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Government Social Media Accounts: 3 Agencies that Inspire on Social

Nick Rogers

Nov 18, 2018

Arguably one of the most useful aspects of social media is its ability to deliver relevant content to a significantly large group of people instantaneously. 

Whether it’s delivering crucial information during an emergency, spreading the word about a good cause, or simply updating a community with relevant news, social media is a direct line between businesses and their customers.

For government agencies, social media is an innovative way to serve constituents on the channels that they are most likely to interact with. The challenge, however, is for government agencies to adapt their social media strategies in a way that is creative and engaging, yet conforms to various regulations.

Today we’re breaking down 3 government agencies with the most inspirational social media accounts:

  1. NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

  2. FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

  3. TSA – Transportation Security Administration

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA, believe it or not, is a government agency, but their social media accounts are some of the best in the world regardless of industry or vertical. 

NASA treats social media as the next frontier (pun intended) in customer engagement and digital marketing. With over 500 unique social media accounts, the NASA team is constantly delivering valuable content that millions of people interact with on a daily basis. 

But what makes their social accounts so great?

First, NASA creates round-the-clock, real-time content that you can’t find anywhere else. For example, delivering updates from space while the recent Hurricane Florence barreled towards the United States. 

Second, NASA uses a variety of content formats to keep their social feeds fresh and interesting. 

From videos, to GIFs, to links and photos, the NASA team has a bit of something for everyone. A quick peek at their Twitter timeline shows that they switch up their content on a daily basis, which helps to keep their followers coming back for more!

And finally, NASA isn’t afraid to jump in on relevant conversations. 

Their social media team is constantly on the lookout for relevant space-related conversations to contribute to in a big way. And when they find the right conversations to create content around, it can have a huge impact on their social media results.

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

In times of emergencies, social media can act as a lifeline of information to those in need. 

But sometimes the most helpful information isn’t provided during an emergency, it’s all of the education and preparations beforehand

The FEMA marketing team does an incredible job of using social media as a means to educate citizens on the importance of safety and preparedness with informative infographics.

Educating the public about how to respond in emergencies or providing tips on a variety of safety-related topics is a great way to provide valuable content that people will actually want to consume and share. 

Creating shareable content starts with a deep understanding of what your audience is looking for from you on social media and other digital channels.

When it comes to how you can apply this to your social strategy, consider common challenges your audience faces and create content that addresses those challenges.

TSA – Transportation Security Administration

You might think that a government agency like the TSA, with the fate of national security in their hands, would have a dry and boring social media presence.

Well, think again. 

The shockingly amusing and highly popular social media accounts of the TSA are filled with hilarious content that their audience can’t seem to get enough of. Items that passengers attempt to get through security, paired with all of the puns that you can imagine makes for inspirational social media content we can all learn form.

For the TSA, user-generated content is the fuel that propels their social accounts to a new realm.

Bob Burns, TSA’s public affairs specialist and social media lead, told ABC that, ““When people come to our account, they’re kind of taken aback by the tone we use — in a good way. ‘Is this really a government agency having fun and talking to me like I’m a human? Which makes them want to follow us.'” 

The more relatable your content, the more people will interact and engage and hit that follow button. 

3 Takeaways from Inspiring Government Social Media Accounts

  • NASA – Uses social media to deliver real-time content and participate in relevant conversations around the world. 
  • FEMA – Uses social media to educate people on how to prepare for an emergency with infographics. They also provide useful information in the time of need.
  • TSA – Uses social media to humanize the TSA brand through user-generated content and personal interactions.

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