algorithm sorts through millions of influencers in our search index. We then present you with the influencers whose topic classification best aligns with your search criteria.

Our scoring systems are made up of not one, but a whole series of algorithms. To give you the most useful information, Search algorithms look at many factors, in order to infer if a user has the ability to generate social influence. We use machine learning and data prediction analyzing thousands of features and billions of posts. Using these algorithms, we calculate influence across the top social networks. That way, you will see how well influencers align with brand goals.

How Does the Scoring System Work

Using machine learning algorithms, we predict the number of real views an influencer’s post has the potential to receive. We evaluate network patterns that correspond with real people vs. automated bots or sporadic usage. There are thousands of different patterns our system identifies. For example, receiving many new likes from newly created accounts is considered a low-quality pattern, while long-lasting relationships and high-interest space matches are considered a high-quality pattern.

Search Results that are Easy to Understand

To ensure that you embark on the most impactful collaboration, Meltwater Influencer Marketing presents search results in a useful and digestible format. Whether you want to review an influencer’s topics, #hashtags, engagement, audience demographic, portfolio, or more, it’s all at your fingertips and we are constantly developing new ways to present information. 

If you set Spain as a search criterion, you most likely want an influencer with an audience in Spain, not just an influencer located in Spain. Meltwater's index is built to sort results based on such requests and presents the main country of an influencer’s audience. Always offering you the full picture.

Meltwater Influencer Marketing Search

Social media is constantly evolving, and this is reflected in the results you see in Meltwater search. We constantly recrawl the social index for new content. Depending on your query, some results pages change rapidly, while others are more stable. 

Always Improving For You

Meltwater search is great, but we know it can always be better. We want to ensure we are always providing the most useful and updating results. That is why we are continually evolving Meltwater search by applying testing and evaluations. 

Our engineers have many ideas on how to improve our Search Results. Each idea is placed through a rigorous testing and evaluation process. The data from these experiments go through a Data review process, including engineers, data scientists, and search analysts, and then we decide if the idea can be launched. Every year Meltwater runs thousands of experiments, resulting in thousands of improvements.

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